Engineering research center for reconfigurable manufacturing systems
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Engineering Research Center for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems. TA-3 Projects In-Process Metrology. The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Motivation of TA-3. Results of TA-3: In Process Metrology. Our results in Metrology are divided into two areas:

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Engineering research center for reconfigurable manufacturing systems
Engineering Research Center forReconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

TA-3 Projects

In-Process Metrology

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Results of ta 3 in process metrology
Results of TA-3: In Process Metrology

  • Our results in Metrology are divided into two areas:

  • Metrology infrastructure i.e. methodologies and algorithms . Each of the listed items is backed up with a report or paper.

  • 2. Metrology hardware i.e. Machines and devices developed for specific applications.

Ta 3 infrastructure computer vision

Algorithms for precise measurement of complex volumes using 3D vision

Real time vision algorithms for dimensional measurements

Algorithms for precise calculation of the diameter of pores

Algorithms for quantification of small indents on autobody panels

Hardware and algorithms for detecting pores inside small diameter bores

TA-3 Infrastructure: Computer Vision

Ta 3 infrastructure free form surface inspection

Methodology: 3D vision

Methodology for fixtureless inspection of free form parts


Algorithms to support the above methodology:

3D reconstruction algorithms

Automatic tracking algorithms

TA-3 Infrastructure: Free Form Surface Inspection

Ta 3 infrastructure measurements

Design concepts and algorithms for the reconfigurable inspection machine

Real time flatness and parallelism measurement techniques for prismatic machined parts

Algorithms to convert non contact probe measurements to contact CMM measurements for comparison (“Virtual ball”)

Laser technology and algorithms to identify residual boring marks in real time

Self calibration algorithms

Benchmarking study of all available non-contact, high-precision measurement technologies

Laser technology and algorithms for error corrections and alignment of machine tools

TA-3 Infrastructure: Measurements

Reconfigurable Inspection Machine-RIM inspection machine

Same machineNew Configuration

Vision system

Engine cylinder head

Laser probes

Slide system

Plant floor testing 2 3 2006

RIM –Technology Transfer inspection machine

Plant floor testing (2/3 - 2006)

GEMA – Dundee, MI

GM “RIM”- Flint Plant

Inspection of complex surfaces
Inspection of Complex Surfaces inspection machine

  • Objective:

  • To develop a rapid and accurate reconfigurable optical system for inspecting a part family with sculpture surfaces

Probe Controller

Stage Controller

  • Accomplishments:

  • Designed and built a laboratory prototype inspection machine for turbine blades.

  • Developed algorithms for turbine blade inspection and performed automatic inspections.

  • Generate interests from non-automotive industry (e.g.Aerospace Industry)

Inspection of Complex Surfaces inspection machine

Blade Inspection Machine (BIM)


Inspected Part

Linear Motion Stages

Rotary Stage

Non-Contact Laser Probe

TA3 Projects inspection machine

Project 1 cylinder bore surface inspection prototype
Project #1 - Cylinder Bore Surface Inspection Prototype inspection machine

  • Goal

  • Build a portable machine prototype for bore inspection technology (V and L blocks) that meets production line rates ( about 20 sec.)

  • Deliverables

  • The prototype was built and integrated

  • The software for data collection and analysis is operating and will be improved

  • Technology Transfer (to be discussed)

Full Scale Prototype inspection machine

Four laser probes

V-8 Engine Inspection Setup

Future work

Technology transfer inspection machineof prototype system

Optimization of parallel detection at the ERC

Study detection of rough hone or boring stages marks

Evaluate the possibility of measuring dimensional properties of the bore

Future Work

Project 2 inspection of surface defects in small diameter bores

Goal inspection machine

Surface defects detection (mainly porosity) in small diameter holes


Stage 1 (Completed)

Literature review

Problem analysis

Concepts suggestion

Stage 2 (To be completed12/07)

Proof of concept

Stage 3 (To be discussed)

Build a prototype

Project #2 - Inspection of Surface Defects in Small Diameter Bores

Sight pipe system
Sight Pipe System inspection machine

Detected Pores


Sight Pipe


Bore Image

Top view of the system

Next steps

Optimize the pore detection algorithms inspection machine

Improve the mounting structure of the sight pipe system

Increase the optical magnification to get higher resolution

Upgrade the CCD and DAQ device for higher speed

Continue the Mini CCD study

Decide about building a demonstrator

Next Steps

Project 3 in line valve seat inspection
Project #3 - In-line Valve Seat Inspection inspection machine

  • Goal

  • Develop an accurate technique for in-line measurements of valve seat properties:

    • Profile (in Progress)

    • Geometry (Roundness & Run out – to be evaluated)

  • Deliverables

  • Literature review (done)

  • Alternatives evaluation (done)

  • Concept development (in progress)

  • Build a demonstrator (ME 450)

  • Build a prototype (To be discussed)

Experimental Setup For Valve Seats Measurement inspection machine

  • Critical Dimensional and Geometric Features

  • Seat Angle (with respect to valve guide)

  • Seat Length

  • Roundness of critical seat

  • Run-out of critical seat (with respect to valve guide)

  • Current Setup

  • 2-axis Aerotech motion stage system

  • OptimetConoprobe: single point laser range sensor

  • Setup Improvements

  • Addition of 3rd axis system for multiple cross sections

  • Portable demonstrator (ME450: senior design class)

Project #4 -Reconfigurable System for Turbine Blade Finishing

The Goal:

To develop a closed-loop system for Turbine Blades Finishing that includes: defects detection, machining and inspection

Blade Inspection Machine (BIM)

Grinding Robot

Location Calculator Finishing

(Relative to the part)

Measuring Machine location

CAD Model

Correction Action



Robot Location

Data Processing




Finished Parts





Integration of Measurement and Machining

  • Closed loop integration of measurement and machining

  • Inspection machine detects and measures defects on turbine blade

  • Defect coordinates fed to the automatic robot for machining

  • Robot machines the defects

  • Inspection machine validates machining

2050 Finishing
















Project #5 - Inspectionof Auto-body Panels

(New Title: Measurement of Small Curvatures)


  • Automated detection of defects on auto body stamped panels


  • Development of technologies and methods for reliable, automatic surface curvature measurement


  • Sound analytical understanding and proof of concept

  • Implement the method for measuring dents on sheet metal parts


  • Surface defects quantitative characterization

  • Appropriate technology is currently identified for surface defect analysis and a prototype was designed and is built.

Set up and master plate for calibration
Set Up and Master Plate for Calibration Finishing

Research tools

Experimental Set Up

Sample Master Plate

Project #6 - Dimensional Measurement of Bores Finishing

  • Goals:

  • Evaluate probe technology for dimensional measurement of cylinder bores combined with NCU inspection capability

  • Develop rapid imaging system to inspect defect of interest inside the bore.

  • Time frame for the project: 2-years

Dimension sensing probe

Scatter from surface is imaged onto detector by lens. Finishing

Image position changes with distance from probe to surface.

Detector is position sensitive.

Dimension Sensing Probe

Bore Surface

Slip Ring





Rapid imaging system set up
Rapid Imaging System Set Up Finishing


Rotary table


Fiber illumination source

The End Finishing

Questions are Welcomed!

Automatic porosity detection on engine pistons

Goal Finishing

Automatic porosity detection on engine pistons


Building a prototype for image acquisition of cylindrical surfaces

Developing an algorithm for the auto-alignment of masks and templates

Algorithms for automated porosity detection

Automatic Porosity Detection on Engine Pistons