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Michael Brady Canadian Forest Service Land Cover Implementation Plan & Project Office Inauguration Meeting, Jena, 2-4 March 2004

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GOFC-GOLD Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Michael Brady Canadian Forest Service Land Cover Implementation Plan & Project Office Inauguration Meeting, Jena, 2-4 March 2004. GOFC-GOLD Acronym. Global Observation of Forest Cover (GOFC) + Global Observation of Landcover Dynamics (GOLD) = GOFC-GOLD. Background to GOFC-GOLD.

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Presentation Transcript

Michael BradyCanadian Forest Service

Land Cover Implementation Plan & Project Office Inauguration Meeting,

Jena, 2-4 March 2004

gofc gold acronym

Global Observation of Forest Cover (GOFC)


Global Observation of Landcover Dynamics (GOLD)



background to gofc gold
Background to GOFC-GOLD
  • Developed originally under the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) initially as a pilot to test the concept of an Integrated Global Observing System (IGOS):
    • To improve use of Earth Observation data to address major problems of global concern
    • To improve coordination of national programs
    • To improve co-operation between providers and users of Earth Observation data for regional and global applications
  • Has become one of the Panels of the Global Terrestrial Observing System GTOS (FAO GTOS Secretariat)
    • Helping to address the Carbon Theme of the IGOS Partners
who are the igos partners
Who are the IGOS Partners?
  • Sponsors of the Global Observing Systems
  • Global Observing Systems
    • (GCOS, GOOS, GTOS)
  • Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)
  • International Geosphere - Biosphere Programme (IGBP)
  • World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
  • International Group of Funding Agencies (IGFA)
uncertainties concerning forest monitoring
Uncertainties Concerning Forest Monitoring
  • Different definitions and protocols between and within countries
  • Very varying national capabilities to monitor forests and land cover
  • Remote sensing data are often unavailable
    • Costs
    • Satellite acquisition strategies
  • Internationally published results yield uncertain results
  • No current commitment for many key products and services
what is gofc gold
What is GOFC-GOLD?
  • A strategy to bring the Earth’s forests under continuous observation
  • A vision to share data, information and knowledge, leading to informed action
  • A coordinated program of activities to ensure that earth observation and other data is used effectively for global monitoring of terrestrial resources
  • A network of participants implementing coordinated demonstration and operational projects
  • An international organization of space agencies and end users working together
the gofc gold mission
The GOFC-GOLD Mission
  • A coordinated international effort to supply space-based and in situ forest and land cover observations
  • The aim of GOFC-GOLD is to obtain an accurate, reliable and quantitative understanding of global change processes
gofc gold as a catalyst bringing the parts together
GOFC-GOLD as a catalyst:bringing the parts together

catalyst (noun): 2. an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

gofc gold organization
GOFC-GOLD Organization
  • GOFC-GOLD consists of 5 elements:
    • Scientific and Technical Board (STB)
    • Implementation Teams
    • Regional Networks
    • Project Office
    • Executive Committee
the organization of gofc
The Organization of GOFC

Implementation Teams, Activities and Projects

* Fire Monitoring and Mapping……..

* Cover Characteristics and Changes..

* Biophysical Parameters……………

Scientific and Technology Board

Regional Activities

and Networks

Collaborations e.g. WGISS and WGCV

scientific and technical board executive committee
Scientific and Technical Board & Executive Committee
  • GOFC-GOLD is coordinated by a Scientific and Technical Board and Executive Committee made up of leading experts in forest and land cover monitoring
  • The board is chaired by Dr. John Townshend and vice-chaired by Dr. Alan Belward
land cover implementation team goals and objectives
Land Cover Implementation TeamGoals and Objectives
  • Improve access to remote sensing data
  • Improve pre-processing of remotely sensed data
  • Improve global land cover products
  • Evaluate and validate global land cover products
  • Demonstrate Land cover change monitoring
  • Prototype coupled remote sensing - in situ systems
  • Program topics include:
    • Forest cover and carbon
    • Ecosystem Assessment
    • Forest resource assessment and management
land cover it workshops
Land Cover IT Workshops
  • Regional Networks for Implementation of the GOFC Project in theTropics Washington, D.C., March 15-17, 1999
  • Southeast Asia Regional GOFC Planning MeetingBogor, Indonesia, January 31 - February 2, 2000
  • Atelier de création du réseau GOFC - OSFAC en Afrique Centrale Libreville, Gabon, February 22-24, 2000
  • Miombo GOFCMaputo, Mozambique, July 20-22, 2000
  • Southeast Asia Regional Network, SEARIN formation meeting Manilla, Philippines, 2001
  • Regional Science workshop and conference Chiang Mai Thailand, 2001
  • GOFC Regional Workshop on Remote Sensing of Forest Cover in Northwestern Russia and Fennoscandia, June 25-27, 2001 - hosted by INENCO Center of RAS, St. Petersburg
  • Land Cover Implementation Team Workshop, 12 March 2003, Toulouse, France
  • CEOS Calval Land Cover Validation Workshop,Boston, 2-5 February 2004
fire implementation team goals and objectives
Fire Implementation TeamGoals and Objectives
  • Increase Awareness of Fire Observations
  • Establish a Geostationary Global Fire Network
  • Secure Operational Polar Orbiters with fire monitoring capability
  • Develop a set of standard fire danger models suited for global and regional application
  • Develop fire emissions product suites
  • Determine product and reporting accuracies
  • Establish user oriented products and facilitate data access
  • Promote new fire observation technologies and fire related research
fire it workshops
Fire IT Workshops
  • GOFC Fire Coordination Workshop – JRC Ispra (1999)
  • S Africa Miombo/GOFC Fire Workshop – Matopos (1999)
  • SAFNET Burned Area Validation Protocols. Zambia (2000)
  • SAFNET Fire Planning Meeting, Gaberone, Botswana, July 2002
  • Southeast Asia GOFC Fire Workshop – Tokyo (2001)
  • WGISS TF GOFC Workshops – Bangkok/ Tokyo (2000/2001)
  • GOFC presentation / discussion – EARSEL / Paris (2001)
  • GOFC Fire Validation Workshop – Lisbon, Portugal (July ‘01)
  • GOFC SEARIN Fire Validation Workshop, Thailand (Jan 02)
  • GOFC/GOLD SEARIN Fire Validation Workshop, Tokyo (Jan 03)
  • GOFC/GOLD Fire Presentation / discussions – SIVAM/ Manaos, Brazil (Mar 02)
  • GOFC/GOLD – IGAC/BIBEX Workshop on Fire Emissions Models – Maryland, USA (July 02)
  • GOFC/GOLD – I BFRA Joint Meeting Forest Cover and Fire – Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, (July 02)
  • GOFC/GOLD Fire presentation and discussion – SELPER/Cochabamba, Bolivia, (Nov 02)
  • GOFC/GOLD LBA Fire Validation Workshop, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (April 03)
  • GOFC/EARSeL Joint Workshop on Fire Danger Estimation, Ghent, Belgium (June 2003)
  • Far East Fire Network Workshop w. World Bank, USFS – Khabarovsk, Russia (Sept 03)
  • SAFNet Workshop, Kruger Park, South Africa (Sept 03)
  • GOFC/GOLD Fire Presentation, Sydney, Australia, (Oct 03)
  • GOFC/GOLD ACRSP Joint Workshop – Freemantle, Australia (Oct 04)

Annual GOFC-Fire Meeting

forest biophysical processes goals and objectives
Forest Biophysical ProcessesGoals and Objectives
  • Objective: provide ready access to global and regional biophysical products (e.g., LAI, FPAR, NPP) which are calibrated, validated, and documented
  • Clients: TCO, IGOS-P carbon theme; earth systems scientists; ultimately, national and international policy makers
  • Status: currently the least advanced GOFC-GOLD component, although there are many ongoing initiatives in this area
regional networks improved dialogue between data providers and users
Regional Networks(improved dialogue between data providers and users)
  • Provide guidance on regional needs and capabilities
  • Build on existing science networks
  • Linked closely to national mapping and monitoring activities
  • Foster lateral transfer of technology and experience
  • Intended to provide transition to operational continuity
  • Current network initiatives
    • SEARRIN - South East Asia
    • OSFAC - Central Africa
    • Miombo - Southern Africa
    • SAFNET – Southern Africa
    • NEARIN – Fennoscandia and Russia
    • Siberia East Asia - (NEESPI under development)
    • Latin America (under discussion)

GOFC-GOLD Regionalized Network


  • Regional cal / val sites for detailed studies
  • Existing regional forest cover
  • Overlaid on single source land cover map
  • National forest cover moving to regional harmonized
  • Single system for information sharing
  • ISS Sites

Data Acquisition:

  • Landsat, Spot VGT, MODIS

Data Acq.




Data, Models


Data, Cal/val; training




ISS Nodes

Prod. Ctr

In place


Progress Towards Goals

(Green indicates substantive progress; tan equals partial

progress; and yellow means no progress yet)


Progress Towards Goals

(Green indicates substantive progress; tan equals partial

progress; and yellow means no progress yet)


Progress Towards Goals

(Green indicates substantive progress; tan equals partial

progress; and yellow means no progress yet)


Progress Towards Goals

(Green indicates substantive progress; tan equals partial

progress; and yellow means no progress yet)

project office
Project Office

Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton, CANADA

  • Supported by the Canadian Forest Service and Canadian Space Agency
  • Acts as panel secretariat. Staff includes Executive Director, administrative assistant, research associate, other professional and technical support as needed.
  • Supports the Executive Committee and STB
  • Provides external communications/user outreach
  • Supports international participation in GOFC/GOLD meetings
  • Maintains the GOFC/GOLD website and publications
  • Manages project office budget
  • Facilitates access to regional and global data sets
  • Coordinates / promotes Canadian contributions to GOFC-GOLD
canada s contributions
Canada’s Contributions
  • Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EOSD)
    • Fine resolution land cover mapping
    • Change
    • Biomass
  • Canada Land Cover Initiative (CLCI)
  • Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (CWFIS)
    • Fire danger and behavior observations
  • Fire Monitoring, Mapping and Modeling System (Fire M3)
  • Global Fire Danger Rating System Project (GFDRS)
  • GOFC-GOLD produced a number of brochures, CDs and other communications pieces
  • meetings are available on the GOFC-GOLD website (
  • The GOFC-GOLD Fire Implementation Team also maintains a website at
  • Regional network websites:
    • SEARRIN:
    • SEAGOFC:
    • OFSAC:
    • Miombo Network:
    • SAFNet:
  • Effort now underway to reorganize and re-issue GOFC-GOLD reports and documents for public distribution
  • Publication list to date includes 14 documents (from 1997)
  • Now locating original text and designing standard cover and numbering system

Natural Resources Canada

Canadian Forest Service

Ressources naturelles Canada

Service canadian des forêts

Michael Brady

Executive Director

Natural Resources Canada

Northern Forestry Centre

Canadian Forest Service

5320 – 122 Street

Edmonton, Alberta T6H 3S5


tel.: (+1) 780-435-7210

fax: (+1) 780-435-7359

email: [email protected]