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Promoting North Florida. Who We Are. The Artists Alliance of North Florida a non-profit 501[c]3 educational organization Founded 2002. Promoting a Regional IDENTITY through local ASSETS & BUSINESSES. Overview. The Artists Alliance is working to develop a sustainable regional economy

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Who we are
Who We Are

The Artists Alliance

of North Florida

a non-profit 501[c]3 educational organization

Founded 2002

Promoting a Regional


through local



  • The Artists Alliance is working to develop a sustainable regional economy

  • Our strategy is to partner with local organizations and communities

  • Through our website, events, community development and partnerships we portray and promote North Florida as a unique region of the world

  • The Artists Alliance has worked with SAC and supported BAGG since its inception; we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership

We partner with communities and local organizations to build regional awareness.

The Heart of Florida will connect Gainesville and Ocala through the small towns and rural areas in Alachua and Marion Counties. Communities will retain their own autonomy while cooperating for sustainable business and asset-based tourism.

MISSION regional awareness.

  • Building a Sustainable Creative Economy in thirty counties of North Florida.

  • To bring greater prosperity to our region, improve quality of life, preserve our unique natural environment, and maintain the authenticity of our diverse cultural heritage.

Strengthening communities
Strengthening Communities regional awareness.

  • We work in partnership with small towns, citizen groups and organizations to allow communities to tell their own stories, define their own priorities, and get to know one another as we build a unified region that can command its own future.

Preserving our natural resources
Preserving Our Natural Resources regional awareness.

  • It is our goal that we come to understand that our environment is a sustainable economic asset if cared for a preserved rather than being developed for short term profit.

Building prosperity
Building Prosperity regional awareness.

  • Building an asset-based economy is viable, sustainable, and cannot be transferred to any other place in the global economy.

  • Our FLORIDA’S EDEN SOURCE showcases the talent and creativity of our region’s people and businesses.

Educating the future
Educating the Future regional awareness.

  • Place-based education is at the root of our ARTT Program (Artists Reaching Through Teaching) which matches local naturalists and creatives with core curriculum teachers in middles school classrooms.

Introducing the florida s eden source
Introducing the Florida’s Eden SOURCE regional awareness.

  • Online Directory to North Florida

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Full Page per Member Entry

  • Special Organizational Pricing and Benefits

People find businesses online
People Find Businesses Online regional awareness.

  • Recent data provided to the Market Gainesville Partnership shows that:

  • Residents of Gainesville are FIVE TIMES more likely than the national average to find a local business through a web search

Finding an entry is as easy as using the searchbox on your organization s web site
Finding an Entry is as Easy regional awareness. as Using the Searchbox on Your Organization’s Web Site

Or search google or other search engines
Or Search GOOGLE regional awareness. or other search engines

Bagg membership
BAGG Membership regional awareness.

  • A Basic Search on BAGG’s website will bring up BAGG members only

  • Links to Advanced Search will allow for a broader search in Alachua County and throughout North Florida

  • People searching the database from other sites will automatically pull up BAGG members listed in the database

Advanced search offers more options
Advanced Search Offers regional awareness. More Options

Search by category
Search by Category regional awareness.

Member pages
Member Pages Category

  • The Following Slides show a sample member page

  • Each member can list contact information; location; additional info; services offered; educational opportunities and links to any other locations on the web

  • Images can be placed on your page, complete with captions

Image gallery
Image Gallery Category

  • The SHOWCASE section of a member page can include a wide variety of images to highlight different products, services, or offerings provided

  • Each image can include a caption, and a link to any other web page

  • The Florida’s Eden website showcases images and links to people and businesses listed in the Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Member admin online
Member Admin Online Category

Easy to fill out online form; information can be updated at any time

Select and upload images
Select and Upload Images Category

• Automatic Image Sizing• Click to View Full Size• Captions and Links

Listings Come Up on GOOGLE Category& Link Directly to Member Listing

Built in web marketing
Built-in Web Marketing Category

  • The FLORIDA’S EDEN SOURCE has built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) worth hundreds of dollars annually

  • Use your member page as your only web presence, or,

  • Guide traffic to your other website(s) using your listing in the SOURCE

Regional marketing further enhances the value of the florida s eden source
Regional Marketing further enhances the value of the Florida’s Eden SOURCE

  • Asset-Based Tourism

  • Scenic Loops

  • Business to Business

  • Shop Local First

  • Web Site Links

  • Online and Print Articles and Promotion

Organizational pricing
Organizational Pricing Florida’s Eden SOURCE

  • One Annual Fee

  • $55.00 membership

  • Plus a fee of only $1.00 per your organization’s paid membership

Organizational benefits
Organizational Benefits Florida’s Eden SOURCE

  • Low Cost Benefit you offer your members

  • System maintenance by AAONF

  • Your members administered directly through your organization’s own online control panel

  • Regional marketing to visitors, residents and businesses

Customized web pages for your membership show your organization s logo
Customized Web Pages for Florida’s Eden SOURCEyour Membershipshow your organization’s logo

Contact us
Contact Us Florida’s Eden SOURCE

  • Stewart J. Thomas,

  • We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Promoting Regional Identity Florida’s Eden SOURCE

  • Local Business Associations

  • Asset Based Economy

  • Aware Tourism

  • Professional Development

  • Sustainable Prosperity

Assets Florida’s Eden SOURCE

  • Gainesville and Alachua County serve as natural hubs for serving North Florida

  • For some of the assets of our rural areas, enjoy the next few slides

Food and Agriculture Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Outdoor Recreation Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Unique Getaways Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Farms and Rural Heritage Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Fresh from Florida Florida’s Eden SOURCE

History and Wildlife Conservation Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Unique Climate and Landscape Florida’s Eden SOURCE

Scenic Highways Florida’s Eden SOURCE

The entrance to Historic Micanopy was nearly home to a Dollar General; now preserved by design standards established on Scenic Highway 441

Our towns are increasingly aware that they can preserve Dollar General; now preserved by design standards established on Scenic Highway 441quality of life and welcome aware visitors and host successful businesses

Home to the new Micanopy Area Chamber of Commerce Dollar General; now preserved by design standards established on Scenic Highway 441and the Micanopy Council for the Arts -- a winning combination!