The office of the christian teacher
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The Office of the Christian Teacher PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Office of the Christian Teacher. Topic Today: The Office of The Public Ministry Did you remember to place your Call Committee Questions in your folder?. A Good Education is Priceless. Question of the day from Monday: May a divorced Family Life Director serve in a Lutheran congregation?.

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The Office of the Christian Teacher

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The Office of the Christian Teacher

Topic Today: The Office of The Public Ministry

Did you remember to place your Call Committee Questions in your folder?

A Good Education is Priceless

Question of the day from Monday: May a divorced Family Life Director serve in a Lutheran congregation?

  • Question of the day for tomorrow ---

  • You have built an awesome basketball program at your school. A new Principal arrives who says that she wants to emphasize the Fine Arts and from now on equal playing time for all team members is the rule in athletics. You have invested five years in building this program. You disagree with your principal! What should you do?

The Office of the Public Ministry?

  • Consider:

    • Is your Call the same/Different then your Pastors?

    • Is their an advantage to having a Call vs. being a Contract employee?

“Among Lutherans, no doctrine has been more disputed since the Reformation than the doctrine of the ministry.” Dr. Sam Nafzgar CTCR

Your Call must automatically include tenure?

  • True

  • False

A Call can only be issued to people on the Roster of Synod?

  • True

  • False

Your spouse and you are wondering if you should both receive Calls. A negative factor influencing this is:

  • The worship schedule of different congregations works against you. You’ll never worship together.

  • You only receive one housing allowance from the IRS.

  • You decide to worship at both congregations every weekend.

  • You will only tithe at one congregation.

Do you agree? Congregations should hire Called Workers before hiring contract workers?

  • Yes

  • No

A Call guarantees you life long employment in a congregation?

  • True

  • False

Can a Called worker be RIFFED? What is your opinion?

  • True

  • False

“Controversy is inversely proportional to the amount the New Testament has to say about something.” Dr. Sam Nafzgar

  • Two Philosophies

  • The tree

  • The support of Pastoral Office

Discuss with your partner the advantages or disadvantages of going to minister in a congregation that views the tree approach to ministry?

Old Governance Model

Abdon Model – Board Functions in Governance

Boards Supervise – Lay Led

Newer Governance Model

Carver Model – No Boards (Task Forces)

Powerful Church Council

Pastor Functions as CEO

People Supervise People

Staff Led

Discuss the pros and cons of serving in a congregation with the support role of ministry?

Three levels to help understand

  • Ministry

  • Public ministry

  • Office of public ministry

What Calls Are

  • Requests to serve Christ as part of a congregation’s public ministry. They can be full-time or part-time.

  • Relationships rather than contracts.

    • God

    • Congregation

    • Pastor and Coworkers

    • Students and Parents

    • LCMS


  • a deliberate, prayerful, and Spirit-led process.

  • the human means which God the Holy Spirit uses to place people into ministry positions.

Mr. Braun’s thoughts on Call

  • Is there a need? (Purpose)

  • Do I have the gifts to fill it? (Competency or expertise)

  • Can I experience joy in it? (Model)


  • About ME.

  • Only a job.

  • Guaranteeing you a job in one congregation as long as you want it.

  • Protection from accountability.


  • It is likely you will receive several calls in your life.

  • A new Call is valid at the moment the congregation votes to Call you. (but, you really have it when the paperwork arrives.)


  • When a congregation notifies you of a call, contact your

    • Pastor

    • Principal

    • Congregational President

    • District Office’s education executive


  • Announce receipt of the Call to the congregation.

  • Set a target date for a decision.

  • Pray for the Spirit’s guidance.

  • Receive counsel from coworkers, supervisor.

  • Evaluate present ministry.


  • Carefully review Call documents and materials from calling congregation.

  • Make two lists. One identifying reasons for accepting the new position and one identifying reasons for remaining in your current ministry.

  • Decide – and don’t second guess.

If accepting

Notify pastor, congregations, and district office.

Mail post cards and signed acceptance documents

Request a peaceful release

If declining

Notify pastors, congregations, and district office.

Send letter of declination and return Call documents.



  • What is meant by a divine Call?

  • May a divine Call be for 6 months? 10 years?

  • Who creates the ministry?

How do I get on Synod’s Roster?

  • Application to District President

  • Qualified by College and assigned first Call

  • Signed statement of agreement with Synod’s constitution (Have you read or seen it?)

What is the advantage of Roster status?

  • 1. Eligible to be Called

  • 2. Eligible for tax benefits as self-employed

  • 3. Eligible for synodical placement

  • 4. Eligible for synodical relocation assistance

  • 5. Eligible for ecclesiastical defense

Advantages continued

  • 6. Eligible for appeal rights for Minister of Religion

  • 7. Eligible to attend and serve at district conventions

  • 8. Eligible to attend and serve at national convention

  • 9. Eligible to serve on synodical boards

  • 10. Eligible to enjoy Health Plan, Retirement, Disability

  • 11. Eligible to be honored in church as ambassador for Christ

Professional in Lutheran Ministry

  • Ministry is equated with________

  • Called to ministry of congregation not ______

  • You are Called to serve _______ your classroom walls.

  • C vs. c

  • Where does volunteer fit in?

What is the proper order in a Professional Church Worker’s life?

  • Church

  • Family

  • God

Mutually Agreed upon means(?)

  • … duties as mutually agreed on …..

What about time-management for a first-year worker?

  • Coaching

  • Directing

  • Congregation Service “Should a teacher volunteer in the congregation?”

  • Bus Driving

  • Planning

  • Volunteering- “Should a DCE volunteer in the school?”

What differences exist between secondary and elementary Lutheran teachers and Family Life Directors?

  • Called to congregation, free to choose

  • Students vs. subjects

  • Don’t teach religion as subject (in most cases)

  • Congregational Involvement

  • School expectations

What is the worker’s role in evangelism?

  • Is there a difference between teaching in a Lutheran School and being a Lutheran teacher?

Should a PCW tithe if their wages are already low?

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