South carolina college of pharmacy board application process musc campus
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South Carolina College of Pharmacy Board Application Process MUSC Campus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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South Carolina College of Pharmacy Board Application Process MUSC Campus. May 2014 Degree Candidates. Name information. IMPORTANT ON ALL documents, list your name EXACTLY as it appears on the government issued ID you plan to present at testing.

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South Carolina College of Pharmacy Board Application Process MUSC Campus

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South Carolina College of PharmacyBoard Application ProcessMUSC Campus

May 2014 Degree Candidates

Name information


ON ALL documents, list your name

EXACTLY as it appears on the government issued ID you plan

to present at testing

College Affidavit and Certification of Clinical Experience – Completed Online

  • The MUSC campus Dean will be completing the College Affidavit (top of page 6) and Certification of Clinical Experience (page 8) components of the SC Board of Pharmacy Application for Examination.

  • The student is responsible for printing and completing the rest of the application

    • South Carolina application can be found:


Application for Examination

  • If you are applying for your license in any other state, let Diane Reeves ( know as soon as possible so they can fill out the necessary forms for those states.

  • Also, make sure you look up the deadlines for application for your state as every state’s application process if different. Some states require you to complete an online application.

  • Make sure you have met the hours of practical experience requirements, which may vary according to state

SCCP Application Process

  • Students will be notified by email after the college affidavit portion and certification of Clinical Experience forms have been complete and are available

  • Application cannot be completed until the student has completed their final rotation.

  • Cannot receive school seal from office of enrollment services until all grades have been posted and verified.

Completed Applications

  • If you are out of state and wish for your forms to be mailed to you.

  • Email me with the request and current mailing address

  • Please do not have someone else pick up you application!

Practical Experience(Page 4)

  • List practical experience under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist in chronological order.

  • These are your Internship hours, not your rotations

College Clerkship or Rotations(page 4)

  • There is only room to put 4 of your nine or ten rotations on this section of the form

  • You may list the first four and below write (see attached)

  • On a separate sheet of paper list the remaining rotations in chronological order making sure to put your name on the attachment – or (write see attached) and print your rotations from e*value, it will have your name printed and your rotations in chronological order.

Previous Examination RecordPrevious Licensure as Pharmacist(Page 4)

  • If applicant has previously taken the Board examination for pharmacist licensure in this or any other state, he must disclose places, dates and results in the following spaces.

  • If none, type N/A


  • Please read the instructions and complete the statement as listed on the form

Affidavit Section of FormPROOF OF QUALIFICATIONS

  • Make sure you sign this portion of the form

  • Have form notarized by Faye Ratliff, or other Notary Public

Proof of QualificationsBirth Certificates

  • Have a certified copy of your Birth Certificate. Please note that the birth certificate you submit will NOT be returned.

  • Birth Certificates may be obtained by contacting:

  • Columbia, SC

    Office of Vital Records SC DHEC 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 898.3630; 8:30am-4pm

    Processing: mail order may take weeks, phone or online will take 5-7 business days, walk-ins will take approx. 1 hour

    Processing fee of $12-$17

  • Charleston County Public Health Department

    4050 Bridgeview Drive, Suite 475North Charleston, SC 29405(843) 746.3801

Proof of QualificationsBirth Certificates

  • Out of state students will need to check in their respective home states for a certified birth certificate.

  • Do no delay a this process could take some time to complete depending on your place of birth.

  • In most cases, a simple online search will direct you to the correct government agency to request a birth certificate

  • There will likely be a fee for requesting a birth certificate

Character Vouchers(Page 6)

  • Students will have this portion completed (after they receive the completed College Affidavit portion from the College with the school seal)

  • Character Voucher A & B must be completed and signed by two licensed pharmacist.

  • The signatures for Character Vouchers A & B must also be the signatures on the (A)(B) lines on the back of the pictures (page 7).

  • One picture will be submitted with the completed application.

  • One picture to be presented by the applicant at the time of examination

Certification of Clinical Experience(Page 8)

  • Must be completed by the College and signed by the Dean

  • If you are applying for licensure in another state you will have to complete this form and send to:

    South Carolina Board of Pharmacy

    LLR Office of Licensure and Compliance

    110 Centerview Drive, Suite 201(29210)

    Post Office Box 11927

    Columbia, SC 29211-1927

Affidavit of Eligibility(Page 9-10)

  • ALL applicants for a South Carolina license after July 1, 2008, are required to complete and sign the Affidavit of Eligibility

  • Please check the acceptable secure and verifiable document(s). A copy of the verifiable document(s) must be attached to the Affidavit of Eligibility.

Application Submission

  • Submit your entire Application for Examination to avoid confusion and missing segments

    • Pay the $100.00 fee.

    • Enclose Certified copy of your birth certificate

    • Enclose One picture with signed attachment

      *Keep 2nd picture with 2 signatures to present when taking the exam!

    • Enclose Certification of Clinical Experience signed by Dean

  • Enclose attachment stating you have completed the NAPLEX/MPJE registration with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) sign your name on the attachment (see example on following slide).

  • Mail Application to or Hand deliver application to:

    South Carolina Board of Pharmacy

    110 Centerview Drive, Suite 201

    Columbia, SC 29211-1927

    Once the Application is submitted, students may check the status of their Application on the LLR website. Your application is valid for one year.

Example Statement

I, _________________________________________, have completed the registration for the NAPLEX/MPJE with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). 

___________________________ __________ Signature Date

Application Submission

  • Students may complete the NAPLEX AND MPJE registration processes with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) prior to submitting their SC Board of Pharmacy Application for Examination;this is a separate process.

  • SCCP degree candidates should select:

  • SC 104 South Carolina College of Pharmacy from the School Code List when submitting their NAPLEX and MPJE registrations.

Application Submission

  • Applications for GA, ALABAMA, NORTH CAROLINA AND TEXAS as well as SOME OTHER STATES WILL NOT ACCEPT THE APPLICATION UNTIL THE DATE OF GRADUATION OR AFTER GRADUATION, Enrollment Services will not apply the school seal for these States until the day of Graduation or after graduation. You may pick up the college affidavit portion of these applications when you receive your Diploma (following graduation), from Diane Reeves

  • Make sure you look up the deadlines for application for your state as every state’s application process is different.

Initial Licensure Process

  • After passing the NAPLEX and MPJE, you will receive a Pharmacist’s Initial Licensure Application and an information sheet.

  • Both forms must be completed and submitted along with a $70 initial licensure fee.

  • This process must be completed no more than 30 days after receipt.

Cost Associated with SC Licensure Process

  • MPJE =$210 per state (credit card only)

  • NAPLEX =$505 exam fee (credit card only)

  • Submission fee =$100 (check or money order)

  • Initial Licensure =$70 (check or money order)


  • Total for SC =$885

    Licensure process

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