City of Industry (WH 350) to Fontana DC (WH 352)
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City of Industry (WH 350) to Fontana DC (WH 352) “Make & Ship” Shuttle Operation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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City of Industry (WH 350) to Fontana DC (WH 352) “Make & Ship” Shuttle Operation Process Guidelines & Overview. City of Industry Shuttle Operation Summary.

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Presentation Transcript

City of Industry (WH 350) to Fontana DC (WH 352)

“Make & Ship” Shuttle Operation

Process Guidelines & Overview

City of Industry Shuttle Operation Summary

  • 11 shuttles a day -Plan when fully operational. (ramp up plan to this quantity until all 4 Phases completed). (Add 2-3 TL/day {Kay} in July 2013)

    • 3 spotted trailers at 350, Railroad Street

    • 3 spotted trailers at 352, San Bernardino Rd.

  • Shuttle hours – 10PM Sunday Night through 10 PM Friday Night (see shuttle schedules). Peak Periods will be accommodated with additional shuttles scheduled on Sunday night

  • Transportation Service Provider – DDP Delivery Services (562) 941-9800 (see last slide for additional contact information)

  • Maximum trailer weight – 44K; Trailer capacity - 22 pallet positions

  • Product transport – All products are to be palletized and stretch wrapped

  • 5 gallon pails – To be double stacked and securely wrapped together

  • Cardboard fillers – To be used between pallets of pails and any other products to eliminate shifting. Cardboard fillers will be sent to 350 Railroad Street from 352 at least once a week, preferably twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on one of the shuttles back to 350.

  • Trailer requirements – All trailers will be chocked, jack stands placed and airlocks applied by shuttle drivers. The placing of chocks, jack stands and airlocks will be checked and audited by the Ecolab employee prior to loading the first pallet.

City of Industry Shuttle Operation Summary (cont)

  • 5 gal/4-1 gal loading plan – All pallets of 5 gallon double stacked pails will be preceded by 4-1 gallons and 2 pallets of 4-1 gallons will be stored after pails so that the double stack pails will be secure. This is due to the height of the double stack

  • Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides – For ease of segregation should only ship with themselves or neutral products in other sizes.

  • Quarantine products

    • As much as possible, all products not destined for quarantine, not put on hold, are loaded direct into trailers. Use Dock staging as buffer.

    • All quarantine product must be released prior to shipping. All hold placards must be removed prior to shipping.

  • Shipping dock – All 6 dock doors on the west shipping/receiving dock will have Ecolocator Bin numbers ECO1 – ECO6. There will be scanable labels.

  • Short inventory scenario – Product required to fill “out of stock” scenario in 352 must be loaded no later than Midnite Shuttle to insure availability by Noon Next day.

  • PRODRCPT & NOS must be completed in CAS at COI before EDI 944 is transmitted from 352.

Coi shipping dock

6 Dock Doors Labeled ECO1 – ECO 6

Staged for shuttle

FDA and Oxidizer Hold Area

RM and packaging stagingg

Olive green area represents area to be used by Shuttle operation/staging of Finished goods for 352

COI Shipping Dock

EPA and over flow staging area

Product Weights and Trailer Configurations

Plant process

Plant Process

FTO Activities

There will be a minimum of 2 FTO’s on each shift

FTO will pull pallets from the each of the operating lines in production and place pallets on 1 of the 3 available stretch wrappers.

FTO will take products off the wrappers and, based upon product, will:

Stage in EPA hold area

Stage in Bleach Hold Area

Stage in FDA Hold Area

Load direct into one of 3 spotted trailers

Eco into an overflow area if all 3 trailers are full

Plant Process (cont)

  • FTO Activities (cont)

  • Pulling product from lines – Pails will be pulled 2 pallets at a time, all others single pallet

  • Pallet wrapping – All pallets must be shrink wrapped prior to loading onto trailers

  • Staging area – Place pallet into stage area or in the trailer. Use Eco In Transaction

  • Hold Tags – All hold tags will be removed prior to loading trailers.

  • Loading trailers – Trailers are to be loaded to meet shuttle schedule such that there is no less than 1 full trailer available to the shuttle driver

  • Loaded trailers – Loaded trailers will have jack stand and chocks removed.

    • The bills will be put in a pouch in the front of the trailer this will be the indicator for the driver that the trailer is ready. There will be no reason for the driver to come on the dock or check in if warehouse is operating properly .

    • DDP will maintain an activity log of what trailers numbers are pulled from Ecolab

    • FTO will let shift person responsible for making up the bill, know which EcoBin/Trailer is loaded and ready.

    • Secure load with load locks, close dock gate

    • Shuttle driver will verify proper loading practice

  • Routing Process

  • Retrieve quantities and product numbers from ECOINQBN

  • Make transfer order in IDV01 – IWP screen – (See Work Instructions)

  • Route Bill – Use date and Door number Example: 62212eco1

  • Firm, print pick list, print bill of lading.

  • Give BL to FTO for the Ecopick process

Plant Process (cont)

  • Ecopick Process

  • All loads must be Ecopicked. The Ecolocator process of Ecopick, pick complete and load complete are the

  • transactions needed to send the date codes with the ASN to 352

  • Follow Ecolocator process to Ecopick out of the ECO bin product was staged in. Either a trailer or if a Eco location on the west shipping dock of warehouse trailer will be loaded at this time. (see Work Instructions in Ecolocator manual if training is needed.)

  • Scan pick list, Ecopick the load (Each load will have only one pallet per load, do not apply pallet label.

  • Make sure to F6 Pick complete

  • Make sure to F6 for load complete

  • Put Pink copy of Bill of lading on back pallet of load

  • Remove chocks and Jack stands

  • All Loads Must be Load Complete in Ecolocator

  • NOS Load - After Truck Leaves (Dependant on Mfg ProdRcpt)

  • Carrier invoicing/freight payment – Carrier will be paid through Ecolab self invoicing weekly