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M.Pojer / M.Solfaroli PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparation for 2011 HWC campaign. M.Pojer / M.Solfaroli. Content. WHY do we need a HW Commissioning campaign? WHAT are we going to do? HOW are we going to do it? ElQA QPS Powering Tests Planning (draft) Overlook (4TeV) Miscellaneous. WHY.

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M.Pojer / M.Solfaroli

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M pojer m solfaroli

Preparation for

2011 HWC





  • WHY do we need a HW Commissioning campaign?

  • WHAT are we going to do?

  • HOW are we going to do it?

    • ElQA

    • QPS

    • Powering Tests

    • Planning (draft)

  • Overlook (4TeV)

  • Miscellaneous


M pojer m solfaroli


  • Lots of activities will be performed in the LHC underground

  • Activities cannot be fully controlled

  • We cannot ensure a 100% correctly functioning machine protection system

  • Cryogenic intervention:

    • Warming up of the arc magnets below 80 K

    • DFBs will warm up above 80 K (as already happened in short technical stops)


M pojer m solfaroli


  • Assume operation at 3.5 TeV

  • Monitoring of electrical integrity of some circuits (high current circuits of the arc and spool pieces) during warm-up and cool-down will be installed

  • ELQA will be performed ONLY for the circuits with a current above 600A

  • QPS – QH firing (scheduled once per year): as risk of damage during the test is higher than risk of failure when needed (redundancy of quench heaters and very limited number of beam induced quenches), heater firing tests ONLY for magnets whose cables are disconnected

    • no systematic heater firing for MB and for MQ magnets


M pojer m solfaroli


  • Circuit protection requires correct operation of the interlocks (QPS, PIC, PC) and EE --> Almost all tests to verify the correct functioning of interlocks will be performed

  • Reduced number of other tests, according to expert requirements

  • Heat run for all circuits will be performed (8hours) as last step


How elqa


  • The ElQA team and equipment:

  • Equipment for testing up to 4 sectors in parallel

  • 5 teams available inside the ElQA team (2 teams per sector + 1 (per MIC) needed) –> up to 2 sectors in parallel

  • NEEDS (for one sector)

    • 2 teams for HV ElQA

    • 1 team for MIC


How qps


  • Snubber capacitors: Installed only for RB circuits

    • ONLY ONE SECTOR will be connected for testing (assuming re-commissioning to 3.5TeV)

    • ELQA to be done (separately)

  • Old global main bus-bar detector taken out in all sectors

  • Quench heater power supplies switches:

    • test during switch off to identify weak switches

  • Test of the third (Z) switch of 600 A citrcuits (within test step of HC)

  • Upgrade all Q9 and Q10 voltage divider (Q10 R2 done) – test within the normal HWC sequence


How pts


  • Simplification of test execution:

  • Excluding high current tests (RB, RQD) a test step with same current level can be done before the previous test step is signed

  • Signature of tests to be cleaned up (not required that several teams sign the same test)

  • Parallel tests of several circuits - Global Power Abort will be disabled (re-enabled after the tests)


How pts1



How pts2



How pts3


…+8h Heat run and GPM check


Cryo maintains

Cryo Maintains


M pojer m solfaroli

2 shifts – 13h

7am - 8pm

First sector in

Phase I powering

3 shifts

7/7 days

3 shifts

7/7 days

DSO tests

3 shifts

7/7 days

Overlook 4tev

Overlook - 4TeV

  • 4 TeV considerations:

    • We don’t expect a significant delay

    • Current in RB: 6770 A instead of 5925 A (1 more step)

  • Values for current in corrector magnets (M.Giovannozzi)

    • QPS rating might need to be reviewed

  • Snubber capacitors:

    • needed for RB (to be connected)

    • to be clarified for RQD/F

  • RQX.R1 – voltage reduction

    • Symm nQPS threshold (800 mV) to be lowered?

    • dI/dt: RB time constant to be increased to 68 s

    • RB.A78 high voltage tested only to 1.6 kV - to be confirmed

    • Splice safety to be confirmed by ongoing simulations




  • RRR measurements

  • Simulation validation tests

  • Re-test of circuits where PC replaced

  • Inner Triplet tests: PC trips when power permit removed

  • Some special test for selected circuit (refer to MP3)

  • Snubber caps: Energy extraction at different current levels (0.76-2-4-6 kA)




  • We are confident that HWC will be short and quick

    • All SW already used

    • No heavy modification on circuits

    • No mayor modification on procedure

    • Strongly reduced number of tests

  • Possible commissioning to 4 TeVwouldn’t take much

    • Studies on technical showstopper ongoing

  • Difficulties in finding people to cover the shifts could slow down the commissioning time

  • LHC should be ready for operation by 18 Feb.


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