teaching mathematics with an interactive whiteboard and web sites
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Teaching Mathematics with an Interactive Whiteboard and Web Sites

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Teaching Mathematics with an Interactive Whiteboard and Web Sites - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teaching Mathematics with an Interactive Whiteboard and Web Sites. Betsy Sparks, Christian Academy of Knoxville http://www.betsysparks.com. Teaching Mathematics with Interactive Whiteboards and Web Sites. Introduction to Interactive Whiteboards

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teaching mathematics with an interactive whiteboard and web sites

Teaching Mathematics with an Interactive Whiteboard and Web Sites

Betsy Sparks, Christian Academy of Knoxville


teaching mathematics with interactive whiteboards and web sites
Teaching Mathematics with Interactive Whiteboards and Web Sites
  • Introduction to Interactive Whiteboards
  • Utilizing the Internet to make Classroom Information available
  • Free resources on the web to engage students and make lessons real

(Moodle, Fling the Teacher from Content Generator, Geogebra, Visual Calculus and others)


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how to poll free
How to Poll Free
  • http://www.pollanywhere.com
  • Up to 30 students at a time
  • Paid subscriptions allow for more students
  • Create mathematical questions where students use their cell phones or computers to respond
  • Make sure students have an unlimited text plan before using
interactive whiteboards
Interactive Whiteboards


  • Anything written in class can be saved and uploaded to a web site for later viewing
  • Students can view the web site for notes and problems worked in class at a later time
  • Students can write on the board and utilize interactive applications by touch
interactive applications
Interactive Applications
  • Types of Boards
  • Smartboards, Promethean Boards, Interactive Whiteboards made by various vendors
  • Software has applications for making interactive presentations with timed matching activities
  • Free Powerpoint applications for Jeopardy, Who wants to be a Millionaire, etc.
making your own web site
Making Your Own Web Site
  • Making your own web site is possible with free Google sites
  • Google sites are limited as to the types of content that can be posted, but it is an excellent free way to start
  • Powerpoints and notes can be posted to web site as well an any other pertinant information
  • Betsy Sparks\' Web Site
interactive content
Interactive Content
  • Gamescreatedthrough flash templates
  • Content Generator
  • Fling the Teacheris a free templatewhicheasilyallowsyou to create math questions
  • Use as a stand aloneswf file or post to your web site
  • IncorporateintoMoodle and monitor students’ progress
  • Unit Circle Values - Fling the Teacher
  • http://www.geogebra.org/cms/
  • Dynamic worksheets
  • Can be used for Pre-Algebra through Calculus
  • Free software
  • Calculus Worksheet with Geogebra



Moodle is an alternative to proprietary commercial online learning solutions, and is distributed for free under the GNU General Public License.












Text Pages



Moodle is essentially an administrative platform that provides course pages that can be populated with…
  • Labels
  • Web Pages
  • Links to Resources
  • Surveys
  • Blogs
  • and much more!!



Course Management Features - Modules


Used to assign online or offline tasks; learners can submit tasks in any file format (e.g. MS Office, PDF, image, a/v etc.).

ChatAllows real-time synchronous communication by learners.

ChoiceInstructors create a question and a numberof choices for learners; results are postedfor learners to view. Use this module todo quick surveys on subject matter.


Teachers can enter a description of the assignment andset how many points it is worth.

Allows the teacher and/or students to build, display and search a bank of record entries about any conceivable topic.




Course Management Features - Modules


Threaded discussion boards for asynchronous group exchange on shared subject matter. Participation in forums can be an integral part of the learning experience, helping students define and evolve their understanding of subject matter.

Students are able to communicate amongst each other with the discussion board.




Learner Management Features - Calendar

Keeping a calendar of events is important to both the learner and course instructor. Events can be created for different categories, including:

Upcoming Events appear on the course homepage, alerting the learner across all courses they are enrolled in of different category events. Alerts are color-coded by category.

Global events that appear in all courses (system admin).

Course events set by an instructor.

Group events set by instructor relative only to a group.

User events set by learner (e.g. due dates, personal etc.).




Learner Management Features - Logs

Monitor when and what course resources the learner has accessed. Moodle\'s Logs provide detailed learner activity.

Logs can be accessed from the“Reports” section.

Logs pin-point when actions are done. Easily locate specific course, student, date and module activity access.