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Xds xdr xca testing
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XDS/XDR/XCA Testing. Tools Class – Oakbrook September 14-16, 2010 Bill Majurski National Institute of Standards and Technology. Audience. Wish to run an IHE-backed testing event Include XDS/XDR/XCA testing Have XDS/XDR/XCA technical background. Outline. Short XDS/XDR/XCA overview

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Xds xdr xca testing


Tools Class – Oakbrook

September 14-16, 2010

Bill Majurski

National Institute of Standards and Technology



  • Wish to run an IHE-backed testing event

  • Include XDS/XDR/XCA testing

  • Have XDS/XDR/XCA technical background



  • Short XDS/XDR/XCA overview

  • Pre-Connectathon testing and tools

    • Client

    • Server

  • Connectathon testing and tools

Short xds xdr xca overview

Short XDS/XDR/XCA Overview

Xds xdr xca testing

Patient Identity Source

Patient Identity Feed

Query Documents

Document Registry

Document Consumer

Register Document Set

Provide and Register Document Set

Retrieve Document

Document Source

Document Repository


Xds xdr xca testing

Provide and Register Document Set

Document Source

Document Recipient


Xds xdr xca testing

Cross Gateway Query

Initiating Gateway

Responding Gateway


Cross Gateway Retrieve

Pre connectathon testing

Pre-Connectathon Testing

  • Client Testing (Server is the reference)

    • XDS Document Source, XDS Document Consumer, XDR Document Source, XCA Initiating Gateway

    • Test over the Internet to Public Registry server

  • Server Testing (Client is the reference)

    • XDS Registry, XDS Repository, XDR Recipient, XCA Responding Gateway

    • Test at home behind your firewall

Client testing

Client Testing

  • Goal

    • Test your Document Source and Document Consumer (client) against the Public Registry Server

Online documentation

Online Documentation

  • http://ihexds.nist.gov

    • Review Quick Links on left, most point to:

    • http://ihewiki.wustl.edu/wiki/index.php/XDS_Main_Page

    • Become very familiar with:

      • This page!

      • The Quick Links!

Client testing1

Client Testing

  • Focus on Quick Links: For Client Testing

    • Overview

    • Affinity Domain Configuration

    • Endpoints

    • Public Registry Tools

  • Focus on Quick Links: Tests

Client testing2

Client Testing …

  • Endpoints

    • Per transaction, specialty

  • ID management

    • Patient ID allocation

    • Unique IDs

  • Test Log

Client testing3

Client Testing…

  • Client (XDS Document Source for example) configures to send Provide and Register.b to Public Registry server

  • If failure – use Test Log to get details

  • If success– use Test Log to get proof

Client testing4

Client testing

  • Launch XDS Toolkit (your client) from http://x.x.x.x:9080/xdstools2

  • Connectathon Tools => Repository Test Data

  • This will issue a Provide and Register.b transaction

  • Use Patient ID 111^^^&1.1&ISO

  • Use Repository “pub”

Client testing5

Client testing

  • Launch Public Registry Test Log browser from

  • http://ihexds.nist.gov:9080/LogReader

  • Enter IP address of XDS Toolkit

  • Find your entry

  • Diagnose your problem

Client testing6

Client testing

  • Need to allocate a Patient ID

  • Bring up tools menu

  • http://ihexds.nist.gov:9080/xdstools

  • Go to Allocate Patient ID

  • Use in Submission

Client test descriptions

Client test descriptions

  • http://ihexds.nist.gov

  • Tests: Organized by transaction

  • Select Provide and Register Document Set

  • Select 12049



  • Public Registry

  • Test log on Public Registry

  • XDS Toolkit



  • Install XDS Toolkit on your machine and test against the Public Registry

    • Down load from http://ihexds.nist.gov/XdsDocs/xdstoolkitgui

    • Grab most recent version

    • Remove version number from filename

    • Install inwebapps of a Tomcat 5.5 installation

    • Repeat Public Registry test

Testing a server

Testing a server

  • Goal

    • Use xdstest to test Public Registry Document Registry implementation

  • Xdstest is a command line tool for testing servers on a private network

Toolkit installation

Toolkit installation

  • Download toolkit from

    • http://ihexds.nist.gov/XdsDocs/xdstoolkit/xdstoolkit_06_13.zip

    • Unzip

    • Look in docs/install.txt



  • Installed toolkit at ~/tmp/class

  • Added to .bash_profile:

    • export PATH=~/bin:~/tmp/class/xdstoolkit/bin:$PATH

    • export XDSTOOLKIT=~/tmp/class/xdstoolkit

  • Test installation with

    • Xdstest - -config

Try it

Try It

  • Before trying to run a test

    • go to xdstoolkit/logs

    • delete the contents (4-5 directories)

  • From the command line:

    • xdstest –t 11990



  • SubmissionSetuniqueId already present in the registry

  • Default was to send to the Public Registry

  • Default parameters are not good enough

  • Go to xdstoolkit/xdstest and edit uniqueid_base.txt

  • Must be OID plus terminating .

    • Example 4.5.6.



  • Patient ID must be registered with Document Registry

  • Go to http://ihexds.nist.gov/xdstools/pidallocate

  • Allocate a Patient ID

  • Copy Patient ID and paste it into xdstoolkit/xdstest/patientid.txt

Why did submission go to public registry

Why did submission go to Public Registry?

  • Look in xdstoolkit/xdstest/actors.xml

  • Multiple site definitions

  • Default site is pub



  • Pre-Connectathon (conformance) testing allows vendors to test their implementations against a reference to prepare for Connecathon (interoperability) testing

  • Command line tool xdstestacts as the reference client



  • Validate what vendors have done

  • Tooling: XDS Toolkit

Phase 1

Phase 1

  • Vendors prove they passed Pre-Connectathon tests

  • XDS Toolkit

    • Connectathon Tools  Registry Validations

    • Connectathon Tools  Repository Validations

  • No Peer tests

  • Show basic competence

Phase 2

Phase 2

  • XDS.b_Doc_Source_Stores_Document test

  • Submission

    • Doc Src Doc Repository Doc Registry

  • Validate with Query/Retrieve

Phase 3

Phase 3

  • Get creative with the tools to meet local needs

    • Document Replace

      • Original DocumentEntry Deprecated

      • Replacement linked to Original by RPLC Association

  • Each event has own expectations

  • Target for new tools



  • Go forth and test

  • Login