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WCSD. Saving Planet Earth…. One blue barrel at a time. Preview. 1. The Process. 2. The Message. 3. The Classroom. 4. The Questions. 4. The Follow-Up. The Process/Highlights. Pilot program, completely free to WCSD Anticipated savings to WCSD: $200,000/yr in trash haul diversion

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Saving Planet Earth…

Onebluebarrel at a time

Preview l.jpg

1. The Process

2. The Message

3. The Classroom

4. The Questions

4. The Follow-Up

The process highlights l.jpg
The Process/Highlights

  • Pilot program, completely free to WCSD

  • Anticipated savings to WCSD: $200,000/yr in trash haul diversion

  • Savings realized in general fund (pays teacher salaries, books, educational resources)

  • The more you recycle, the more we save…

The process description l.jpg
The Process/Description

  • Partnership with Waste Management

    • Free recycling – NO COST to WCSD!

  • All recyclable materials one container

  • Every site has locking yellow dumpster, emptied every 2 weeks (3-, 4- or 6-yard containers)

  • Volumes can increase if there’s a need

  • SFC gets one key

The process what is acceptable l.jpg
The Process/What is Acceptable?


Not Acceptable



Glass, plastic, aluminum, metal bottles (liquids emptied)


Cups/containers w/ food residue

Paper plates/cups

Lids and caps first removed, then recycled

We will provide a hand-out with more details…

The process what is provided l.jpg
The Process/What is Provided?

  • Rolling, 20-gallon blue containers placed throughout the building

    • 96-gallon green containers removed once blue containers are in place

  • Any container can be used to collect recycling, then emptied into yellow dumpster

  • Program will have documentdestruction piece; info to come…

The blue barrel l.jpg
The Blue Barrel...

The yellow dumpster l.jpg
The Yellow Dumpster...

The process overview l.jpg
The Process/Overview

  • Result of this program: More recycling, less trash

  • Recycle trucks look like standard Waste Management trucks, but there are 2 dedicated vehicles for WCSD recycling

  • Recycled materials taken to sorting facility in Lodi, California

The message l.jpg
The Message

How we’re helping

Friday Minute 3/5

Washoe Parents (April)

Follow-up email to staff


Pinnacle (April)

Web site

The message11 l.jpg
The Message

How you can help…

Send follow-up email to staff

Discuss at staff meeting

School web site



School newsletter

The classroom l.jpg
The Classroom

  • Educational component – please ask faculty to enhance curriculum with “Green” resources

  • Visit, then click this symbol:

The questions l.jpg
The Questions…

  • Visit, click the recycle symbol for a list of FAQs

  • For troubleshooting questions, contact Rick Martin, Housekeeping Operations Supervisor, at 851-5696 or [email protected]

  • For volume increase requests, contact Jeannie at Housekeeping Operations: 851-5696 or [email protected]

The follow up l.jpg
The Follow-up

  • Please distribute letter to staff (by hand or e-mail)

  • If you send an e-mail to your staff, please cc [email protected]

  • Because this is a pilot program with Waste Management, we need to provide them with support for all communication efforts (newsletter, staff meeting agendas, etc.). Please e-mail [email protected]

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Saving Planet Earth…

Onebluebarrel at a time