Nalc 2003 seminar
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NALC 2003 Seminar. Prepared By: C/LTC EJ Smith C/MAJ Michael Louer C/CPT Nathan Serena C/CPT Joe Walker C/CPT Mike Arnone. Cadet Creed. I am an ARMY Cadet. Soon I will take an oath and become an Army Officer committed to DEFENDING the values which make this Nation great.

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Nalc 2003 seminar

NALC 2003 Seminar

Prepared By:

C/LTC EJ Smith

C/MAJ Michael Louer

C/CPT Nathan Serena

C/CPT Joe Walker

C/CPT Mike Arnone

Cadet creed
Cadet Creed

I am an ARMY Cadet.

Soon I will take an oath and become an Army Officer committed to DEFENDING the values which make this Nation great.

HONOR is my touchstone.

I understand MISSION first and PEOPLE always.

I am the PAST, the spirit of those WARRIORS who have made the final sacrifice.

I am the PRESENT, the scholar and apprentice soldier enhancing my skills in the science of warfare and the art of leadership.

But above all I am FUTURE, the future WARRIOR LEADER of the United States Army. May God give me the compassion and judgment to lead and the gallantry in battle to WIN.



  • Camp Breakdown

  • Arrival at the National Advanced Leadership Camp

  • Evaluation Process


  • Army Physical Fitness Test

  • Garrison Life

  • Platoon Streamers

  • Admin Training

  • Land Navigation

  • Squad Situational Tactical Exercises

  • Patrolling

  • Field Life

  • Cadet Professional Development Training

  • Closing Remarks

Camp breakdown
Camp Breakdown

  • Phase 1: In-processing, Physical, APFT

  • Phase 2: FLRC, confidence course, BRM, Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire

  • Phase 3: Land Navigation, NBC, Audie Murphy course, CWST

  • Phase 4: Squad STX

  • Phase 5: Patrolling Ops, Out-processing

Arrival at nalc
Arrival at NALC

  • Stick to the packing list, you have to carry your baggage (non-essentials will be confiscated)

  • Military Liaison will be available at baggage claim

  • Be ready to take charge right away

  • Orders/paperwork (multiple copies)

  • Arrive with a positive attitude

  • PX Privileges

Evaluation process
Evaluation Process

  • Peer Evaluations

  • What Platoon TACs are looking for

  • What STX TACs are looking for

  • What Patrol TACs are looking for

  • Yellow cards – track every little detail

  • Be prepared for constructive criticism – don’t take things personally


  • Recondo Requirements

    • 270 PT score with at least a 90 in each event

    • Execute all Training events (first time go)

    • Combat water survival test

    • Land Nav

    • BRM

    • Squad STX

    • Leadership Dimensions and the area of Values

  • Successfully complete camp without a performance waiver.  Medical waivers are acceptable.


  • First Impression

  • Be in the best shape you can be in prior to camp

  • PT standards (pushup & sit-ups)

  • Run  - Get to front of starting line (you'll run faster on this course)

  • Platoon PT

Garrison life
Garrison Life

  • Barracks Maintenance

  • Orders process

  • Change of Command

  • Chow – be on time, do not skip meals

  • PT

  • Squad development

Garrison life cont
Garrison Life Cont.

  • Barracks maintenance will be majority of activity during downtime

  • Company command positions require a lot of time and preparation

  • Latrine Usage (30 males, 10 females)

  • Drill & Ceremony / Cadence

  • Be flexible and understanding - every plan will change at least twice

  • Be a team player

Platoon streamers
Platoon Streamers

  • Most Training Events

    • Land Nav

    • Hand Grenade

    • BRM

    • Barracks Maintenance

    • Audie Murphy

    • APFT

    • Confidence course

    • Automatic weapons

    • Call for Fire

  • Platoon with most streamers gets honor platoon which goes on camp CER

Admin training
Admin Training

  • Field Leadership Reaction Course

  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical

  • Basic Rifle Marksmanship

  • Combat Water Survival Training

  • Individual Hand Grenade Training

  • Audie Murphy Course

  • Confidence course

  • Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire


  • Develop individual leadership skills

  • Promote teamwork within squad

  • Evaluated on ability to problem solve under pressure


  • Familiarization with NBC Equipment

  • Don and wear NBC gear

  • MOPP-4 Assault Course

  • Experience the gas chamber


  • M-16 familiarization

  • Zero

  • Qualify on the range (23 out of 40 to pass)

Cwst swim test
CWST / Swim Test

  • Basic water survival techniques

  • 25-meter swim

  • Use uniform as flotation device

  • Platform dive

Individual hand grenade training
Individual Hand Grenade Training

  • Identify types of grenades

    • Characteristics, uses

  • Employ a live hand grenade

  • Timed hand grenade assault course

  • “Are you ready for the BIG BOOM?”

Audie murphy course
Audie Murphy Course

  • Individual Tactical Training

    • Individual movement techniques

  • Negotiate demanding obstacle course

Confidence course
Confidence Course

  • Designed to challenge

    • Physical endurance

    • Personal courage

  • Work both individual and in groups to complete each obstacle

Automatic weapons indirect fire
Automatic Weapons / Indirect Fire

  • Have fun with it

  • Follow directions and enforce safety

  • Practice call for fire in garrison

Land navigation
Land Navigation

  • Practice with your squad in garrison

  • Written test

  • Practical Test - very important to pass first time

  • Attack points vs. Dead reckoning

  • Trust your pace count

  • Be careful of cadet super highways

Squad stx
Squad STX

  • Don’t stress, you’re not expected to know everything about tactics

  • Stay calm

  • When in charge, take charge

  • Develop SOP’s in Garrison

  • Know battle drills 1-5, and how to properly conduct a recon and an ambush

Squad stx variable lanes
Squad STX – Variable Lanes

  • The variable lanes are not hard – use common sense

  • You’ll know who the high-speed cadets in your squad are - make use of them

  • Utilize foreign language speaking cadets

  • Be cordial with the Press/reporters, but do not waste time with them

  • Stay Calm!

Patrolling highlights
Patrolling Highlights

  • Every cadet will have a graded leadership position

  • Four days of continuous tactical operations

    • Mission/Movement/Follow-On Mission

    • Little sleep

    • AO is rather large…you will be constantly on the move with all of your gear

  • TACs are not your garrison TACs

Patrolling specifics
Patrolling Specifics

  • Two squads are combined to form a section

    • Patrol Leader (PL)

    • Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)

    • Team Leaders

  • Two TACs

    • One officer and one NCO

Mission types
Mission Types

  • Reconnaissance

  • Link up with allies

  • Accept the surrender of an enemy/defector

  • Ambush

  • Raid

  • Coordinated attack with allies

Between missions
Between Missions

  • Patrol Base Activities

    • Priorities of Work:

      • Establish Security

      • Alert Plans

      • Withdrawal Plans

      • Maintenance Plans

      • Sanitation and Hygiene Plans

      • Mess Plan

      • Water Plan

  • Expect sniper fire and indirect fire

  • Be prepared to relocate your patrol base frequently

Field life
Field Life

  • No shelter halves: poncho liners & spooning

  • No shower for up to five days, bring baby wipes

  • Buy insect repellent, mosquito hood

  • Bring multiple pairs of socks, change them often & use Goldbond


  • Advice on CTLT

    • What to bring

    • What to expect

    • How to get involved

    • Challenges

  • Other Training

  • How to pick-up CPDT Slots at NALC

    • Be aggressive!

Closing remarks
Closing Remarks

  • Be familiar with technical/tactical areas as much as possible

  • Be a team player - Your platoon depends on you as much as you depend on them

  • Be in the best physical shape you can be prior to arriving

  • A positive attitude will play a major role in your success

Nalc 2003 seminar1

NALC 2003 Seminar

Prepared By:

C/LTC EJ Smith

C/MAJ Michael Louer

C/CPT Nathan Serena

C/CPT Joe Walker

C/CPT Mike Arnone