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It s all in the details
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It’s all in the Details. Working with Graphics. Importing Graphics. In PageMaker, graphics can be inserted As inline graphics As independent graphics Independent graphics give you the most control

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It’s all in the Details

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It s all in the details

It’s all in the Details

Working with Graphics

Importing graphics

Importing Graphics

  • In PageMaker, graphics can be inserted

    • As inline graphics

    • As independent graphics

  • Independent graphics give you the most control

  • Must have pointer tool selected when placing graphic for graphic to be independent (text tool = inline)

Formats for graphics

Formats for Graphics

  • Vector graphic images

    • Provide smoothest image because they’re based on connecting points with lines

    • End with .WMF, .EPS, .AI, .CGM

  • Raster graphic images

    • Based on a grid; curves can appear jagged

    • End with .TIF, .BMP, .GIF, .JPG

  • A distorted graphic is the sign of an amateur designer.



  • Line art (all solid images — black & white) scan the best

  • Original photos can be scanned for black & white images, not color images

  • Grayscale images CAN NOT be scanned

  • Photo reproductions (as in magazines) CAN NOT be scanned.

  • Both of these create a moiré



  • PhotoShop is devoted to either changing the quantity or the color of pixels

  • If image on your screen is 100%, you are viewing image at one image pixel = one screen pixel

Image size window

Image Size Window

  • Most helpful AND most dangerous window in the program!

  • File size

    • How many pixels the image contains

  • Resolution

    • Number of pixels that print per inch

  • Dimensions of an image

    • Physical width and height of the image when printed

Some guidelines

Some Guidelines

  • Remember … you have to KNOW how the digital image was created to know how much enlarging you can do

    • Scanned?

    • Digital camera? What MP? What quality?

  • You can always make an image smaller

  • Keep a backup, original copy in case you want the original size back

Mode of images

Mode of Images

  • Digital images come in as RGB.

  • Change to either Grayscale or CMYK in Image/Mode menu if photo for publication

Special items

Special items

  • Character width:

    • Stretch or compress text

  • Tracking

  • Hyphenation (-)

  • En dash (–)

  • Em dash (—)

  • Bullet

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