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Manageengine adsolutions
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ManageEngine ADSolutions. Identity and Access Management Auditing & Reporting for Compliance. Four solutions in the portfolio for IAM, IT security and compliance in Windows environment – Active Directory & Exchange Server. ADManager Plus: For Active Directory/Exchange Management.

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ManageEngine ADSolutions

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Manageengine adsolutions

ManageEngine ADSolutions

Identity and Access Management

Auditing & Reportingfor Compliance

Manageengine adsolutions

Four solutions in the portfolio for IAM, IT security and compliance in Windows environment – Active Directory & Exchange Server

ADManager Plus: For Active Directory/Exchange Management.

ADSelfService Plus: For end-user Password Self-Service and other IT Self-Service.

ADAudit Plus: For Active Directory Change Auditing & Security. (also for File Server and NetApp Filer Auditing)

Exchange Reporter Plus: For Exchange Reporting and Analysis (Email Traffic).

Manageengine admanager plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus

Industry best solution for delegated ad management

Industry-best Solution for Delegated AD Management

We don’t need computer scientists anymore! Even my kids, 11 and 12, can do it (AD management)! The product changed my career!

Margaret Sandler

IT SpecialistCareTech Solutions

ADManager Plus’s Role-Based Delegation and Workflow Engine helps several companies to conveniently delegate complex tasks to HR department – safely and securely!

Admanager plus web based ad exchange management solution

ADManager Plus: Web-based AD & Exchange Management Solution

The biggest advantage is that it is a 5-in-1 software covering vast industry needs:

  • Active Directory Management Software

  • Active Directory Delegation Software

  • Active Directory Reporting Software

  • Active Directory Automation Software

    • Exchange Management Software

      You’ve also have the option of implementing an Review-Approve workflow on all the tasks performed in ADManager Plus.

Admanager plus can be used to carry out identity management in active directory

ADManager Plus can be used to carry out Identity & Management in Active Directory…

Limitations of active directory exchange our business opportunities

Limitations of Active Directory & Exchange: our business opportunities

  • Accounts cannot be created in bulk.

  • No shortcuts for routine actions.

  • Reporting is difficult.

  • Auditing is difficult.

  • Industry-specific needs is not taken care.

     IT Compliance.

     Shortcuts needed to complete everyday tasks.

     Sealing the gap between technology & users.

    So, almost any organization running on AD and Exchange needs 3rd party tools.

With admanager plus you can

With ADManager Plus, you can…

  • Create user accounts. Provision them with entitlements from one screen.

  • Provision users with mailbox and manage the properties.

  • Shortcuts: Perform everyday management quickly and efficiently.

  • Get quick reports.

  • Automate AD Tasks.

    • Make use of non-technical IT personnel to carry out complex tasks.

Important highlights

Important highlights……

  • Template-Controlled One-Stop Provisioning

  • User Modification Templates

  • One-click & absolute AD De-provisioning

  • On-the-fly AD Management/ AD Shortcuts

  • Reports

  • Noninvasive AD Delegation with Task Controllers

  • Drag-n-Drop Contact Creation

  • Workflow in AD Management

  • Automation for crucial/cumbersome AD tasks

Provisioning a user

Provisioning a User

Normally a user has to juggle with all this to provision one user account

Normally, a user has to juggle with all this to provision one user account…

All encompassing templates

All-Encompassing Templates!

Active directory reports from admanager plus

Active Directory Reports from ADManager Plus

On the fly ad management

On the Fly AD Management

Shortcuts to everyday admin actions in bulk

Shortcuts to Everyday Admin Actions—in Bulk

Admanager plus delegation model

ADManager Plus Delegation Model

Our Delegation Framework…

  • Never touches AD permissions to delegate a task to user

  • Creates “Task Controllers” (role-based control) to get done only what’s necessary

  • Administrators retain absolute control over tasks delegated

  • Enables even “technically naïve” users, such as HR personnel, to function at the level of an AD administrator’s efficiency.

Helpdesk roles the task controller

Helpdesk Roles: The Task Controller

Workflow in an ad management tool

  • We added a “Real Workflow Engine” to Active Directory Management!

    • There is no need to install a third party Workflow Engine!

  • Offers extra measure of transparency & security in AD Delegation!

Workflow in an AD Management Tool

Recent additions roadmap

Recent Additions & Roadmap…

  • ADManager Plus 6 got released last week.


  • More plans to enhance Active Directory Automation.

  • Support for Lync

Manageengine adaudit plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

Adaudit plus complete windows infrastructure auditing

ADAudit Plus: Complete Windows Infrastructure Auditing

ADAudit Plus is a web-based solution which provides following auditing services:

  • Active Directory Auditing

  • File Server Auditing

  • Member Server Auditing

  • NetApp Filer Auditing

    ADAudit Plus is an excellent tool to monitor user activity and uphold IT security.

Manageengine adsolutions

ADAudit Plus Provide the four dimensions of a change

  • From Where a Change was made (IP Address)

  • Who made the change

  • When the change was made

  • What change was effected

    ADAudit Plus fulfills several IT regulatory compliance requirements

  • SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, etc.

    ADAudit Plus is very useful for IT security

  • A preferred option for several banks & financial institutions worldwide

Some of the crucial reports given by adaudit plus

Some of the crucial reports given by ADAudit Plus...

Following are the crucial reports wanted by every AD administrator:

  • User logon audit reports

  • AD change auditing reports (accounts created, deleted, etc…)

  • GPO change auditing

  • Server audit reports

  • Domain policy change reporting

  • File Server Auditing

  • Member Server Auditing

  • NetApp Filer Auditing

    ADAudit Plus is an excellent tool to monitor user activity and uphold IT security.

Crucial aspects of adaudit plus

Crucial aspects of ADAudit Plus...

Apart from the prepackaged reports, ADAudit Plus also offers:

  • Custom reports

  • Alerts and Notifications for critical events

  • A set of neatly categorized compliance reports

Real time uses of adaudit plus

Real-time Uses of ADAudit Plus...

ADAudit Plus is all about Organizational Security:

  • Imagine a virus ensconced in the server performing critical actions under the guise of people who log on!

    • (Example: Zeus Trojan)

  • Imagine someone inadvertently changing a domain policy or OU policy!

  • Imagine deletion of some crucial file by mistake!

Logon failure report

Logon failure report...

Recently deleted user

Recently Deleted User

Recently deleted user1

Recently Deleted User

Local user modified

Local User Modified…

Logon duration

Logon Duration…

Adaudit plus roadmap

ADAudit Plus Roadmap

In the immediate future…

  • EMC Celera (recently renamed as MPFS) Auditing

  • Further enhancements to File Server Auditing

  • File Integrity Monitoring

    In the distant future...

  • Application Monitoring (such as Share Point, DNS, VMWare, etc.)

  • Change Management

    Vision is to become a complete IT Security and Compliance product.

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