Yesenia saucedo melissa zarate cynthia onofre daisy macias film studies
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Yesenia Saucedo Melissa Zarate Cynthia Onofre Daisy Macias Film Studies. Film Basics. Based on Margaret Mitchell's historical novel Gone with the Wind that was published on June 30, 1936 (United States) 1939 American historical epic film Genre: Melodrama Director: Victor Fleming

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Yesenia Saucedo Melissa Zarate Cynthia Onofre Daisy Macias Film Studies

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Yesenia Saucedo Melissa ZarateCynthia OnofreDaisy MaciasFilm Studies

Film Basics

Based on Margaret Mitchell's historical novel Gone with the Wind that was published on June 30, 1936 (United States)

1939 American historical epic film

Genre: Melodrama

Director: Victor Fleming

Producer: David O. Selznick

Screenplay: Sidney Howard

Selznick International Pictures

Atlanta, Georgia December 15, 1939

Film Basics continued…

  • As the civil war emerges, the beautiful Scarlett O’ Hara, whom is admired by most men has her heart broken on the arrival of the news that Ashley Hamilton (the man she loves) is getting married to his cousin Melanie. At Twelve Oaks, an interesting relationship is formed as Rhett Butler lays eyes on Scarlett for the first time. Although Scarlett is not the marriage type, she continues to provoke Ashley and get him to marry her instead. Meanwhile, Rhett gives Scarlett a taste of her own medicine while attempting to obtain her attention and earn her heart.

Critical Reception…

  • Nominations:

    -1940:Oscar Award

    -2009: Satellite Award -Best Classic

    -Best Music

    -Best Sound

  • Won:

    • Oscar Award

    • Irving G.T Halberg Award

    • 1939: NYFCC -Best Actress (New York Film Critics Circle Awards)

Critical Reception Cont…

  • 1939: Medal of Honor

  • 1940: Technical Achievement Award

  • NBR Award (National Board Top Ten Films of Review)

  • 1989: National Film Registry

  • 1989: People’s Choice Award -Favorite All-Time Motion Picture

  • 2009: Satellite Best Overall DVD

  • Won 6 others for Best Director, Adapted, Screenplay, Film Editing, Art Direction, Cinematography Color

  • * 70% rated it as a 5 star and 71% recommended by people

1939 Best Picture

Stylistic Importance .

Producer Selznick was determined to make the color of the film have an impact in the characters emotions.

The shadows in the movies make the scenes more persuasive.

The light was also very important because it was one of the first films to have color. The way the color of the movie was filmed by, made the audiences understand why things occur in the film.

Won the Oscar for Best Cinematography.

Amazing visual examples of Technicolor.

Stylistic Importance…

  • Crane Shots: The cameras used in this technique are used to capture the emotion and suspense of the scene. It makes it easier to film every single element in one run.

More Stylistic Importance…

  • Long Shots: They show the full body of the characters and connects them to their surroundings. It gives the audience a view of the relationship of the characters and the background.

Fun Facts

-Gone With The Wind' is the 34th best selling book of all time.

-There were more people in that section in Atlanta during the premier than there were at the height of the Civil War, when the soldiers were defending the city.

-'Gone With The Wind' stayed the #1 best selling book in America for 2 whole years (1936-1937)

-For the premier in Atlanta on December 15, 1939, the governor of Georgia declared a state holiday. Ticket prices for the premier were going 40 times the usual rate. 

-If ticket prices are adjusted for inflation, this is the highest grossing film of all time. 

-None of the scenes were actually filmed in the south, except for a few of the opening credits.

Fun Facts Cont…

-This is the longest movie ever to win a Best Picture Award, being almost 4 hours long. 

-If the number of total admissions are calculated, this is the most popular movie of all time. 

-Judy Garland, more commonly known as Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz,' was going to play Suellen, Scarlett's sister, until she was wanted for Dorothy. 

-1,400 candidates were interviewed for the part of Scarlett, and only 90 were given screen tests.

-GWTW was an instant success. 50,000 copies a day were sold in the early months, and 1,000,000 copies were sold in less than half a year. No less than 250,000 copies per year have been sold since publication. 

-David Selznick used all 7 Technicolor cameras in existence for the filming of GWTW.

Historical Info…

This film was based on a time period in Atlanta, Georgia while it was filmed in Hollywood.

It's based on the civil war, but the film is very unique in a way due to it not showing any battles.

Gone with the wind did give many opportunities to African Americans when there wasn't that many.

Slavery was not shown much.

The effect of the war on people was really shown.


Scarlett O’Hara - Played by Vivien Leigh

Rhett Butler - Played by Clark Gable

Ashley Wilkes - Played by Leslie Howard

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes - Played by Olivia de Havilland

Mammy - Played by Hattie McDaniel

Gerald O’Hara - Played by Thomas Mitchell

Ellen O’Hara - Played by Barbara O’Neil

Bonnie Blue Butler - Played by Cammie King

Famous Quote….

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