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Energy Saving for Hotels PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Energy Saving for Hotels. ‘Simply Good Business’. About Contained Energy. Energy Architects: Providing Better Energy Solutions Renewable Energy Cleaner Energy Cheaper Energy Less Energy. About Contained Energy. Projects:

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Energy Saving for Hotels

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Energy saving for hotels l.jpg

Energy Saving for Hotels

‘Simply Good Business’

About contained energy l.jpg

About Contained Energy

  • Energy Architects: Providing Better Energy Solutions

  • Renewable Energy

  • Cleaner Energy

  • Cheaper Energy

  • Less Energy

About contained energy3 l.jpg

About Contained Energy

  • Projects:

  • Solar Thermal Hot Water Installation at Discovery Kartika Plaza (400 m2, 600-700 kWh/day)

  • Heat Pump Installations, Laundry Steam Generator and Steam System Renovation for Sofitel Seminyak Hotel

  • Heat Pump Installation for Sofitel Villas

  • Heat Pump Installations and Laundry Steam Generator for Aston Benoa (in progress)

  • Complete energy/water systems for remote resorts

  • 100 kW solar systems for 18 clinics and schools on 12 Micronesia Islands

  • Numerous Solar/Wind Installations for schools, small houses, clinics in Aceh, Yogya, Bangka, NTT

  • Solar Ice-Maker for Marathon Oil CSR Project

  • Security Lighting for Mines, Factories

  • Solar Systems for Villas in Bali, including first 100% off-grid villa in Bali

Overview l.jpg


  • In General:

    • Motivations for Energy Saving

    • Measuring, monitoring, analyzing, communicating

  • Energy Saving Opportunities

    • Lights

    • Rooms AC

    • Refrigeration & Chillers

    • Motors

    • Hot water

      • Solar Water Heating

      • Heat Pumps

    • Transportation

In general motivations l.jpg

In General: Motivations

  • Motivations may vary:

    • Saving money?

    • Saving the planet?

    • Looking ‘green’?

  • Actually, the most valid motivation is ‘improving the business’: research shows companies with good energy policies simply do better overall, very much like companies that have good HRD policies simply do better.

  • This is an important and universal truth!

In general approaches l.jpg

In General: Approaches

  • Energy saving is an attitude that pervades through ALL levels of operations and involves all levels of management, staff, guests, even suppliers, all the time

  • There is no one-single-solution or magic wand. It involves awareness, willingness, understanding, motivation, communication and rewards

  • It pays to have a ‘champion’ of energy saving who constantly motivates and reminds people, researches opportunities and communicates results.

  • Make it live: Measure and express in ‘Carbon Emissions Prevented’ or even ‘Trees Planted’

In general starting l.jpg

In General: Starting

  • Chillers

  • Room lights

  • Public area lights

  • Fridges

  • Kitchens

  • Pumps

  • Hot Water

  • Garden lights

  • Transportation

  • Energy saving starts with measuring and collecting data on current energy usage and costs, to establish the base-line against which improvements and savings are measured… and maintained…

Some literature l.jpg

Some Literature

  • Guidebook on Energy Efficiency for Hotels in Indonesia (Pelangi)

  • Saving Energy Dollars for Hotels (Canada)

  • Boosting Restaurant Profits with Energy Efficiency (USA)

  • Making permanent savings through Active Energy Efficiency (Schneider)

(available on request)

Measuring and monitoring l.jpg

Measuring and Monitoring

  • Starts with a walk-through to ‘design’ a formal audit:

    • Determine energy user groups

    • Count lights, AC’s motors, pumps, chillers, fridges, etc.

    • Determine measuring points and monitoring methods

    • Report and recommendations, INCLUDING communication strategies

Measuring and monitoring12 l.jpg

Measuring and Monitoring

  • Good systems available with easy-to-install (wireless) sensors, linking to central ‘dashboard’

Energy saving opportunities l.jpg

Energy Saving Opportunities

  • Lighting

  • Room AC’s

  • Refrigeration

  • Motors and Pumps

  • Hot Water

  • Transportation

Saving energy on lighting l.jpg

Saving Energy on Lighting

  • LED Lights

  • CFL Lights

  • 50-80% Savings

Saving energy on lighting15 l.jpg

Saving Energy on Lighting

Saving Energy on ‘normal’ fluorescent lights in offices, kitchens, back-of-house…

Starts the lights at full power, then ‘dials back’ to 70%

Can save up to 30%

Saving energy on lighting16 l.jpg

Saving Energy on Lighting

  • Use energy-efficient “T5” fluorescent tubes in standard “T8” fixtures

  • Saves up to 47%

Room ac controls l.jpg

Room AC Controls

  • Controls AC fan-coil based on occupancy of room

  • Senses occupancy

  • Senses open doors

  • Wireless, installs in 20 minutes per room

  • 25-40% savings possible

  • No disruption of guest comfort

  • Bit more sophisticated than ‘Ving’ key card, but same principle

Energy eye ac controls l.jpg

“Energy Eye” AC Controls

Energy eye energy savings l.jpg

“Energy Eye” Energy Savings

F b refrigeration l.jpg

F&B Refrigeration

  • Refrigeration

    • Variable Speed Compressors (inverter-type)

    • Retrofit Motor Controllers

    • Use ‘food simulation’ thermostat

    • Thermal Energy Storage to avoid peak hours, with Phase Change Materials (1 m3 of this materials can store 50 kWh ‘cooling’)

    • Cases with 45% savings reported

Thermal energy storage l.jpg

Thermal Energy Storage

  • Stores ‘cooling’ produced in off-peak hours for use during peak hours

  • Small: from room fridges to walk-in freezers

  • Big: From 45 to 500 “TonHours” cooling per module for chiller systems

Motors for pumps lifts etc l.jpg

Motors for Pumps, Lifts, etc.

  • Variable Speed (or Frequency) Drives adjust the amount of energy send to the motor according to the actual load

  • Most suited for motors with variable loads

  • 10-20% energy reductionspossible

Hot water solar heat l.jpg

Hot Water: Solar Heat

  • FREE energy from the sun

  • Return-on-Investment can be as low as 24 months

Hot water heat pumps l.jpg

Hot Water: Heat Pumps

  • Basically a ‘reversed’ chiller, a Heat Pump “harvests” and “concentrates” heat from ambient air (or from water) into hot water

  • 1 kWh electrical energy input produces 3-4 kWh thermal energy output PLUS 2-3 kWh of cooling, giving a COP of up to 7 if the cooling effect can be used.

  • Return-on-Investment can be as low as 18 months

Hot water heat pumps25 l.jpg

Hot Water: Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are renewable energy machines and are considered ‘clean’ energy.

They use electricity but very little and they save a LOT of money on ‘dirty’ fuel

Simple retrofits


Transportation l.jpg


  • Staff transportation counts

  • Guest transportation counts

  • Supplies transportation counts

  • Think:

    • Bus Pooling (using recycled vegetable oil?)

    • Electrical motor bikes (solar charged?)

    • Electrical cars and busses (solar charged?)

Notes l.jpg


  • Contained Energy is initiating a ‘waste vegetable oil’ recycling program. We will collect your waste oil and either supply bio-diesel back, or pay you for the liters supplied. We will guarantee proper processing.

  • We are also initiating a ‘solar electric bike’ lease/purchase program, for your staff (-rewards) and for rental to your guests.

A bit of perspective l.jpg

A bit of perspective:

  • (4/26/2010) reports that the provincial government of Bali will soon require tourism enterprises to draw at least 10% of their energy requirements from alternative sources. Included among alternative energy sources are solar power, wind power and water power.The new rules requiring tourism companies to source alternative power supplies will form part of a forthcoming decree by Bali's governor.The new regulations are expected to be introduced in 2011 as part of Bali's commitment to create a "green island" that preserves and protects the environment.

Slide29 l.jpg

  • If, or when, this transition will start taking place, applying 10% Renewable Energy will be much easier and less costly if energy usage is known, understood and minimized… Be prepared!

Summary l.jpg


  • Measure, monitor, audit, analyze….

  • Many possibilities and opportunities to save energy, some with excellent return-on-investment

  • Each hotel will be different and different solutions will apply

  • Transitions HAVE to be made

  • Talk to the ‘Energy Architects’…..

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Thank You

Pieter de Vries

Contained Energy Bali

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