Unit 9 teaching speaking
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Unit 9. Teaching Speaking PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 9. Teaching Speaking. Clips from Youtube. Baby. Children. Q: What phenomenon can you observe from the 3 clips?. That’s right! They are speaking!. Reasons for teaching English speaking. Provide rehearsal speaking opportunities Give them feedback Activate their English.

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Unit 9. Teaching Speaking

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Unit 9. Teaching Speaking

Clips from Youtube



Q: What phenomenon can you observe from the 3 clips?

That’s right! They are speaking!

Reasons for teaching English speaking

  • Provide rehearsal speaking opportunities

  • Give them feedback

  • Activate their English

Speaking sequences

  • Photographic competition

  • Role-play

  • Portrait interview

Photographic competition

  • Role of student: judges of photography

  • Process:

  • Purpose: students can activate the knowledge they know to discuss


  • Roles of student: roles of situations

  • Process:

  • Purpose:

  • A chance of real-life rehearsal

  • Express themselves freely

Portrait interview

Role of student: roles in a picture


Purpose: activate their knowledge


  • Buzz groups

  • Opposing groups

More Speaking Suggestions

  • Information-gap activities

  • Telling stories

  • Favorite objects

  • Meeting and greeting

Information Gap

Telling Stories (Favorite objects)(Famous people)

  • Personal experience:

    “Show & Tell”

  • Use “when, what, where, why, who, and how” to describe

  • Plus: Clip 1

    Clip 2

More Speaking Suggestions

  • Surveys

  • Famous people

  • Student presentations

  • Balloon debate (Moral dilemmas)

  • Correcting Speaking

  • What Teachers do during a speaking activity

  • Q: How will you correct your students’ pronunciation or grammar errors during speaking activities?

Gender Correction

Gender Correction

1. Discussstudents’ mistakes with the class

2. Write their mistakes on the board

3. Show their mistakes individually to the students concerned

Not to single students out for particular criticism!

Exercise 3. Yes or No

Section 1. Animals

Rule: There are four animals here. Students have to guess what animals they are by describing them in English.

Teachers could simply say “Yes” or “No” to students.


  • Provoke “speaking –as-a-skill”

  • Content

  • Correcting Errors

  • Quantity vs. Quality

  • You are impatient ,and you feel unhappy.

  • You want to take a vacation.

  • You don’t have enough sleep, because you have to many things to do.

  • Because you are always busy in a whole day, so you don’t have a good mood.

  • You are busy at work, and your boyfriend or girlfriend would complain about it.

  • You have too many things to worry about, so it’s time for you to calm down and think about it.

  • You have too many things to do , and now you should make a plan to do them step by step.

  • If you are single, you would meet new friends and someone you like.

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