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Rooftop Maintenance Activities and Fall Protection Considerations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rooftop Maintenance Activities and Fall Protection Considerations. April 2009. One small disclaimer. This presentation focuses on fall hazard considerations for: maintenance activity on “flat” roofs. Does a fall hazard exist?.

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Rooftop Maintenance Activities and Fall Protection Considerations

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Rooftop Maintenance Activitiesand Fall Protection Considerations

April 2009

One small disclaimer

This presentation focuses on fall hazard considerations for:

  • maintenance activity

  • on “flat” roofs

Does a fall hazard exist?

  • For each building, are employees working on roof protected from fall hazards?

    • Is roof that employees need to work on “flat”?

    • Parapets or railings for roof edges?

    • Screens around equipment

    • Rails or screens on skylights?

  • If not fully protected, assess the work locations and hazards

Attitudes about working at height

Attitudes about working at height

Inventory tasks and locations

  • What are the tasks and specific locations for rooftop work?

  • What are the travel paths for those tasks and locations?

Roof screens and distance from edge

List of tasks

  • Repair/maintenance of equipment

    • HVAC, transmission/reception, lighting, web cam, weather monitoring, other

  • Window cleaning (clerestory and side of building)

  • Gutters and drains

  • Moving ballast in order to repair leaks

  • Repairing roof leaks

  • Flashing work

  • Replacement of equipment

  • Roof repair

  • Temporary installations or tasks

    • web cams, video taping for commencement, other

  • Inspection

Travel path

  • Accessing roof levels

    • Ladders: fixed and portable

    • Hatches

  • Travel paths

    • Proximity to unprotected edges, skylights

  • Obstructions

Path of travel to roof hatch

Planks over dead wall space

Fall hazard survey

  • Type of hazard (fall from roof deck)

  • Configuration of hazard (layout)

  • Exposure rating (high, medium, low)

  • Frequency and duration of job

  • Height of potential fall/ severity level

  • Suggested solution

  • Type of rescue equipment (if required)

Environmental factors

  • Electrical hazards

  • Unstable, uneven, slippery surfaces

  • Unguarded openings

  • Climatic and weather factors

  • Sharp objects and abrasive surfaces

  • Non-ionizing radiation

  • Other

Non-ionizing radiation

Fall protection hierarchy

  • Elimination or substitution

  • Passive fall protection

  • Fall restraint

  • Fall arrest

  • Administrative controls

Fall protection hierarchy

1. Elimination or substitution;

2. Passive fall protection;

3. Fall restraint;

4. Fall arrest;

5. Administrative controls

Do skylight screens work?Yes.

Roof access and work policy

  • Does your policy address:

    • Who can access the roof

    • How is access controlled

    • Work on tasks with hazard assessment

    • Work on tasks without hazard assessment

      • Procedure for work on tasks without formal hazard assessment

    • Environmental conditions: night, winter, hazardous weather

‘Temporary’ installation

Construction web camera, 18-24 months.

Some questions

  • How far from an unprotected edge or opening is high, medium, and low exposure?

  • At what distance to an unprotected edge or opening does someone need a fall restraint or fall arrest system?

  • In which situations would we use administrative controls? In which situations would we never use administrative controls?

Distance from edge, easy access

What are the fall survey considerations?



Distance from edge

How do you protect employees at A (2 ft from edge) and at B (20 ft from edge)?

Any problem here?

Protected access point

Note also unit in background, upper right.

How do you protect employees?

About 8 ft from edge


Are these serviced with articulating lift? Or from the roof?

Multiple considerations

Low slope on loose ballast stone.

Equipment on flat portion.

Gutters that need cleaning.

I’ve done this hundreds of times. I know how towork near an edge.

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    Daniel Karamanski

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