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South Carolina Conference 2009. Orientation for Lay and Clergy Members. South Carolina Annual Conference. SC Conference Orientation 09. Agenda General Information Special Events Great Day of Service Worship at Annual Conference Constitutional Amendments Resolutions Nominations Report

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South carolina conference 2009 l.jpg

South Carolina Conference 2009

Orientation for Lay and Clergy Members

Sc conference orientation 09 l.jpg
SC Conference Orientation 09

  • Agenda

    • General Information

    • Special Events

    • Great Day of Service

    • Worship at Annual Conference

    • Constitutional Amendments

    • Resolutions

    • Nominations Report

    • Standing Rules Report

    • Pensions and Insurance

    • The Proposed Conference Budget

General information l.jpg
General Information

  • General Information

  • Dates – May 31-June 3, 2009

  • Registration begins at 1:00 pm

  • Place – Florence Civic Center

  • Host Church – Cumberland UMC

  • Lunch Breaks – try to get back on time (we will start on time)

  • Consider on-site food (Menu's are found in the Hospitality Section)

Special events l.jpg
Special Events

Special Events (pp iii-v)

Sunday, May 31(5:00 pm)

Lay Orientation – Arena

Clergy Session – Exhibit Hall

Great day of service l.jpg
Great Day of Service

  • Don’t Forget to Register

  • Tuesday, June 2

    2:00 to 5:00 pm

  • To register go to the conference website at

  • To help groups gather, eat, and depart together, lunch will be available at the Civic Center. The cost for lunch is $10. You will meet with your group for lunch and leave together after lunch for you site.

  • Members are being asked to invite your congregation to send items of need. You will receive a letter listing the items to bring. You may also find the items on the website.

Worship at annual conference l.jpg
Worship at Annual Conference

Worship at Annual Conference

  • Sunday, May 31

    Ordination Service – Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor, Preacher – (Offering Bethlehem Bible College)

  • Monday, June 1

    Memorial Service – Rev. Mel Arant, Preacher

    Evening Worship – Rev. Jennifer William, Preacher

    (Offering Conference Related Homes)

  • Tuesday, June 2

    Recognition of Retiring Ministers – “Passing the Mantle”

    Evening Worship – Rev. George Ashford, Preacher

    (Offering Esperanza UMC, Greenville District)

  • Wednesday, June 3

    Sending Forth Service – Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor, Preacher

Constitutional amendments l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

Section C – Preregistration Packet

General Instructions

  • Materials

    1. General Instructions (page C-1)

    2. Proposed Constitutional Amendments (pages C-2 to C-20)

    • Two Groups

    • Nine amendments

    • Twenty-three amendments related to Worldwide church

    • Four paragraphs have two amendments each

Constitutional amendments9 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

Section C – Preregistration Packet

General Instructions

  • Materials

    3. Amendments with Additions and Deletions (pages C-21 to C-34)

    4. Rational Provided by the Secretary of the General Conference (pages C-35 – C-37)

    5. Worksheet (Designed to help delegates plan for their votes) (pages C-38 – C-41)

Constitutional amendments10 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

General Instructions

  • How and When will debate be conducted?

    • After the Mid-morning break – Monday

    • In the order they are printed

    • Debate on all amendments will be one block

    • A single ballot (all 32 amendments)

Constitutional amendments11 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

General Instructions

  • No Amendments May be Offered

  • Who may vote?

    • Lay members

    • Clergy members in Full Connection

  • How will voting be conducted?

    • Eligible members (stand & show credentials)

    • Tellers distribute ballots to eligible members (at their seat)

Constitutional amendments12 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

Constitutional Amendments

General Instructions

  • How are Constitutional Amendments Proposed and Approved?

    Book of Discipline (¶ 59 Article I)

    • 2/3 Vote of General Conference

    • 2/3 Affirmative Vote of Aggregate votes of the Annual Conferences

  • When will the Results be Known?

    • The Conference vote (at the end of conference)

    • General vote will be known in 2010

Constitutional amendments13 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • The Amendments dealing with the Worldwide Church

    Amendments 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32

  • More than a name change “central” to “regional”

  • Currently Annual Conferences, Jurisdictional, and Central Conferences – can change the BOD on a limited basis

  • Central Conferences Outside the US – can change anything in the BOD

  • Passage of the amendments could create US regional conferences who could change the BOD the same way

Constitutional amendments14 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • Possible results (World Wide Church)

    1. Negative – diminish connectionalism

    Regionalize like the Anglican Communion

    2. Positive – let U.S. to make own decisions about concerns related to U.S. church

    It will allow overseas conferences to avoid U.S. dominance

    3. A Further Matter

    A study committee has been appointed to study our worldwide structure to present findings 2012.

    Approval would preempt their work

Constitutional amendments15 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • Other Amendments

  • Amendment One - ¶4 BOD – Inclusiveness of all in membership and ministry of the church

    • Consequences – may effect a pastor’s discretion for church membership and participate in the ministries of the church

  • Amendment Two - ¶5 BOD – Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies for church groups

    • Consequences – every church group will be required to write policies on ethics, conflict of interest and fiduciary accountability

Constitutional amendments16 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • Amendment Six - ¶ 15 BOD – Proportional representation at General Conference – This amendment would allow transitional conferences to have at least two delegates to general conference (currently a conference must have 225,000 members and 25 clergy.

    • Consequence – takes away delegates from other conferences

  • Amendment Eight - ¶ 16 BOD – Adds the words “gender” to the responsibility of General Boards and Agencies (for inclusiveness sake)

Constitutional amendments17 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • Amendment Nine – ¶ 23 BOD – Representation to General Conference – No jurisdiction shall have fewer than 100 delegates to General Conference – Protects declining jurisdictions from going below 100 representatives to General Conference (protects the ability to elect Bishops)

  • Amendment Fifteen - ¶ 32 – Shortens the list of who (for inclusiveness sake) will be members of the Annual Conference and shortens the requirement that a person must be a member of the UMC to one year (from two years)

Constitutional amendments18 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • Amendment Seventeen - ¶ 33 BOD – Allows lay persons to be members of the committee on investigation (currently only clergy persons are allowed)

  • Amendment Nineteen - ¶ 35 BOD – Allows provisional members and local pastors (who have served two consecutive years and have completed the course of study or an MDiv) to vote on delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference. They will still not be eligible to be elected.

Constitutional amendments19 l.jpg
Constitutional Amendments

  • Amendment Twenty-Two - ¶ 37 BOD – Adds Bermuda to the Northeast Jurisdiction.

Resolutions l.jpg


  • Board of Church and Society (page 14) – presentation Wednesday Morning

    • A Resolution to Begin Combating Human Trafficking

  • Resolutions and Appeals – presentation – First presentation Monday Afternoon – approval Wednesday Morning (dealing with resolutions brought directly to Annual Conference)

Nominations report l.jpg
Nominations Report

  • Nominations Report (Registration Packet)

  • The report will be presented on Monday afternoon and approved on Wednesday morning

Consent calendar l.jpg
Consent Calendar

  • Consent Calendar (pages 79-80)

  • Items may be removed from the consent calendar by filling out the “Petition to Remove” found on page 81

Standing rules l.jpg
Standing Rules

  • Standing Rules

  • Changes of standing rules are presented by the Committee on Standing Rules Monday Morning

  • The Report will be found in the Registration Packet

Report of board of pension and health benefits l.jpg

Report of Board of Pension and Health Benefits



Health Insurance

(pages 37-48)

Purpose l.jpg

  • To provide for financial stability in retirement for South Carolina Annual Conference Clergy

  • To provide health care for all eligible active and retired clergy of the South Carolina Annual Conference

  • Protection for people who have given their lives in service to God and God’s people

Pension l.jpg

  • Clergy Retirement Security Plan (Pensions)

  • Made of three parts

    • Defined Benefit = Pension benefit defined as 1.25% of the Denominational Average Compensation at Retirement per year of service after January 1, 2007.

    • Defined Contribution = 3 % contribution and interest earned during work determines benefit.

    • Comprehensive Protection Plan – Death benefit and disability

Pension costs l.jpg
Pension Costs

  • Defined Benefit = $535/month for each full time clergy (part time is prorated by quarters)

  • Defined Contribution = 3 % of total compensation (Cash + value of housing or allowance)

  • CPP = 3% of total compensation

Health insurance medicare companion benefits changes for retirees l.jpg
Health Insurance Medicare Companion Benefits Changes (for Retirees)

All health benefits plans pharmacy plan changes l.jpg
All Health Benefits PlansPharmacy Plan Changes

Health insurance 2010 rates l.jpg
Health Insurance 2010 Rates

  • Active Premiums will increase 9% for the year 2010.

  • Retiree Premiums will increase 10% for the year 2010.

Retiree health liability funding plan general conference mandate l.jpg
Retiree Health Liability Funding Plan(General Conference Mandate)

1. The Annual Conference is required by Accounting Rule changes adopted by the General Conference (§1506.25 Book of Discipline 2008.

2. The original estimate of the Accumulated Liability was $63,275,000.

3. Subsequent actions by Annual Conference reduced this to $44,512,000.

4. SC BOPHB identified $8,500,00 to fund part of this liability.

Retiree health liability funding plan cont l.jpg
Retiree Health Liability Funding Plan (cont)

  • Reduce retiree subsidy capping maximum at $5,000 per year beginning in 2012. Each year following reducing by 5% until 2015 which will reduce the subsidy to 50%.

  • Funding the remaining liability with a surcharge on premium to be phased in beginning in 2011 over five years fully funding the liability in 2030.

  • What this means:

    Premiums will increase in order to keep the retiree health benefits solvent.

Proposed conference budget l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • The Proposed Conference Budget

    Found on Pages 1-10

  • Report Number One

  • Two Types of Funds In the Budget

    • Funds we have control over (Items 1-12) Apportioned by Annual Conference Action

    • Funds we do not have control over (Items 13-20)

      Apportioned by General Conference Action

Proposed conference budget35 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

Important to Know

General and Jurisdictional Apportionments

Are passed on to our Annual Conference

  • Items 13-20

    World Service Fund

    Episcopal Fund

    General Conference Administration Fund

    Ministerial Education

    Interdenominational Cooperation Fund

    Black College Fund

    Africa University Fund

    Jurisdictional Mission/Ministry Fund

  • The Annual Conference cannot change these items

  • Those items are rising 2.5% overall

Proposed conference budget36 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

Approved by Annual Conference Action

  • Line Item #3 – District Superintendents Salary

    District Superintendents voluntarily requested 2% decrease

  • Line Item #5 – District Administration Approved as requested

    District Administration has been drawing down reserves for two years

    Expenses are being held down as much as possible

    DS will try to reduce travel as a cost cutting matter

  • Rest are lower than requested

Proposed conference budget37 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • Line Item #1

  • Detail of Conference Benevolences (Report #2)

    Page 2 – Reduction 6.7%

  • Cuts come from Connectional Ministries

    $164,128 in reductions

    Will come from program and staff reductions

  • Other decreases in budget come from drawing down reserves

Proposed conference budget38 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • Item # 2 Retiree Health/Transition/Contingency

    Significant increase due to retiree premiums

    An increase was granted but only ½ of what

    was requested

  • Item # 4 Equitable Compensation requested an increase

    Grant requests will increase

    CF&A is asking the draw down its reserves

Proposed conference budget39 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • Item Seven

    Conference Administration has also been drawing down reserves

    However, the Reserve is necessary

    Some funds are guaranteed 100% payment (salaries)

    Conference Journal Committee is being asked to use digital options

Proposed conference budget40 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • (Item Seven) Camps & Retreats

    (Item Nine) Senior College Scholarships

    (Item Ten) Spartanburg Methodist College

    (Item Twelve) Methodist Homes Residents Assistance

    While important

    Have other sources of income for support

    (See Report #7)

Proposed conference budget41 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • Item Eight Congregational Development

    Being asked to drawn down reserves

  • Item Eleven Campus Ministry

    Employs clergy whose salary is below the

    conference median

    Could not reduce request

    But increase was denied

Proposed conference budget42 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

Top 12 items = 5.1% Decrease

(Conference Approved Funds)

Bottom 8 Items = 2.5% Increase

(General and Jurisdictional Approved Funds)

Total budget = 3.3% decrease

Proposed conference budget43 l.jpg
Proposed Conference Budget

  • Report #7 is new

    Asking to make up for reductions for

    Senior College

    Spartanburg Methodist College

  • Completely voluntary

  • Will be noted as a apportionment remittance with Lake Junaluska Dam asking