Atotech s solutions for mlb production using advanced basematerials
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Atotech’s Solutions for MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Atotech’s Solutions for MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials. Speaker: Jaime Peraza Ordaz PMM Atotech Europe mobile: +34 606 372 364 email: [email protected] Tobias Sponholz Global Assistant Product Manager BTT PTH Mobile: +49 (0)173 - 628 64 80

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Atotech s solutions for mlb production using advanced basematerials

Atotech’s Solutions for MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials


Jaime PerazaOrdaz

PMM Atotech Europe

mobile: +34 606 372 364

email: [email protected]

Tobias Sponholz

Global Assistant Product Manager BTT PTHMobile: +49 (0)173 - 628 64 80

Email: [email protected]


Application Guide

Vertical Electroless Copper

Printoganth PV (E)

Direct Plating


Seleo CP Plus

Horizontal Electroless Copper

Printoganth P Plus





Atotech’s Solutions MLB Production using Advanced Basematerials Saint Petersburg, May 2013, JPO

Pth process overview application and pricing guide
PTH Process Overview Application and Pricing Guide

Printoganth P Plus enables highest flexibility in production mix

Printoganth P PlusFeatures & Benefits

  • Market Introduction in Sept. 2009

  • Target Application

    • Any production with advanced materials where adhesion or blistering is an issue e.g. flex, rigid-flex, PTFE, BT, PI, etc.

    • HDI and AMSAP technology

  • Technical Benefits

    • Extremely good non-blister behavior and coverage performance

    • Very good reliability

    • Easily adjustable deposit rate 0.35 – 0.5µm / 4 min

    • Enhanced bath stability

Horizontal mlb and hdi processes comparison

Printoganth P Plus is Atotech’s most capable process for HDI manufacturing

Horizontal MLB and HDI ProcessesComparison



Horizontal desmear uniplate p
Horizontal Desmear HDI manufacturingUniplate P


Permanganate Etch


  • SECURIGANTH® desmear series is the industry standard for horizontal HDI manufacturing.

  • Optimal desmear attack on a wide variety of base materials.

Horizontal activation e less cu uniplate lb
Horizontal Activation & HDI manufacturingE’less CuUniplate LB


Etch Cleaning

Pre Dip

Neoganth 800



E’less Copper

Economic activator neoganth 800 features benefits
Economic Activator Neoganth 800 HDI manufacturingFeatures & Benefits

  • New Ionic activator system for horizontal application running at only 75ppm Pd

    • Activator U = 225 ppm

  • Enables significant savings in running costs by less consumed Pd

  • Fully compatible to established Atotech conditioning system

    • easy drop in solution

  • Perfect coverage on a wide range of relevant base materials

  • Same excellent reliability results as Activator U

  • Robust & easy process

  • Wide working window

Activator 800 during Alpha site test

Printoganth P series HDI manufacturing


relative strain


Non-Blistering PerformanceTheoretical Explanation

  • Non-blistering performance is related to internal stress within deposited e’less Cu layer

  • Relevant factors for Cu deposit behavior

    • Stabilizer type & concentration

    • Stabilizer Co-deposits (e.g. Ni)

    • Deposition temperature

    • Baking after electroless Cu deposition

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurement reveals constant tensile stress with Printoganth P Plus – a type of internal stress that is beneficial for non-blistering!

Printoganth P Plus HDI manufacturingApplications

FR4 Production Board

Flex-Rigid Board

  • No Blistering due to excellent stress characteristics

  • Bright deposition color

Printoganth HDI manufacturing P Plus fulfills all reliability requirements for high-end HDI production.


  • Quick Via Pull test, 3-6 mil – all passed.

  • Solder Shock Test (6x 288°C, 10s floating) – No ICDs, passed.with THs and BMVs

  • Solder Shock Test (9x 326°C, 10s), THs & BMVs – few ICDs, ok.with THs and BMVs

  • IST (+150°C / RT @ 3’/ cool down within 2‘, max. 10% resistance increase) – 2000 cycles passed.

  • Various E-tests (daisy chains) – all passed.

Printoganth P Plus HDI manufacturingCustomer References

Vertical Electroless Copper HDI manufacturingPrintoganth PV (E)

Process Sequence HDI manufacturingActivation & E‘less Cu



Etch Cleaning

Pre Dip

Neoganth V8 (60 ppm)




E’less Copper

Activation Series Neoganth LS Plus HDI manufacturingFeatures & Benefits

  • Ionic Activator for vertical application

  • Optimal coverage at low running cost (75ppm Pd)

  • Fine & homogeneous distribution of Pd particles

  • No tooling hole issues

  • Not corrosive

  • Improved robustness, no precipitations during manual replenishment

  • Easy handling, no premixing

  • 100% compatible to established conditioning concept

Pre Dip



Activator Neoganth V8 – HDI manufacturingfull power ionic activation at low cost

Economic Activator EXPT Neoganth V8Features & Benefits

  • New ionic activator system for vertical MLB/HDI applications running at only 60 ppm Pd

    • Enables significant savings in running costs by less consumed Pd

  • Modified complexing agents

    • Ensures good coverage despite low palladium content

    • ‘Locking’ copper ions in a stable complex enhances bath lifetime

  • Less alkaline

    • Improved bath stability by reduced carbonate formation

  • Perfect coverage on a wide range of relevant base materials

  • Fully compatible to established Atotech conditioning system

    • Easy drop in solution

  • Robust & easy process

    • No additional NaOH dosing required by optimized replenishment concept

    • Wide working window

Printoganth PV HDI manufacturingvs PV EComparison


Etch Cleaning

Pre Dip

  • Identical stabilizer system

  • Same bath performance

  • Different Cu source (CuSO4, CuCl) to be more flexible in supply chain

  • PV E potentially more cost-effective due to higher concentrated Cu additive



E’less Copper

Printoganth PV (E) HDI manufacturingFeatures and Benefits

  • Versatile vertical e’less Cu process for advanced MLB/HDI applications

  • Superior adhesion on most materials including PI, PTFE, BT... due to optimal internal stress characteristics of the copper deposit:

    • No blistering

    • No pull away

  • Highly reliable process

    • Fulfills all standard reliability requirements such as SST, IST, TCT

    • No ICDs at standard conditions and only low occurrence at harsh solder shock conditions as 9x 326ºC

  • Low to high build deposit possible

    • Deposition speed 0.3 - 0.6µm in 10 min

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Tartrate based

    • Cyanide free

Printoganth PV E HDI manufacturingCoverage in Through Holes











Excellent BMV coverage despite strong HDI manufacturingglass fiber protrusion!

Printoganth PV ECoverage in Blind Micro Via

SEM picture

Printoganth PV E HDI manufacturingCoverage

standard pth process without 902 Flex Cleaner or Reduction Conditioner

Outstanding adhesion with Printoganth PV E ! HDI manufacturing

Printoganth PV ESurface Adhesion

Excellent adhesion on exposed polyimide

Printoganth PV E HDI manufacturingProduction Example – Exotic Materials

  • Korean Customer for military application

Final Product

Fe oxide powder

EPDM Rubber

Printoganth PV E fulfills HDI manufacturinghighest reliability requirements

Printoganth PV ESolder Shock Results

Alpha site test with customer production panel (Nanya NP-175TL, phenolic-cured FR4, Tg 175ºC)

Printoganth PV E HDI manufacturingSolder Shock Results

  • 6x IR reflow + 1x solder shock

  • no pull away

  • no ICD

customer internal test results, production panels (EMC EM-320, lead-free high Tg 170ºC)

  • Solder shock tests

Test at customer site with production panels (Isola E-Cu 114, dicy-cured FR4, Tg 150ºC)

Printoganth PV E and PV HDI manufacturingReferences

Printoganth PV

Printoganth PV E

status 2012-10

Printoganth PV (E) HDI manufacturing

vertical e’less Cu process for MLB/HDI applications

outstanding non-blistering performanceon any kind of base materials

highly reliable

Optimal performance in conjunction with

Securiganth BLG desmear

Neoganth LS Plus activation


Neoganth V8 Activator for lower running cost

Printoganth PV (E)Summary

Deposit structure of Printoganth PV E

Plated BMV with Printoganth PV E