Wars of the victorian era
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Wars of the Victorian era. Intro. The Victorian era was by no means a peaceful era with many wars fought throughout the whole world. They fought over trade, colonies and conquest

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  • The Victorian era was by no means a peaceful era with many wars fought throughout the whole world. They fought over trade, colonies and conquest

  • It was also a time of great British national pride and as the British empire expanded citizens of London enjoyed spoils of war and increased trade.

Napoleonic wars
Napoleonic wars

  • Out of ashes of the French revolution Napoleon rose to power as emperor and set about conquering the world.

  • After streaks of victory he defeated in Russia and later at Waterloo by the English.

Opium wars
Opium wars

  • Fought in between the United Kingdom and the British East India Company against the Qing Dynasty of China.

  • Chinese officials wanted to control the opium trade and confiscated supplies from British traders.

  • United Kingdom crushed the Chinese forces.

New zealand land wars
New Zealand Land Wars

  • The New Zealand Land Wars was fought over the right to own land by the Maori.

  • This was a British victory and they confiscated lots of land.

Crimean war
Crimean war

  • Fought between Britain and her allies (France, Ottoman and the Kingdom of Sardinia) against the Russian Empire.

  • After the Russians invaded the Ottoman Empire Britain and her Allies fought against this.

  • Britain yet again was the victor but the war exposed lots of errors in the army.


  • Indian- Rebelled against the British Trading Company rule who were ruthless against the natives.

  • Canadian rebelled against the British but the British won.

British army
British Army

  • Its three main roles were to maintain order in Britain, protect and expand the British Empire and to intervene in wars in Europe.

  • Had three main parts- infantry, cavalry and artillery

British navy
British Navy

  • After the Napoleonic wars Britain had the most powerful navy in the world. It was highly regarded and public opinion supported having a powerful navy. It had no major battles in the Victorian era though

Who they were
Who they were

  • Soldiers were men often recruited in pubs after a good drink though they were given time to reconsider. They were enlisted for life or for a period of 21 years.

  • Officers were often rich as they paid to get a high rank but this stopped after the Crimean war.

Spoils of war
Spoils of war.

  • With all the expansion occurring and victories the soldiers were able to plunder spoils of war and London become a centre of trade and it’s citizens enjoying new cultures and exotic goods. Their eyes were opened to the world.

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