In the surgical department
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IN THE SURGICAL DEPARTMENT. Разработка внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку . Подготовила: Чернякова Елена Николаевна учитель английского языка Медицинский колледж «Гиппократ» Казахстан , г. Зыряновск идентификатор : 238-013-677.

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In the surgical department


Разработка внеклассного мероприятия

по английскому языку

Подготовила: Чернякова Елена Николаевна

учитель английского языка

Медицинский колледж «Гиппократ»

Казахстан, г. Зыряновск

идентификатор: 238-013-677

Say the words aloud then write them down
Say the words aloud, then write them down.


Ex.1. Example: doctor










Match the sentences below with the illnesses from ex 1
Match the sentences below with the illnesses from Ex.1.


  • Bad drinking water can cause it.


2. This makes it hard to breathe.


3. Smoking can cause it.


4. It’s difficult to study when you have one.


5. You can get it from a mosquito bite.


The most basic surgical instruments are shown in the pictures. Write these words.

dissecting forceps







artery forceps

Learn these words
Learn these words:

  • surgical [‘sə:ʤikəl] хирургический

  • department [di’pɑ:tmənt] отделение

  • surgeon [ʹsə:ʤən] хирург

  • post-operative [‘poustʹᴐpərətiv]послеоперационный

  • reaction [riʹækʃən]зд.осложнение

  • swelling зд. воспаление

  • operating-room [ʹᴐpəreitiŋ]операционная

  • dressing [‘dresiŋ] перевязка, повязка

  • wound [wu:nd] рана

  • duty [‘dju:ti] обязанность

Match words from the left column with words from the right column
Match words from the left column with words from the right column

  • surgical

  • department

  • surgeon

  • post-operative

  • reaction

  • swelling

  • operating-room

  • dressing

  • wound

  • duty

  • рана

  • обязанность

  • воспаление

  • отделение

  • послеоперационный

  • хирург

  • осложнение

  • операционная

  • хирургический

  • перевязка, повязка

Read and translate the text
Read and translate the text column


I want to tell you about my friend. My friend is a surgeon. He works at a large hospital in the surgical department. His work begins at nine. When he comes to the hospital he goes to his wards to examine his patients. He asks the ward nurse about the post-operative condition of his patients. Sometimes she tells him that the temperature of some of the post-operative patients is rather high and some of them have a swelling. The surgeon gives necessary instructions to the nurse and goes to the operating-room. He operates three days a week. The work at the surgical department is rather difficult but very interesting.

Translate these words into english
Translate these words into English: column

5. оперировать три раза в неделю;

  • состояние больного после операции;

2. хирургическое отделение;

6. хирургическая сестра;

3. осматривать больных;

7. палатная сестра

4. давать необходимые инструкции;

Answer these questions
Answer these questions: column

  • Where does my friend work?

  • When does his work begin?

  • Whom does the doctor about the patients’ condition?

  • Has the doctor many operations during a week?

  • Have you been at a surgical department?

Find some word combinations from the text post operative surgical
Find some word combinations from the text column (найдите в тексте слова, которые можно сочетать со словами ‘post-operative’ и ‘surgical’.

Read and translate the text1
* Read column and translate the text


The operation begins when the surgeon makes an incision or cut. Control of bleeding is very important. A swab is a pad of cotton or other material used to soak up blood from the operation site. A sucker is a mechanical device which aspirates (sucks up) blood. Bleeding vessels are tied with ligatures or sealed by an electric current (diathermy).

Drains may be inserted to carry away fluid which might act as a culture medium for bacteria. Various methods are used to close the wound, for example sutures (also known as stitches), or staples. Finally, the wound is covered with a dressing.

The lesson is over good bye
The lesson is over. column Good bye

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