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Impressionism. BY Colm Williamson . Questions. Impressionist artists often depicted ___________ class people “______________.” Impressionist paintings are often characterized by __________ brushstrokes and ___________ colors.

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BY Colm Williamson


  • Impressionist artists often depicted ___________ class people “______________.”

  • Impressionist paintings are often characterized by __________ brushstrokes and ___________ colors.

  • Claude Monet’s painting “__________,___________” coined the term “impressionism” by critic Louis Leroy.

What is impressionism
What is Impressionism?

  • Based on impression

  • Bright colors

  • Wide brushstrokes

  • Rapidly executed

  • “En plein air”

    Claude Monet, “Water Lilies”


  • The Impressionist movement can be a seen as a result of prior art movements and artists, 19th century scientific advances and culture, and eccentric artists of the time period. Impressionism can also be viewed as a movement which revolutionized art for future generations and began the transition from realism to the abstract.

Influences on the impressionist movement
Influences on the impressionist movement

  • Prior art Movements and artists

  • Contemporary artists

  • Middle class culture

  • Advances in science, travel and art


  • Joseph Mallord William Turner and EuegeneDelacriox

  • Use of color

  • Depiction of light

    J.M.W Turner, “Rain, Steam, and Speed- The Great Western Railway"


  • Interest in everyday life

  • Impressionism is an extension of realism

  • Nature is not idealized

    HonoréDaumier, “Third Class Carriage.”

Eduord manet

  • Inspiration of The Impressionists

  • Bold, modern paintings

  • Impressionist techniques

    EduordManet, “Luncheon on the Grass.”

Claude monet
Claude Monet

  • Coined term “Impressionism”

  • Impressionist techniques

  • Essence of Impressionism

    Claude Monet, “Impression, Sunrise.”

Anonymous society of painters etc exhibit
Anonymous society of painters etc. exhibit

  • Monet, Degas, Pissaro, Renoir, etc.

  • Heavy criticism

  • Eventual acceptance

  • Novelist support

Middle class culture
Middle Class culture

  • Support from middle class

  • Leisure of middle class

    Berthe Morisot, “Little Girl with a Blue Jersey.”

The color theory
The Color theory

  • Experimenting with colors

  • New shading technique

  • Complementary colors

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir, “The Skiff”

Advances in painting
Advances in Painting

  • Paint tubes

  • New colors

  • Less toxic

    Claude Monet, “Beach at Trouville.”

Advances in travelling
Advances in Travelling

  • Railway System

  • Studio Boats

Conclusion impact of the impressionists
CONCLUSION: Impact of the impressionists

  • Transition from Realism to abstract

    Daniel Ridgway Knight, “Waiting for the Ferry.” Vincent van Gogh, “Starry Night Over theRhône.”