explained by bart newell daniel bailey and lee box
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Foiling the plum pudding model

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Foiling the plum pudding model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Explained by Bart Newell, Daniel Bailey, and Lee Box. Foiling the plum pudding model. Before radiation. After radiation. The first three isolated types of radiation.

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Beta radiation is also a emitted particle. It is a highly energetic electron, released from inside a nucleus. It has negligible mass. When a beta particle is produced a neutron in the nucleus divides into a proton and an electron. It is the electron that is rejected from the nucleus at high speed that is the beta particle.

Since this type of radiation results from an emitted electron it has a charge of -1.

Beta radiation\'s Greek symbol is B.

gamma radiation

Gamma radiation is not a particle instead it is a wave. A wave is a form of high frequency from the end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Waves have no mass.

Since gamma radiation is a wave and has no mass it has no charge.

Gamma radiation\'s Greek symbol is a

Also unlike other types of radiation gamma radiation does not change the makeup of the nucleus rather it moves the nucleus from a higher energy level to a lower one.

Gamma rays from a black hole

(see animation).

Hyper nova producing

Gamma Ray Bursts

Gamma radiation

alpha radiation

Alpha radiation is a particle. More specifically it is a highly energetic helium nucleus, containing 2 protons and 2 neutrons.

It has a charge of plus two resulting from the two protons and no electrons

Its Greek symbol is a

The reason alpha decay occurs is because the nucleus has too many protons which cause excessive repulsion. In an attempt to reduce the repulsion, a Helium nucleus is emitted.

Alpha as shown has the least penetrating power

Alpha radiation

rutherford s gold foil experiment

Ernest Rutherford shot alpha particles at a very thin sheet of gold foil. He expected the particles to pass through the foil because of their large mass and the fragile nature of the foil. Instead, he observed that some of the particles were deflected to the sides of the foil and a very limited number were bouncing off of the foil. This experiment led to the discovery of the nucleus.

When Rutherford observed his results, he said that having the alpha particle bounce off of the foil was equivalent to seeing a cannon ball bounce off of a piece of tissue paper. He would not have expected either event to happen.

Rutherford’s gold foilexperiment

How the experiment works 1


What a pose…..


The Gold Foil experiment disproved the Plum Pudding model by showing that the atom has a solid center with a positive attraction, as opposed to a viscous mass which had a uniform equal charge. The picture below explains quite well; the top picture is the plum pudding model, and the bottom is the Rutherford model.

That’s right I disproved it. Muwahaha!!!!