Santa and the reindeer by ariel cate leila
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Santa and the Reindeer BY ; Ariel,Cate,Leila - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Santa and the Reindeer BY ; Ariel,Cate,Leila.

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Santa and the Reindeer BY ; Ariel,Cate,Leila

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Santa and the Reindeer

BY ; Ariel,Cate,Leila

On a frosty December day Jack Frost got no presents under his tree. Jack Frost was so mad that he planned to steal Santa’s reindeer. Late that night Jack Frost went to Santa’s house in the North Pole. Santa was fast asleep when he heard thump, thump,thippy,thump! He ran down the stairs so worried! Next he saw that all the reindeer…

Were gone!...

When Santa found out Jack Frost was the criminal

“grrr!” he yelled. He was as mad as a bull!

Santa thought about all of the good times he had with his reindeer. He thought about the time when the reindeer ate all the carrots in the North Pole. He thought about when they slept in his water bed. He missed them as much as a mommy reindeer missing her babies.

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As soon as Santa got to Jack Frost’s ice castle he saw all his reindeer obeying Jack Frost. Santa was full of fury.

“ Jack why are doing this?” shouted Santa. Jack started to whimper “You did not give me a Christmas present! All I found under my bare tree was an icicle.”

“That was no icicle it was a diamond!”

“A Diamond!” exclaimed Jack.

Jack Frost exchange his diamond at “Toys Are Us” for many video games!!!

As soon as Santa got to Jack Frost's house

He found out the reindeer had already gotten

Sold to the circus. Santa fell to the ground and burst

out with tears. He went to find his deer. They didn’t want to come back because they were eating too many carrots! Santa joined the Big Christmas Circus!

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