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Building Russia. Who are some of the Russian leaders mentioned in Chapter 18? Why was Russia in need of reform? What was going on in Europe around 1300-1500ish?. Ivan III (The Great). Ivan IV (The Terrible) 1533-1584. Cossacks. boyars. Peter the Great Romanov Dynasty 1689-1725

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Ivan iv the terrible 1533 1584
Ivan IV (The Terrible)1533-1584



Peter the GreatRomanov Dynasty1689-1725

Think Westernization

Vision of st petersburg the window to the west
Vision of St. Petersburg:“The Window to the West”

“Russia’s Versailles” or

“City of Bones”

Westernization of russia
Westernization of Russia

Missed the Renaissance so…

  • Instituted Secular schools emphasizing math and sciences.

  • Modernized the Alphabet

    Missed the Reformation so…

  • Reorganized the Orthodox Church, being humble he made himself head of it.

Social reconstruction
Social Reconstruction

“Civil” culture

  • No more Beards

  • Court dress code

  • Smoking and Coffee

    Some reforms didn’t stick, ultimately these were more of means to spread western manners and culture.

Catherine the Great


  • Think PTG

  • Think Expansion

  • Think Selective Westernization

Westernization cont
Westernization (cont.)

Finishing the job that Peter started

  • Built hospitals, sanitation, schools

  • Addiction to building, creates layout for future cities (the “winter” palace)


  • Westernization limited to the Elite

  • 95% Of Russia remains RURAL

  • Peasants heavily taxed (PTG too)

Modernizing russia

Peter the Great

Created Russian Navy

St. Petersburg


Orthodox Church

Overall: Expansion oriented, brings idea of Western Culture to a Medieval Russia

Catherine the Great

Russia on local level

New buildings

Selective Westernizer

Overall: Worked mainly with Russia on local levels, improving what already existed

Modernizing Russia