Optics of nanostructures science technology applications sergey v gaponenko
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Optics of Nanostructures: Science, Technology, Applications Sergey V. Gaponenko PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Optics of Nanostructures: Science, Technology, Applications Sergey V. Gaponenko. Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics National Academy of Sciencs of Belarus. Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics. Established in 1992 (separated from th e Inst. Physics)

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Optics of Nanostructures: Science, Technology, Applications Sergey V. Gaponenko

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Optics of Nanostructures:Science, Technology, ApplicationsSergey V. Gaponenko

Institute of Molecular and Atomic PhysicsNational Academy of Sciencs of Belarus

Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics

Established in 1992 (separated from the Inst. Physics)

Staff: 160 total (30 Dr. of Sci, 70 Ph.D)

Research topics:

  • Plasma physics and atomic spectroscopy

  • Molecular spectroscopy

  • Photobiophysics

  • Physics of nanostructures

    12 research laboratories

    Journal of Applied Spectroscopy publisher (since 1964)

Basic Principles

  • Photonic crystal ideology

  • Quantum size effects in semiconductor nanocrystals

  • Surface enhanced optical processes

Photonic crystals

Nanoporous alumina developed at BSUIR

Anisotropic light scattering in nanoporous materialsLutich, Gaponenko, Gaponenko, Sokol, APL, 2003 in press

Quantum size effects in semiconductor nanocrystals

Light convertor for Si photodetectorsMain advantage versus organic luminophores:high photostability

Principal publications

A. Kapitonov, A. Stupak, E. Petrov, S. Gaponenko, A.Rogach, A. Eychmueller. Photoluminescence of CdTe nanocrystals in aqueous solution. J. Phys. Chem. 103, 10109 (1999).

M.Artemyev, A.Bibik, L.Gurinovich, S.Gaponenko, U.Woggon. Evolution from individual to collective electron states in a quantum dot ensemble. Phys. Rev. B 60,1504-1506 (1999)

M. Artemyev, L. Gurinovich, A. Stupak, S. Gaponenko. Luminescence of CdS Nanoparticles Doped with Mn.

Phys. stat. sol. (b) 224, 191 (2001)

Surface enhanced optical processes

Enhanced Raman scattering

Enhanced Photoluminescence

Malashkevich et al, in press

High-sensitive SERS molecular analysysGaponenko, Gaiduk, Kulakovich et al. JETP Lett. 2001,74,324.

Basic Technologies

  • Electrochemical etching

  • Colloidal chemistry

  • Sol-gel processes

  • High-energy plasma flow processes

Nanoporous aluminaBSUIR

CdSe nanocrystalsСdTenanocrystals

Gaponenko et al. Gaponenko et al. J. Appl. Phys. 1995, JETP lett. 1998

In cooperation with Belarussian Sate University

Colloidal crystalsPetrov, Bogomolov, Kalosha, Gaponenko, PRL 1998cooperation with Russian Academy of Sciencesand Inst. Powder Metallurgy

Metal colloids

High-energy plasma flow processes

  • discharge duration— 100  150 sec;

  • peak current— 50  120 kA;

  • plasma velocity— (3  7)x106 cm/sec;

  • electron density— 1016 1018 cm-3;

  • plasma temperature— 2  4 eV

Regular surface structures formed on silicon wafer


  • Novel luminophores and efficient light emitting devices

  • Spectral transformers for silicon solar cells and photodetectors

  • Ultrasensitive chemical analysis

  • Si surface processing

Optical data coding and security systems

Spectral portraits of numbers

Current projects

  • National program “Electronics”

  • National program “Nanotechnologies”

  • National program “Plasma dynamics”

  • National Basic Res. Fnd. Projects (5)

  • International INTAS projects (2 projects)

  • NATO for Peace project

  • Int. Sci. Techn. Center project

  • Volkswagen Shiftung project

  • Cooperaton agreement with Swiss Sherer Institute

  • European network of excellence “Nanophotonics”

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