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Lingua inglese II - 102897. The discourse of Broadcast news. Aims. Lettorato : Acquisition of communicative competence in English beyond B2 level as part of a learning path leading to advanced competence (C1) . Aims con’ td.

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Lingua inglese ii 102897

Lingua inglese II - 102897

The discourseof Broadcast news


  • Lettorato:

  • Acquisition of communicative competence in English beyond B2 level as part of a learning path leading to advanced competence (C1)

Aims con td
Aims con’td

  • The development and refinement of the ability to apply grammatical, lexical and orthographic skills to transcription.

  • The development of independent study skills and interactive participation, group work and independence of judgement in the analysis of a discourse type.

Aims cont d

  • Knowledge of the discourse structure of news programmes; ability to apply the knowledge and understanding to the description and analysis of television news

Course content

  • News as a Form of Discourse The Discourse Structure of News ProgrammesNews Presentation

  • Features of Studio Presentation of the News News Reports The Live Two-Way as News Update News Interviews Transcription conventions.


  • Interactive lessons for the communicative competence element in groups (lettorato).

  • Groups have been organised – see self-access labLectures and exercises in transcription and description for the broadcast news element

Course evaluation

  • Finalexamfor lettorato

  • Finalexamfor modulo: Transcription and descriptionof a news programme and comparisonwithoneotherfor the course. Thisiscompletedindividually and presentedas a finalassignment.

  • An averageismadeof the examresult and the assignmentresult

Course assignment

  • Eachstudentisassigned a news programme and works on the transcription and descriptionduring the year.

  • Anotherprogramme (differentchannel) isusedforcomparisonbutnottranscribed.

  • The studentpresentstheirtranscription and ispreparedtodiscuss the descition and comparisonusing appropriate metalanguage


  • Martin Montgomery The discourseof Broadcast News A linguisticApproach

  • Monica BednarekNews Discourse

  • DiscoursesofEuropeanIdentity in TV news

  • Thornborrowet al in EuropeanIdentity: what the media sayBayley and Williams (eds)


  • Many and varieddefinitions: a termused in linguisticstodescribe the rules and conventionsunderlying the useoflanguage in extendedstretchesof text, spoken and written.

  • Language in action and the patternswhichcharacteriseparticulartypesoflanguage in action; e.g. the discourseof advertising

Discourse s

  • ‘a group of statements which provide a language for talking about - a way of representing the knowledge about - a particular topic at a particular historical moment. [...] Discourse is about the production of knowledge through language’ (Hall, 1992: 291).

  • ‘It is the continuous reinforcement, through massive repetition and consistency in discourse, which is required to construct and maintain

  • reality’ (Stubbs 1996: 92).

  • the incremental effect of discourse (Baker 2006)


  • Discourseis a patterningoflanguagebeyond and betweensentences or utterances.

  • A discrete leveloflinguisticorganisation.

  • Principlesoflinguisticorganisation do not stop with the sentencebutshape the way we combine sentencestogetherintodiscourse

  • Cohesion and coherence

  • Discourselies at the interface of the linguistic and the social. Discourseanalysisinvolveselaborating the principlesoforganisationthatunderpin the coherenceofdiscourse.

  • Languageis a formofaction. The performance ofanactionthroughlinguisticmeansisdependent on featuresofcontext in which the utterancetakesplace.

Ideational and interpersonal
Ideational and interpersonal

  • Discourseasactionrepresents the world, isconstitutiveof social relationships, itis interpersonal aswellasideational in itsfunction.

  • Characteristicfunctionsof broadcast news: announcing, reporting, greeting, challenging.

Discourse practice

  • Discourseacts are part ofchainsofaction

  • Individualacts are shaped in the light ofpreceeding or succeedingacts

  • Headlines introduce bulletins;News reporters ‘sign off’

  • Discoursepractices: the regular sequentialarrangementofrecognisablysimilardiscourseactsto serve institutionalisedcommunicativepurposes.

Discourse structure

  • The discourseof broadcast news can beseenas a structured set ofdiscourseunits in whichsmallerunitssuchasdiscourseactscohereintolargerunitssuchascompleted news items or interactionalexchangeswithin a news interview.

  • Structuresbuildfromsmallertolargerunits

An example
AN example

  • Watch the Italian, French and UK broadcastsfor the 50° anniversaryof the TreatyofRome and read the transcripts. Preparetocomment on the differentapproaches in termsofvisual and verbal text.

  • Copiesof the transcripts on Prof Blog

  • Copiesof the broadcasts in the self accesslab.

  • Come to the nextlessonpreparedtocomment