Iranian and united states history
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Iranian and United States History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Iranian and United States History. Starts in 1953, Then again in 1979 Leading up to Present Day 2012. U.S. - Iranian Relations!. Iranian -President Ahmadinejad. President Bush. Pres. Bush the devil!. Called him Evil!. U.S. & Iran have NOT had diplomatic relations since 1979?.

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Iranian and United States History

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Iranian and United States History

Starts in 1953,

Then again in 1979

Leading up to Present Day


U.S. - Iranian Relations!

Iranian -President Ahmadinejad

President Bush

Pres. Bush the devil!

Called him Evil!

U.S. & Iran have NOT had diplomatic relations since 1979?

Why did the U.S cut off relations during the1979 Iranian Revolution?

Because Iranians had taken over the American Embassy in Tehran!

Fifty-two US citizens were held hostage for 444 days from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, after a group of Islamic students and militants took over the Embassy of the United States in support of the Iranian Revolution.

The Iranian’s were protesting against their King, the Shah!

Most Iranian’s knew the U.S. & Britain had put the Shah into power 26 years earlier.

The Shah was seen as an American ‘puppet” government.

Persepolis reading start’s with this protest!

Why did the revolutions attack the U.S.? The revolution was against their King the Shah!

The revolutionist wanted to overthrow the Shah and bring a democracy to Iran!

Shah was an ally to the U.S….

The Shah was corrupt & rigged elections…

New Religious leader after 1979- Ayatollah

President Jimmy Carter during the Iranian revolution

The Shah (Reza ) that the U.S had supported for 26 years!

Religious fundamentalist took over the revolution and created a theocracy instead of a democracy!

Iran became a theocracy, the Ayatollah is the “supreme leader”!

The Ayatollah is in power for life & the most important leader in the country.

There are elections for the President of Iran, but you must be part of the “ruling party” and selected by the Ayatollahs.

The Theocracy is still in power…Ayatollah & Pres. Ahmadinejad rule over the country.

Now that we know how the Theocracy began in Iran…

Why did the U.s. even get involved in Iran in 1953?

Why did we put the “Shah” in Power?

Do we have the right to install a leader in another country?

The U.S & British did not like the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953?

CIA & British sponsored coup against the Iranian leader - Mossadegh

Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1951

What did Mossadegh do to upset America & Britain?

In 1951, Mosaddegh nationalized the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company- today’s BP gas.

Even though AIOC was “highly profitable,” “its Iranian workers were poorly paid and lived in squalid conditions.

Britain owned 51% of the company, Iranian’s wanted control of their resources.

Once the U.S. removed Mossadegh, they placed the Shah in power in Iran.

The CIA & British put Shah Reza Pahlavi in power.

Shah Pahlavi ruled as an authoritarian monarch for the next 26 years, until he was overthrown in a popular revolt in 1979.

Ok, Let’s come back to 2012

Has anything improved between the U.s. and Iran?

Today relations aren’t any better!

West says developing weapons…

Iranians say developing energy..

However; many Iranians have protested against Ahmadinejad’s 2009 re-election!

After 30 years of rule in Iran, the Theocracy faces the Green Revolution!

2009 Protests against the disputed victory of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Twitter Revolution”- social organizations were used for organization of the protests.

Much like the “Arab Spring” Iranians are calling for more democracy in their country!

What do Iranian’s think of American’s today?

Excerpt from Kinzer article: ““We are so happy to see American people in Iran,” a woman in Kirman, beaming with joy, told the group I traveled with. “We know they say very bad things about us there, but we like Americans so much.”


Jon Stewart Clips

Images of Photos of Iran before the revolution

Video: what do Iranians think of Americans?

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