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Team B5 Digital Community Project. Daniel Flynn, Curtis McClusick, Danielle Nitopi, Conroy Saldanha, Cory Turolis. Milestones. Model City City Choice Needs Analysis Technology Needed Financial Sources Presentation Final Paper. Finding A Model City. Anaheim, California

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Team B5 Digital Community Project

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Team b5 digital community project

Team B5Digital Community Project

Daniel Flynn, Curtis McClusick, Danielle Nitopi, Conroy Saldanha, Cory Turolis



Model City

City Choice

Needs Analysis

Technology Needed

Financial Sources


Final Paper

Finding a model city

Finding A Model City

  • Anaheim, California

  • Fifty square miles within city limits

  • Population of 245,000

  • Demographics

    • 46% Hispanic

    • 36% Caucasian

    • 28% Other

Goals of anaheim

Goals of Anaheim

  • Provide low cost, reliable internet access to citizens of Anaheim

  • Have indoor coverage rates over 90%

Anaheim s implementation

Anaheim’s Implementation

  • Technology

    • Wifi Mesh System deployed by EarthLink

  • Role of City

    • Allow access to light poles

    • Oversaw Implementation and Support

  • Funding

    • Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative

    • $21.95 a month fee or shorter sessions

    • Other companies contributed funds

Lewistown pa

Lewistown, PA

Lewistown pa1

Lewistown, PA

  • Why Lewistown?

    • Smaller City

    • Limited Resources

    • Population Decline

    • Increase Tourism

    • Help citizens save money

  • 61 miles NW of Harrisburg

  • Population 9,000

  • 97% Caucasian

  • Over 21% is below the poverty line

    • Median household income was $21,568

What are lewistown s needs

What are Lewistown’s Needs?

  • Increase Marketability of the Town for the Real Estate Market

  • Tourism increases could attract those visiting Penn State

  • Increase Lewistown’s visibility

  • Help public schools with Internet costs



  • We had to consider many different types of technology for Lewistown

  • We considered:

    • Geography

    • Price

    • Ease of Use

    • Distance Reach

Wi fi mesh network

Wi-Fi Mesh Network

  • Pros

    • Already popular with consumers

    • Cheapest option

    • No new infrastructure

    • Self-Healing Network

  • Cons

    • Lower Security

    • Problem’s with reaching indoors

Diagram of wi fi mesh network

Diagram of Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Wimax network

WiMax Network

  • Pros

    • Even distribution of bandwidth by user

    • Very stable network

    • Far Distances

    • Higher Speeds

  • Cons

    • Need a specific network card

    • Needs Tower

Wimax network diagram

WiMax Network Diagram

Fiber optics

Fiber Optics

  • Pros

    • Fastest Connection Speed

    • Very Reliable

    • Can be implemented for any number of users

  • Cons

    • Cost!

    • Hard to install and repair

    • Services like FIOS have been causing fires

What we chose

What we chose

  • We chose a Wi-Fi Mesh Network

    • We felt it was the best for Lewistown because:

      • Price

      • Ease of Installation

      • Self-Healing ability

      • Fits the distance

  • Most proven technology

    • Already implemented in other cities

    • Already used in many homes

Cash conundrum

Cash Conundrum

  • Where are we going to get the capital?

  • What options do we have?

    • Large Company

    • Private Investors or Private Companies

    • Federal Grants or Loans

    • Local Taxes

  • What are the pros and cons of each?

Uncle sam

Uncle Sam!

  • The US Government has many agencies that give grants and low interest loans

    • Pros

      • Free Money

      • No required advertisements

      • Doesn’t hurt to try

      • Doesn’t require raising taxes

    • Cons

      • May have deadlines

      • Hard to receive, especially for a small town

      • Money could be withdrawn mid-project

Private investors and companies

Private Investors and Companies

  • Companies may be willing to put money towards our project

    • Pros

      • Funding more free from stipulations

      • Possibly more money

      • Doesn’t require raising taxes

    • Cons

      • Most likely will require advertisements

      • Could still have restrictions

      • Being tied to a company

Large corporation

Large Corporation

  • Such as EarthLink

    • Pros

      • They have experience and money

      • Help to advertise the city

    • Cons

      • Have not been reliable

      • Linked to a company

      • May have less control

Local government

Local Government

  • Increasing Taxes in Lewistown

    • Pros

      • Would be self-sufficient

      • Money would be mostly free from stipulations

    • Cons

      • Not all would use

      • People do not like raised taxes

      • Would have negative publicity

      • Hard to sell to citizens

What we chose1

What we Chose

  • Apply for Federal Grants and Loans

  • Look for a private partner or company

    • Does not raise taxes

    • Has minimal advertisements

    • Can help with advertising the network and city

  • Hopefully diminish or lower user costs

  • If schools use the system charge them a small fee for use

Challenges that f ace lewistown

Challenges that Face Lewistown

  • Getting the Public Interested

  • Finding Funding

    • Small Town for Grants

    • May be hard to find Partnership

  • Telling the world about the system

  • Staying the course

Challenges that we faced

Challenges that we Faced

  • Doing work at the meetings

  • Having little experience with this Technology

  • Finding Funding models and Costs

  • Conroy leaving Early



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