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Types of Weather Related Claims Home Insurance Companies Can Deny - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To prepare for the unplanned weather strikes, homeowners should to be cognizant of these 6 home insurance loopholes following severe weather conditions.\n

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Types of weather related claims home insurance companies can deny
Types of Weather Related Claims Home Insurance Companies Can Deny

With an active spring season set to hit large regions of the country over the coming week, damage to property is likely to occur. Although, home insurance plan can help compensate some of the costs associated with repairing a weather-damaged home, but it’s important to understand what policies cover and what they don't before making a claim.

Owning a home insurance policy that includes coverage for storm damage or flood damage doesn’t necessarily mean every claim will be accepted. To prepare for the unplanned weather strikes, homeowners should to be cognizant of these 6 home insurance loopholes following severe weather conditions.

#1 Flood Damage Deny

Generally, many homes in flood prone area are ineligible for flood insurance and living outside of a flood area also doesn't necessarily ensure coverage. Thus, buyers have to understand that houses may be considered to be at flood risk despite not being near water. 

Each insurance company determines which areas are at risk. Categories like 'flood plain, fringe flooding areas and susceptible zones will affect insurability, rates, and policy requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to find a local, knowledgeable advisor to help select the right flood policy and criterion.

#3 Empty Homes Deny

Some insurance policies don’t accept the weather related claims if the damage to the property is being made while the homeowner is away, even if the insurer is informed about the damage beforehand.

However, many general insurance companies in India say a house vacant for maximum four days can still be covered. The best method, a home owner can apply is to talk to the broker while heading for a lengthy vacation. In some situations, additional requirements can be purchased to help extend coverage.

Turning off the water and having a regular check by someone while you’re away could make the difference in being covered or paying out of pocket.

#4 Renovations Deny

If you plan to renovate your home, it is wise to update to your insurance policy, because your insurer may deny your claim because of recent home remodels that were not mentioned before in the policy.

Many people renovate their home with a new kitchen, roof or a bathroom etc. and forget to inform the insurance company with the new modifications they have done to their home, as a result of which they might not get covered when the weather strikes.

#5 Snow Damage

Homes in areas prone to heavy snowfall may not be covered for snow damage, so it is recommended to check a policy carefully for snow coverage prior to purchasing a home insurance. Areas where frozen rain is common may have different stipulations, or require a separate policy to get covered for losses.

#6 Water Damage Deny

Any water damage to the home from the immediate effects of a storm is probably covered by many insurers but any damage from a longer-term leak in the roof will not. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a regular roof and window maintenance to insure coverage in future.

To sum up:

As whether strikes and unexpected and abrupt, it is better to check the Home insurance loopholes beforehand. To assure 100% coverage from weather catastrophes, review your policy with a professional insurance broker. Also, make sure your policy is up-to-date and any areas of concern are addressed prior to making a claim.

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