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Why does Paris go to see Friar Laurence? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1. Why does Paris go to see Friar Laurence?. To arrange his marriage to Juliet. 2 . Why does Juliet go to see Friar Laurence?. (Confession) - really to get advice a bout how to avoid marrying Paris. 3.

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Why does Paris go to see Friar Laurence?

To arrange his marriage to Juliet


Why does Juliet go to see Friar Laurence?

(Confession) - really to get advice

about how to avoid marrying Paris


What reason does Paris give Friar Laurence for Capulet’s having set the wedding for Thursday?

Tybalt’s death – to stop Juliet’s grieving


What things does Juliet say she would do rather than marry Paris?

Jump off a tower, walk where thieves are, walk amongst snakes, be chained with bears, or be locked up in a tomb


Outline Friar Laurence’s plan to prevent Juliet’s marriage to Paris.

Act happy to marry Paris; take the potion Wednesday night before the wedding; they’ll put her in the tomb, but Romeo will be there when she wakes up.


What is Juliet’s reaction to Friar Laurence’s plan?

She’s willing to do it.


What change is made about the wedding of Paris and Juliet? Why is this significant?

The wedding is moved up a day to Wednesday. Juliet will have to take the potion early.


Why doesn’t Juliet tell the Nurse about her plans to drink the potion?

Juliet doesn’t trust her anymore.


What excuse does Juliet give the Nurse when she asks the Nurse to let her sleep alone that night?

She wants to pray alone.


What questions and doubts come to Juliet’s mind before she drinks the potion?

It won’t work.

Friar is trying to kill her.

She’ll suffocate in the tomb.

She’ll go insane in the tomb with the dead bodies.

She’ll go crazy and kill herself.


Why are the preparations for the wedding ironic?

We know there won’t be a wedding.


How does this scene indicate that an important step in Friar Laurence’s plan has worked out as he had hoped?

The potion worked,

and everyone thinks Juliet is dead..


What comfort does Friar Laurence offer the Capulets?

Why is it so easy for him to react calmly to Juliet’s “death”?

Juliet is in heaven; he knows she’s not dead.


What is Romeo’s mood at the beginning of this scene?

He’s in a good mood.


What causes this mood?

He had a dream about Juliet bringing him back to life.


Why must Romeo persuade the apothecary to sell him a dram of poison?

It is illegal to sell poison.


Why has Friar John been unable to deliver Friar Laurence’s letter to Romeo?

He has been quarantined in a house, believed to be infected with the plague.


At what time does this scene take place?

3 hours before

Juliet will wake up


Why has Paris come to the Capulet tomb?

To put flowers on the grave.


Why has Romeo come to the tomb?

To kill himself.


What examples of personification exist in Romeo’s description of the tomb?

A mouth (jaws)

Eating the dead bodies


Why does Paris feel justified in his determination to slay Romeo?

He thinks Romeo is there to do something awful to the grave or the bodies.


What does Romeo say to try and persuade Paris to leave?

Romeo is insane, wants to kill himself, doesn’t want to hurt Paris.


What happens when Paris refuses to leave?

Romeo kills him.


What two tragic discoveries does Friar Laurence make when he enters the tomb?

Paris and Romeo are dead.


What does Friar Laurence urge Juliet to do when she awakens?

Go with him – run from the tomb.


Why does Friar Laurence leave the tomb?

He is afraid; he knows he will look guilty.


What does Juliet first try to do to end her life and join Romeo in death?

Kiss Romeo to get the poison from his lips.


How does she finally achieve her aim?


stabs herself.


What do you learn about Lady Montague in this scene?

She died.


Explain the meaning of Prince Escalus’ statements in lines 294-295.

He has lost two family members because of the feud (Mercutio and Paris).


Agree to build gold statues honoring the children

How do Capulet and Montague show the enmity is gone?