prof dr aydo an zcan
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Prof.Dr.Aydoğan Özcan

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Prof.Dr.Aydoğan Özcan. Academic English. What W e Are Going To Do?. Explanation Engineer/Scientist An Invention Questions. Are Engineers Scientist? . YES? NO?. Dr.Özcan Aydoğan. His Life Bilkent University Standford University Harvard Medice School UCLA .

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prof dr aydo an zcan


Academic English

what w e are going to do
What We Are Going To Do?
  • Explanation
  • Engineer/Scientist
  • An Invention
  • Questions
dr zcan aydo an
  • His Life
  • Bilkent University

Standford University

Harvard Medice School



His Awards

World Technology Award on Health & Medicine, presented by the World Technology Network in association with TIME, CNN, AAAS, Science, Technology Review, Fortune, Kurzweil and Accelerosity, 2012

Popular Science, Brilliant 10 Award, 2012

The Scientist, Top Innovation of the Year, 2011

Army Research Office (ARO) Young Investigator Award, 2011

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Award, 2010


LenselessUltra-wide-field Cell monitoring Array platform based on Shadow imaging

Array (noun)=An ordered arrangement, in particular

A miniaturized microscope that attaches to a cell phone allows for the detection of parasites and bacteria in blood and water in remote locations.

Parasites (noun)=An organism that lives in or on another

m icroscopes

A Tiny Microscope That Attaches To A Cell Phone Could Save Lives Around The World


Shadows of the cells the he just loaded on to sensor that already install on his cell phone.

quest ons
  • Where does scientist word come?
  • What are the goals of LUCAS?
  • When did Dr.Aydoğan join UCLA?

Thank You