Birth of a democratic nation
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Birth of a Democratic Nation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Birth of a Democratic Nation. 1.03-1.04. Key Terms. Mercantilism Navigation Acts Albany Plan of the Union French and Indian War Do you know any of them?????. Proclamation Line of 1763 Stamp Act Quartering Act Boycott. Mercantilism.

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Birth of a Democratic Nation

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Birth of a democratic nation

Birth of a Democratic Nation


Key terms

Key Terms

  • Mercantilism

  • Navigation Acts

  • Albany Plan of the Union

  • French and Indian War

  • Do you know any of them?????

  • Proclamation Line of 1763

  • Stamp Act

  • Quartering Act

  • Boycott



  • Your country is strong because of the economy (wealth), not military (force).

  • England was a mercantilist country…why?

Miscellaneous events l eading to rebellion

Miscellaneous Events Leading to Rebellion

  • Navigation Acts

    • Colonies can’t trade with anyone but GB

    • Why is this a problem?

  • Albany Plan of the Union

    • Colonist organize for defense…from who?

  • French and Indian War

    • GB and Colonists vs. French and Natives

    • GB wins except occurs massive debt

    • Makes colonists pay for it.


Misc part ii

Misc. Part II

  • Proclamation Line 1763

    • Can’t settle West of the Appalachian Mts.

  • Stamp Act

    • Tax on documents like letters and newspapers

    • Stamp Act Congress helps repeal Stamp Act

  • Quartering Act

    • Must shelter troops

    • 3rd Amendment

  • Boycott

Boston massacre

Boston Massacre

  • Townshend Acts

    • Taxed goods and allowed British to search for smuggling

  • Rioting in the streets of Boston

  • British soldiers fire on colonists killing 5

  • Spreads news of resistance (Paul Revere, political cartoon)

  • Colonists are further angered

Birth of a democratic nation


Boston tea party

Boston Tea Party

  • Who: Sons of Liberty

  • What: Threw tea into the Boston harbor

  • When: 1773

  • Where: Boston

  • Why: In response to the INTOLERABLE ACTS (closed port, took away trial by jury)

  • This was a boycott.

    • “No taxation without representation”

Start of war

Start of War

  • First Continental Congress

    • Official meeting of colonists

    • Organized militias and boycotts

  • Lexington and Concord

    • 1st Shots fired of the American Revolution

    • “The shot heard around the World”

2 nd continental congress

2nd Continental Congress

  • Common Sense (Thomas Paine)

    • Supported colonist rebellion


  • They are the reasons we broke away from England!

Conclusion to war

Conclusion to War

  • Colonists win small victories here and there

  • Tide does not turn until French come for support.

    • French and the Colonists ally and defeat the British

    • Battle of Yorktown is where the British surrendered

    • Treaty of Paris is signed and colonists finally win their independence.

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