Western oregon university s pre service middle school mathematics focus
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Western Oregon University's Pre-Service Middle School Mathematics Focus. Laurie Burton & Rachel Harrington TOTOM 2010. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION. Shared Foundations. First Math 211-212-213 12 quarter credits 3 hours of “lecture” & 2 hours of “lab. Shared Foundations.

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Western oregon university s pre service middle school mathematics focus

Western Oregon University's Pre-Service Middle School Mathematics Focus

Laurie Burton &

Rachel Harrington

TOTOM 2010

Shared foundations

Shared Foundations

FirstMath 211-212-213

12 quarter credits

3 hours of “lecture” &2 hours of “lab

Shared foundations1

Shared Foundations

Math 396 Elementary Problem Solving

3 quarter credits

2 hours twice a week

Non math middle school teachers

Non-Math Middle School Teachers

211, 212, 213 & 396 (15)

Math 111 or 392—College Algebra for Elementary Teachers (3 or 4)

One more math ed class

Math middle school teachers

Math Middle School Teachers

211, 212, 213 & 396 (15)

College Algebra (3 or 4)

Five more 3 credit math ed classesThese meet two hours twice a week

Math middle school teachers five math ed classes

Math Middle School TeachersFive math ed classes

393: Prob/Stats for Teachers

398: Discrete for Teachers

492/592: Abstract Algebra for MS

494/594: Geometry for MS

495/595: Calculus for MS

Math middle school teachers1

Math Middle School Teachers

400/500 level classes meet late so inservice teachers can attend

500 level classes apply toward MSinEd coursework

See wou.edu/math for details

Course descriptions and materials


Elementary problem solving

Elementary Problem Solving

Mathematical problem solving, techniques and materials helpful in improving student problem solving abilities, mentoring of elementary and middle school students in problem solving processes.

Elementary problem solving materials

Elementary Problem SolvingMaterials

Crossing the River with Dogs, Keypress

Coursepack for problem solving

Math Forum mentoring via Drexel University

College algebra for teachers

College Algebra for Teachers

Enhancement of algebraic skills via problem solving and the visual representation and use of algebraic methods. Integer arrays, algebraic patterns, linear equations, quadratic equations, and graphing

College algebra for teachers materials

College Algebra for TeachersMaterials

Visual Algebra Coursepack (free download at the Math Learning Center (link)

Google Burton Math Learning Center

Black and Red Tiles & Algebra Pieces (available Math Learning Center)

Probability and statistics for teachers

Probability and Statistics for Teachers

Using basic elements of probability and mathematics statistics to solve problems involving the organization, description and interpretation of data. Concrete applications will be explored.

Probability and statistics for teachers materials

Probability and Statistics for TeachersMaterials

Workshop Statistics (text)

Fathom Software

Class meets in computer lab

Discrete math for teachers

Discrete Math for Teachers

Explores topics in discrete math including set theory, enumeration and graph theory. Techniques in enumeration include the multiplication rule, combinations and permutations. Topics in graph theory include coloring, the traveling salesman problem and spanning trees.

Discrete math for teachers materials

Discrete Math for Teachers Materials


Contact: Klay [email protected]

Abstract algebra for ms

Abstract Algebra for MS

An introduction to abstract mathematics as a structured mathematical systems. This course will explore number sets and properties, and beginning group theory with concrete applications for the elementary and middle school classroom.

Abstract algebra for ms materials

Abstract Algebra for MS Materials

Coursepack 2.0 version 1.0-Burton

Contact: Cheryl [email protected]

Geometry for middle school

Geometry for Middle School

Selected topics in informal geometry through the use of discovery and technology. The studies in how students learn geometry will be used in the development of geometric ideas.

Geometry for middle school materials

Geometry for Middle School Materials

Coursepack 3.0 version 2.0-Kruczek, version 1.0-Fung

Geometer’s Sketchpad SoftwareClass meets half time in computer lab

Contact: Laurie [email protected]

Calculus for middle school

Calculus for Middle School

An introduction to the theory of functions of one real variable, the derivative and its applications to optimization, integration theory and its applications to areas and volumes, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and infinite series. A hands-on approach with applications to the middle school curriculum.

Calculus for middle school materials

Calculus for Middle School Materials

Coursepack 2.0 version 1.0-Fung

Contact: Laurie [email protected]

Middle school math praxis 0069

Middle School Math Praxis0069

Students usually do very well

One of our “best” students just emailed us to let us know he scored 200 (of 200)

After that
After that….

Two terms of mathematics pedagogy

Term 2 of 4
Term 2 (of 4)

Mini-Work Sample

Part time field experience

Coursework in Assessment and Literacy

My class

Content pedagogy i
Content Pedagogy I

  • Lesson Planning (Problem Based Lessons, Start of Year)

  • Task Analysis

  • Questioning

  • Reading Research

  • Teaching with Technology

Term 3 of 4
Term 3 (of 4)

First Teacher Work Sample

Part time field experience

Coursework in Differentiation and Classroom Management

My class

Content pedagogy ii
Content Pedagogy II

  • The Standards & Curriculum

  • Assessment (Proficiency Based)

  • Lesson Planning (Problem Based)

  • Professionalism (Journal Project, Readings)

Thanks and any questions