A Marriage Made in Heaven: Economic Development and Broadband

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A Marriage Made in Heaven: Economic Development and Broadband

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1. A Marriage Made in Heaven: Economic Development and Broadband Mid-South Economic and Business Development Summit: "20/20 Vision for West Tennessee" 1 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd, Confidential.

2. 2 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

3. The Economic Impact of Stimulating Broadband 3 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

4. What Does This All Mean? 4 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

5. How Does This Effect West Tennessee? Occupational clusters in Tennessee that are expected to experience both high growth and shortages of workers through the year 2014 exist within six broad areas: Administrative and Finance (Online Transactions) Health Care (Remote Patient Monitoring) Hospitality and Tourism (Advertising and Outreach) Human Services (Case and Field Application Data Entry) Production, Construction and Transportation (Sensors and Intelligent Systems) Agriculture, Science and Engineering/Technology (Cooperative Research Sharing and Information Access) 5 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

6. 6 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

7. Universal Access to Information is the Catalyst for Economic Growth Western Tennessee is already marching down the broadband path and offers distance education to a significant portion of the state. The very enablement of education into rural areas through the fiber backbone is the single most required catalyst for economic growth, as well as cost containment. The Baby Boom Generation requires broadband-enabled healthcare and entertainment, and are using the Internet for managing finances and retirement funds. The Echo Boom and Matrix organizations are using it for 7 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

8. Case in Point: Health Care Cost Savings Market analyst Datamonitor is projecting that the homecare telehealth market, otherwise known as remote patient monitoring, will grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 56 percent. That far surpasses 9.9 percent growth projected for the clinical telehealth market. Datamonitor expects to see the global telehealth market will hit $8 billion or more by 2012. 8 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

9. 9 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

10. We Live In An Online Global Knowledge Economy Technology and Talent are Interrelated: Economic Growth is closely associated with highly educated people. Studies show that where there is a concentration of creative, knowledge-based workers, there is usually a corresponding concentration of innovation and high-tech industry. Tolerance: Economist and social historian Jane Jacobs observed that “great cities are places where people from virtually any background are welcome to turn their energy and ideas into innovations and wealth.” The Impact: Skilled immigrants make up a third of the scientific and engineering workforce and one quarter of all founders of technology start-ups have been immigrants. 10 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

11. But How Does It Work? 11 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

12. The World Wide “Human Network” To Quote our friends at Cisco, we are at the frontier of the human network build out. Colleges must be connected to the global network or they will not compete. Technology infrastructure must keep pace with what potential students can access at home. These campus networks also need to be shared with those who are shrinking the digital divide in underserved communities. Free access to high schools and other not-for-profits in health and human services to research and courses at the college. Partnerships with local communities in building out the network and creatively expanding its use by all municipal and community stakeholders. New forms of Entrepreneurial Engagement between students within the communities they need to serve, both today and in the future. 12 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

13. How Do You Deploy A Human Network? Municipally Owned – Here, the business case is typically easy to construct because these cities are underserved by telecommunications providers and they own their mounting assets. They usually run municipal utilities and for the same reasons they entered into the electric business, they are forced to get into the broadband business for economic development. They deliver service and reliability. The hype is that public carriers are limiting competition, which is certainly not always the case. Not-for-Profit Partnership – These initiatives usually involve a not-for-profit entity and involve a private industry partnership of some sort. They typically focus on digital divide objectives because industry requires more robust network management. The hype is that by focusing on digital divide, your community becomes an Intelligent Community, which makes sense because universities are usually driving these network deployments based on educational enrichment. 13 Beta Strategy, Confidential.

14. How Do You Deploy A Human Network? Public /Private Partnership – These initiatives account for a private industry revenue stream and deliver cost savings, efficiencies and strategic applications to consortium members. Digital inclusion is a wonderful by-product of this model. Run by private industry, they allow large municipalities to reduce spend and deploy mobile applications, whilst generating cash flow that benefits the residents. The hype is that sexy handheld applications for consumers are the wave of the future, when real ROI to citizens comes from municipal field applications that improve service delivery and security in growing regional communities. All of these models work at some level, but the trick is to understand early on what the stakeholders and users of your network require. 14 Beta Strategy, Confidential.

15. Case Study: Painesville, Ohio Industry/Higher Education/Municipal Partnership The City of Painesville Desired Stronger Economic Development Lake Erie College Needed a Stronger Downtown for Student Enrichment Beta, with Partners, Designed a Network and Economic Development Strategy to Capitalize on the Assets of the Community 50% of the Build-Out Funded by Lake Erie College; 50% Funded by Municipal Costs Savings 15 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

16. Case Study: Painesville, Ohio Socio-Economic Programs Designed Based On Broadband Availability Student Entrepreneurship Center Moved to Main Street Two leading entrepreneurs provide working franchises for student interaction / learning Students devise business plan for retail and multi-use portion of Center $100K / year in free cash flow created for City to spend on applications and security infrastructure. Productivity and data flow thought otherwise unaffordable immediately enabled. 16 Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential.

17. Closing Remarks It used to be that railroads and transportation infrastructure differentiated American cities. However, with global climate change and the growing number of young citizens who want to live, work and shop in cool local places, the allure of physical transportation is waning. With that said, our global manufacturing and agricultural exports remain competitive as our exports to Asia explode. Here, broadband architecture enables intelligent transportation systems and port security to cities with shrinking logistics workforces. These are exciting times that offer new forms of Entrepreneurship and Global Conversation. We must challenge ourselves to inspire the Generation X, Echo Boom and Matrix Generations to create the businesses of our future and to take care as we entrench ourselves in future technologies that we, as Boomers, may not completely understand!!! Beta Strategy Group, Ltd., Confidential. 17

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