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Adolf hitler
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Adolf Hitler. Born April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria. Once lived across the street from a Benedictine Monastery. Every monastery has a coat of arms, the focus of the particular monastery was a swastika.

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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf hitler

  • Born April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria

Adolf hitler

  • Once lived across the street from a Benedictine Monastery. Every monastery has a coat of arms, the focus of the particular monastery was a swastika.

Adolf hitler

  • As a child, Adolf Hitler always wanted to become a priest, however, he discovered he had a knack for art.

Adolf hitler

  • Both parents died when he was at a young age. His father first of a lung ailment and then his mother of breast cancer. She was treated by a Jewish doctor who gave his services to the poor.

Adolf hitler

  • Moved to Vienna, Austria as a teenager. Tried to get into two schools (Vienna Academy of Art and Vienna School of Architecture) but failed. He was crushed and didn’t want to tell his mother so he lied and continued to live in Vienna where he pretended to be an art student. He was very poor.

Adolf hitler

  • Vienna was the center of anti-Semitism. Hitler was fascinated by this.

Adolf hitler

  • Hitler then moved to Munich, Germany to avoid military service.

Adolf hitler

  • Hitler was sentenced to prison for high treason for trying to seize the Bavarian government. While in prison he wrote, Mein Kampf, which translates to my struggle. Hitler only served nine months of his sentence.

Adolf hitler

  • Hitler continued to build up the Nazi party and eventually became Chancellor in 1933. Germany’s President Paul von Hindenburg died in 1934 and Hitler took over completely.

Adolf hitler

  • Hitler coined the term, the “final solution” in which he targeted various groups in an effort to achieve racial purity.

Title targeted groups

Title: Targeted Groups

  • Jews (primary target)

  • Gypsies (Roma)

  • Russians, specifically Soviet POWs

  • Poles

  • Slavic People

  • Physically or Mentally Disables

Adolf hitler

  • Homosexuals

  • Political dissidents

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • Some Catholic and Protestant clergy

  • Communists

  • Socialists

  • Blacks

  • Asians

Adolf hitler


  • The Nazi party takes power in Germany. Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor, or prime minister of Germany.- Nazis 'temporarily' suspend civil liberties

  • The Nazis set up the first concentration camp at Dachau. The first inmates are 200 Communists.

  • Books with ideas considered dangerous to Nazi beliefs burned.

Adolf hitler


  • Hitler combines the positions of chancellor and president to become 'Fuhrer' or leader of Germany.

  • Jewish newspapers no longer in the streets.

Adolf hitler


  • Jews are deprived of their citizenship and other basic rights.

  • The Nazis intensify the persecution of political people that don’t agree with his philosophy.

Adolf hitler


  • Nazis boycott Jewish-owned business.

  • The Olympic Games are held in Germany; signs barring Jews are removed until the event is over.

  • Jews no longer have the right to vote.

Adolf hitler


  • German troops annexed Austria.

  • On Kristallnacht, the 'Night of Broken Glass,' Nazis terrorized Jews throughout Germany and Austria - 30,000 Jews arrested.

  • Jews must carry id cards and Jewish passports are marked with a "J."

  • Jews no longer head businesses, attend plays, concerts, etc.

  • All Jewish children moved to Jewish schools.

  • Jewish businesses shut down; they must sell businesses and hand over securities and jewels.

  • Jews must hand over driver’s licenses and car registrations.

  • Jews must be in certain places at certain times.

Adolf hitler


  • Germany takes over Czechoslovakia and invades Poland.

  • World War II begins as Britain and France declare war on Germany.

  • Hitler orders that Jews must follow curfews; Jews must turn in radios to the police; Jews must wear yellow stars of David.

Adolf hitler


  • Nazis begin deporting German Jews to Poland.

  • Jews are forced into ghettos.

  • Nazis begin the first mass murder of Jews in Poland.

  • Jews are put into concentration camps.

Adolf hitler


  • Germany attacks the Soviet Union.

  • Jews throughout Western Europe are forced into ghettos.

  • Jews may not leave their houses without permission form the police.

  • Jews may no longer use public telephones.

Adolf hitler


  • Nazi officials discuss the 'Final Solution' - their plan to kill all European Jews - to the government officials.

  • Jews forbidden to: subscribe to newspapers; keep dogs, cats, birds, etc; keep electrical equipment including typewriters; own bicycles; buy meat, eggs, or mild; use public transportation; attend school.

Adolf hitler


  • February: About 80 to 85 percent of the Jews who would die in the Holocaust have already been murdered.

Adolf hitler


  • Hitler takes over Hungary and begins deporting 12,000 Hungarian Jews each day to Auschwitz where they are murdered.

Adolf hitler


  • Hitler is defeated and World War II ends in Europe.

  • The Holocaust is over and the death camps are emptied.

  • Many survivors are placed in displaced persons facilities.

Adolf hitler


  • An International Military Tribunal (Judicial assembly) created by Britain, France, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

  • At Nuremburg, Nazi leaders are tried for war crimes by the above Judicial assembly.

Adolf hitler


  • The United Nations establishes a Jewish homeland in British-controlled Palestine, which becomes the State of Israel in 1948.

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