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Ch. 8.3 Japan: Growth of a Military Society - Strong Leaders Take Over

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Ch. 8.3 Japan: Growth of a Military Society

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Ch 8 3 japan growth of a military society

Ch. 8.3 Japan: Growth of a Military Society

Strong Leaders Take Over

Take notes

Take Notes

  • 1500’s, leaders fought to unify china

  • Oda Nobunaga traded with Portuguese and gave guns to his men

  • In 1600 Tokugaqa Ieyasu starting Tokugawa Shogunate

  • This was when all the shoguns were from the Tokugawa family

  • Later, shoguns feared Japan would become like Europe so they went into isolation

  • In 1630 Isolated from the world

  • Banned guns as to prevent peasants revolting

  • This helped extend the Samurai period until 1800

  • Helped by making sure that the Samurai kept power and couldn’t just be overthrown

Mini quiz

Who was the leader that finally won control over Japan and united the people?

How did Japan going into isolation effect its culture?

How did Japans banning of guns stabilize the social organization of the country

Mini Quiz

Based off of the tune lose yourself by eminem

Based off of the tune Lose Yourself by Eminem

Look, If you had one shot, one opportunity, to conquer all of Japan, one time, would you go for it or just drink some tea.


Yo armies ready, samurai swords are steady, you conquered a city already, other leaders are fretting

but Yo, your not nervous you look calm and ready, but other leaders are talking trash bout you already,

He’s gotten to big and you cant stop him now, but you’ve grown too proud and your addicted now, yo, he’s got political power now, you better run, Buddha wont save you now!

The end