overview of the battlespace environments institute
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Overview of the Battlespace Environments Institute

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Overview of the Battlespace Environments Institute - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of the Battlespace Environments Institute. Rick Allard Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center, MS. Institute Overview. The Battlespace Environments Institute (BEI) will: .

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overview of the battlespace environments institute

Overview of the Battlespace Environments Institute

Rick Allard

Naval Research Laboratory

Stennis Space Center, MS

4th ESMF Community Meeting

institute overview
Institute Overview

The Battlespace Environments Institute (BEI) will:

  • Facilitate the integration of Earth and space modeling capabilities into a seamless, whole-earth common modeling infrastructure allowing the inter-service development of multiple, mission-specific environmental simulations. (GOAL)
  • Support battlefield decisions, improve interoperability, reduce operating costs, streamline the transition of cutting-edge environmental technologies from research into DoD operations. (GOAL)
  • Use the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) as an “enabling technology” to develop the whole-earth system. Bring in DoD as a partner to the ESMF. Transition non-DoD ESMF applications to DoD. (STRATEGY)
  • Foster wider collaborations between DoD, multiple government agencies, academia and industry.

4th ESMF Community Meeting

bei management framework
BEI Management Framework

4th ESMF Community Meeting

institute technical framework
Institute Technical Framework
  • Technical Teams:
    • Army (ERDC): Groundwater, riverine
    • Air Force (AFWA): Space weather, WRF
    • Navy (NRL-SSC): Ocean dynamics (waves, currents, ice), coupling
    • Navy (NRL-MRY) Atmospheric modeling, enhancements and coupling
    • NCAR: ESMF Core Team, unstructured grids, WRF, new capabilities for DoD

4th ESMF Community Meeting

bei board of directors
BEI Board of Directors
  • Dr. Cray Henry (Director, HPCMP)
  • Dr. Eric Hartwig (NRL ADOR)
  • Dr. Ed Gough (CNMOC TD)
  • Mr. Mike Howland (AFWA TD)
  • Mr. Al Kellie (NCAR)
  • Dr. Tom Richardson (ERDC)

4th ESMF Community Meeting




4th ESMF Community Meeting


NRL SSC Role in the Battlespace Environments Institute

Project Overview

  • Build ESMF interfaces within existing scalable ocean models (HYCOM, NCOM, SWAN and ADCIRC)
  • Provide the necessary components for applications with atmospheric, ocean, ice, and riverine models.
  • Develop coupled applications to support operational Navy:
    • HYCOM-CICE (ocean, ice)
    • SWAN-ADCIRC (wave, circulation)
    • ADCIRC-WASH123D (circulation, riverine, watershed)
    • COAMPS-NCOM (atmosphere, ocean)

4th ESMF Community Meeting

nrl ssc progress to date
NRL-SSC Progress to Date
  • NCOM: Level 4 compliance by Sep ‘05
  • HYCOM: Level 4 compliance by Sep ‘05
  • Begin work with ESMF version of CICE
  • Integrated Software Development Plan Underway

FY06 Plans

  • Alpha, Beta Testing of HYCOM-CICE
  • Attain Level 4 ESMF Compliance with ADCIRC, SWAN

4th ESMF Community Meeting

hycom validation
HYCOM Validation

4th ESMF Community Meeting

global hycom coupling with cice
Global HYCOM Coupling With CICE
  • CICE will run on HYCOM grid which will ease coupling between ocean and ice models
  • Sensitivity runs are currently underway for validation at coarser resolution (~35 km)
  • Coupling will be done in fully-coupled mode using ESMF (coordinated with BEI institute)
  • HYCOM Arctic grid resolution ~3.5 km (for 1/12 degree global HYCOM planned for FY07 transition to NAVOCEANO)

NRL MRY Role in the Battlespace Environments Institute

Project Overview

  • Build ESMF and WRF interfaces within COAMPS to facilitate:
    • Model Additions/Exchanges
    • Data Exchanges
    • Physical parameterization exchanges (leveraged w/SPAWAR funding)
  • Prototype two-way coupling suggests:
    • Improved atmospheric boundary layer prediction
    • Improved ocean boundary layer prediction
  • Successfully implemented ESMF into NOGAPS/POP two-way coupled system
  • Convert COAMPS atmospheric model and flux coupler to ESMF architecture

4th ESMF Community Meeting

nrl mry fy06 plans
NRL-MRY FY06 Plans
  • Annual Goal: (NRL-MRY, NRL-SSC) Develop coupled COAMPS-NCOM application.
  • Test flux coupler to work with both COAMPS and NCOM modeling systems. Identify environmental data (e.g., sea surface temperature) that will be exchanged between models. Coupled system will be tested on multiple HPC platforms. System should demonstrate both one- and two-way capability.
  • Measures of success (metrics)
  • Successful Alpha test of coupled COAMPS-NCOM by 4QFY06. Coordinate with Mission Support Center (San Diego) in regards to planned FY07 transition to operations.

4th ESMF Community Meeting

afwa progress to date
AFWA Progress to Date
  • Contracts being awarded for space wx tasking
    • Develop scalable versions of HAF, GAIM models using ESMF infrastructure
  • FY06: Software Acceptance Testing of scalable HAF, GAIM
    • WRF parallel benchmarks available to community

4th ESMF Community Meeting

erdc progress to date
ERDC Progress to Date
  • Begin coding work with WASH123D model; coordinate with NRL-SSC on development of coupled application using ADCIRC or NCOM
    • ESMF Unstructured grid support needed


  • Annual Goal: Develop coupler between WASH123D and [ADCIRC or NCOM]. Identify environmental fields to be exchanged (e.g., river discharge, currents, tide levels) between models
  • Measures of success (metrics)
  • Successful testing of WASH123D with stub ocean model using coupler.

4th ESMF Community Meeting

guidelines for application development
Guidelines for application development
  • ESMF does not mandate how components interact.
  • Need to define and implement the rules (standards) a component must follow to be part of the DoD whole-earth system.
  • Goal is NOT to require that all components from space to underground run at the same time as one system.
  • Instead, each organization uses the same whole-earth system (software and standards) to run the components of interest to them.
  • Once we have ESMF-compliant components we will prototype the whole-earth system across limited domains (e.g. littoral or air-ocean)
  • The prototypes will be immediately useful, but the goal is to gain the experience necessary to design and build a comprehensive whole-earth system.

4th ESMF Community Meeting

ncar progress to date
NCAR Progress to Date
  • Grant between NRL/NCAR signed June 2005 (hooray!)
  • 2 members of ESMF core team covered full-time
  • Recruitment effort underway for UCAR Visiting Scientist (unstructured grids)
  • The ESMF Core Team worked on the development of ESMF Version 2.2.0, released in July, 2005. This public release includes:

·Performance optimization for communications where multiple fields are transferred

·Reworked makefiles designed to be easier to maintain and port to new architectures

·Bug fixes, including problems with redistribution and halo methods in concurrent components (needed by Steve Lowder, NRL MRY contractor, among others)

4th ESMF Community Meeting

bei timeline
BEI Timeline
  • BOD 2nd Site Visit Aug 3rd (Stennis)
  • Supercomputing ’05 Nov ‘05(Seattle)
  • Integrated Modeling Session at Fall AGU
  • BEI Review 2nd Q FY06 (NCAR ?)
  • HPCMP UGC June ’06 (Denver)
  • BOD 3rd Site Visit (TBD)

4th ESMF Community Meeting

Questions ?

4th ESMF Community Meeting