Top 3 Options for an Emergency Mobile
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Online Mobile Recharge App : Top 3 Options for an Emergency Mobile Recharge PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Online Mobile Recharge websites and recharge apps are very popular in young generations because of awareness and offers by the companies.

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Online Mobile Recharge App : Top 3 Options for an Emergency ...

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Online mobile recharge app top 3 options for an emergency mobile recharge

Top 3 Options for an Emergency Mobile


Amongst all the available mobile network connections, the prepaid mobile connection has

proven to a favourable one. This is because it offers advantages like convenient messaging,

customized network packages and an almost endless talk time due to recharge packages.

All the facilities of a prepaid connection can only run on sufficient balance. Once you run out of

this balance, you will not be able to utilize any of these facilities until you refill your phone. If

you suddenly find yourself in an emergency situation wherein you need a mobile recharge, here

are some options you can consider.

Bank website or app

More and more banks are becoming tech savvy and offering their facilities online. These banks

are not only offering their services through online portals and apps, but also expanding their

services to include features line online mobile recharge. All you need to do is log online and

register your bank account and mobile number on the website. Once both your account and

your mobile number are successfully registered, you can easily make a recharge online, after

which, the amount will get deducted immediately from your account. This same concept also

works through the mobile app. All you need to down is download the secure mobile app, and

register your number and account. When you require the required recharge, you only need to

open your app and make the transfer. Most banks use a secured SSL link, therefore, any online

transaction you make, is undertaken on a secured basis.

Mobile Network App

Online mobile recharge app top 3 options for an emergency mobile recharge

Like the bank app, the mobile network app works the same way. Depending on your network

connection, you will need to download the respective app. Once downloaded, you only need to

register your number to avail of its services. Once you need an emergency online mobile

recharge, you only need to select the balance amount you want. Once you have confirmed the

amount, you can opt to via your banking card or through a connected account. Once the

required details are verified, the balance will get credited your mobile number, with the funds

getting automatically deducted from your bank account. Most network apps are well secured,

therefore you need not worry about your banking details being revealed on the online portal.

Third part refilling app

Like the physical third party vendor, plenty of third party online vendors are offering online

mobile recharge. As compared to the banking app and the mobile network, app, this option

offers you plenty of offers. Most of these third party apps offer, recharges for multiple

platforms, like DTH, prepaid internet connections and many more. Therefore, if you make any

recharge on one platform, you are liable to get a discount or deal on a recharge for another

platform. All you need to do to get a recharge is select the platform and input your bank

account details or banking card details. Once the details are verified you can easily get an

instant recharge.


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