Welcome fellowship training 2005
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Welcome Fellowship Training 2005. Training Team. Cyndi Lynch, Director of Fellowships and Professional Development clynch@purdue.edu 42598 Kelly Kater Fellowship Secretary kater@purdue.edu 42598 Ashlee Robertson Director of Financial Affairs ashlee@purdue.edu 41558. Communicate.

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Welcome Fellowship Training 2005

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Welcome fellowship training 2005

WelcomeFellowship Training 2005

Training team

Training Team

Cyndi Lynch,

Director of Fellowships and Professional Development

clynch@purdue.edu 42598

Kelly Kater

Fellowship Secretary

kater@purdue.edu 42598

Ashlee Robertson

Director of Financial Affairs

ashlee@purdue.edu 41558




  • Understand the difference in graduate student appointments and financial aid implications

  • Communicate changes in Graduate School Fellowship Program

  • Understand the impact of offer letters

  • Academic OfficeBusiness Office


Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Program Changes

Offer Letters


Reference material

Fellowship Manual


Reference Material

Part 1 fellowship overview

Part 1Fellowship Overview

Fellowship policies

Executive Memorandum A-199 (1961)

Addendum to A-199 (1984)

Executive Memorandum C-23 (1991)

Medical Insurance Policy (1997)

Fellowship Policies

Executive memorandum a 199

Definition of a fellowship

Conditions for acceptance

Recommended financial provisions

Policy-making responsibilities

Executive Memorandum A-199

Fellowship defined

Fellowship Defined

Free grant given to the University for the support of a graduate student in his or her study and /or research. The primary purpose of such a grant is to further the education and training of the student recipient in his or her individual capacity.

Addendum to a 199

Sets the charging/costing guidelines for fee remits for dual fellowship and assistantship appointments

Attachment 3

Addendum to A-199

Addendum a 199 con t

Students on a fellowship appointment, who hold an additional .25 FTE, are entitled to the graduate staff fee remission, as part of the compensation benefits. This is an entitlement that cannot be waived.

Addendum A-199 con’t.

Executive memorandum c 23

Monthly stipend (fellowships) andcompensation (assistantships) ranges

Salary policy is approved by the Board of Trustees and communicated to the academic units by the Dean of the Graduate School

Executive Memorandum C-23

Medical insurance policy

All fellowship awards to include a supplement for the purchase of medical insurance

When the fellowship does not provide a supplement, the department is responsible

Medical Insurance Policy

Fellowship or assistantship


Tax implications

Financial aid implications

Reference: Guidelines for Determining the Status of a Student as a Graduate Assistant or Graduate Fellow

Fellowship or Assistantship

Appointment limitations

Assistantship = 0.50 FTE

Fellowship = 0.00 FTE

Additional 0.25 FTE Grad appointment permitted

International students maximum appointment = 0.50 FTE (visa restriction)

Fellowship does not count towards this requirement

Appointment Limitations

Financial aid eligibility

Cost of education – Aid = Loan Eligibility

Aid includes scholarships, fellowships, assistantships

Financial Aid Eligibility

The estimated cost of education

The Estimated Cost of Education

(Based on survey conducted by Division of Financial Aid)

Financial aid calculations

Financial Aid Calculations

Welcome fellowship training 2005

If a student has a fellowship and an assistantship, the fellowship stipend must be included in calculating financial aid eligibility.


Special note

When registering fellows for classes, do not code fellows as assistants on the Registrar Form 23 (sections 9 and 9a)

Division of Financial Aid may be required to bill the student for disbursed loan proceeds.

Special Note:

Need based fellowships

For all financial need-based fellowships (i.e. GAANN or Javits), the student must have a FAFSA establishing financial need before the award is made.

Need-based Fellowships

Part 2 graduate school fellowships

Part 2Graduate School Fellowships

Types of fellowships


Graduate School Administered

School or Department Endowed



Types of Fellowships

Graduate school fellowships


Bilsland Dissertation






Purdue Doctoral


GS Summer Research Grants


Special Initiatives

Graduate School Fellowships

Reference: 2004-05 GS Fellowships & Guidelines (purple sheet)

Changes occurring in 2004 05

Allocation are made in dollars, not in numbers

Schools/programs set stipend level

(minimum $14,000 plus insurance & tech fee )

Changes occurring in 2004-05

Changes occurring in 2004 051

Diversity fellowships (Knox, Purdue Doctoral) are selected by the School/College

Diversity fellowships (Knox, Purdue Doctoral, and George Washington Carver) are required to complete a 500 word diversity essay

Special Initiatives fellowships are student written and submitted

Changes occurring in 2004-05

Awards selected by academic program





Purdue Doctoral


Summer Research Grants

Awards selected by Academic Program

Reference: Guide to Graduate School Awards (purple sheet)

Graduate school selected


George Washington Carver



Special Initiatives

Graduate School Selected

Reference: Guide to Graduate School Awards

Part 3 offer letters fellowship assistantship

Part 3 Offer LettersFellowship/Assistantship

Terms of appointment

Title/Type (TA/RA/Fellow)

Stipend or compensation amount

Length of appointment

Tuition & fees (how & what covered)


Terms of Appointment

Offer letter key points

Title of Appointment?

Fellowship or Assistantship

Stipend or Compensation amount?


No Taxes Withheld

Assistantship/Compensation amount

Taxes Withheld

Offer Letter – Key Points

Key points continued

Length of Appointment?

Consistent with Award

Long Term Commitment


Fellowship/stipend supplement

Assistantship/PU grad health insurance


Key Points (continued)

Key points continued1


Assistantship/Tuition Remitted


GS – tuition scholarships

Federal – tuition scholarships

Institutional commitments – tuition scholarships

Industrial – not eligible for tuition scholarship

Foundation – check with Graduate School

Key Points (continued)

Key points continued2


Dependent on Sponsor/Department

Graduate appointment fee

Technology fee

International student fee

Differential fee

Key Points (continued)

Key points continued3

Resolution of the Council of Graduate….

Cannot require acceptance prior to April 15th

Key Points (continued)

Key points continued4

Offer Letter Distribution

Dept. Business Office Graduate School

Dept. Graduate Chair Student file

ISS (if international) Others as Needed

Key Points (continued)

Key points offer letters

Use Fellowship Offer Response Form

copy the Graduate School on the responses

Academic Office and Business Office audit final list of fellows; copies Graduate School

Key Points – Offer Letters

Fellowship resources

Fellowship Manual

HBCU, HSI, Tribal college report

Funding web pagehttp://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/funding/

Fellows web pagehttp://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/funding/fellows.cfm

Fellows recognitionhttp://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/funding/indextemp.cfm

Fellowship Resources

Fellowship resources1

Other resources needed?

email fellowships@purdue.edu

Fellowship Resources



Cyndi Lynch,

Director of Fellowships and Professional Development

clynch@purdue.edu 42598

Kelly Kater

Fellowship Secretary

kater@purdue.edu 42598

Ashlee Robertson

Director of Financial Affairs

ashlee@purdue.edu 41558

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