Social software and its influences
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Social Software and its influences. Social Software. Agenda. What is „Social Software“? Weblogs and search engines Wikis and handshakes Summary. „Social Software“ – What is it?. ?. „Social Software“ – What is it?. connecting people. „Social Software“ – What is it?.

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Agenda l.jpg

  • What is „Social Software“?

  • Weblogs and search engines

  • Wikis and handshakes

  • Summary

Social software what is it5 l.jpg
„Social Software“ – What is it?

  • support the inter-human communication, interaction and collaboration

  • mostly self-organising

  • assist in developing and improving social networks and communities

Social software what is it6 l.jpg
„Social Software“ – What is it?

  • Wikis

  • Weblogs

  • Webforums

  • instant messengers

  • email, mailing lists

  • groupware Lotus Notes, MS Exchange

  • collaborative editors MoonEdit, Gobby

  • Contact traders Orkut, LinkedIn, Friendster, OpenBC

  • collect and categorise flickr,, CiteULike, Rollyo

Software with communication weblogs blogs l.jpg
Software with communication- Weblogs (Blogs)

  • combination of the words 'web' and 'log', also called 'blog'

  • display frequently added articles at the top

  • older articles are available in an archive

  • often devoted to special subjects(e.g. for "Social Software"

Software with communication directory services l.jpg
Software with communication- directory services

  • aggregation of services to categorize content

  • search in categories and content of other users.

  • communication and integration of different services with and among each other. (Mashup Matrix)

Software with communication directory services rollyo l.jpg
Software with communication- directory services - Rollyo

  • customised search engine

  • allows users to take up to 25 URL's and create their own search tool – called „Searchroll“s

  • searchrolls could be edited or modified at any time

  • powered by Yahoo


Software with communication directory services rollyo10 l.jpg
Software with communication- directory services - Rollyo

  • Advantages

    • tagging of searchrolls for better retrieval

    • only those sites that you know and trust are searched for information

  • Disadvantages

    • other important pages might not be listed

    • search is limited to a specific part of a web domain/specific site

Software with communication wikis l.jpg
Software with communication- wikis

  • „wikiwiki“ (Hawaiian) means „quick“.

  • content management system which is easy to operate

  • complex collections of text could be organised and cross linked

  • when saving everything is instantly visible to others

  • everybody may edit a wiki page if it's configured for anonymous editing

Software with communication wikipedia l.jpg
Software with communication- Wikipedia

  • Wikipedia is based on MediaWiki

  • new articles and modifications are rated and possibly declined by a team of moderators

  • partly or completely vandalised texts are restored using the integrated version control system

  • similar articles are joined

  • irrelevant pages are deleted

Software with communication ai wiki l.jpg
Software with communication- AI-Wiki

  • communication platform for students of our course

  • contains supplementary information to provided scripts

    • notes from the lectures

    • summaries

  • preparation for examination

Six handshakes six degrees of separation l.jpg
Six handshakes - Six Degrees of Separation

  • studies indicated how many "handshakes" are needed to connect two arbitrary people.

  • six "handshakes" are needed in average

  • social networks like openBC or LinkedIn are based on these perceptions.

  • possible adaptation to technical networks. (WPSixDeg)

Conclusion16 l.jpg

The internet

as it exists today

wouldn't be what is is

without Social Software.