The cell theory
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The Cell Theory. CELL THEORY. A theory resulting from many scientists’ observations & conclusions. CELL THEORY 1. The basic unit of life is the cell . ( Hooke ).

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The Cell Theory

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The cell theory

The Cell Theory

Cell theory


  • A theory resulting from many scientists’ observations & conclusions

Cell theory 1 the basic unit of life is the cell hooke

CELL THEORY1. The basic unit of life is thecell. (Hooke)

  • In 1665, an English scientist named Robert Hooke made an improved microscope and viewed thin slices of cork viewing plant cell walls

  • Hooke named what he saw "cells"

Cell theory 2 all living things are made of 1 or more cells

CELL THEORY2. All living things are made of1 or more cells.

  • Matthias Schleiden(botanist studying plants)

  • Theodore Schwann(zoologist studying animals) stated that all living things were made of cells



Cell theory 3 all cells divide come from old cells virchow

CELL THEORY3. All cells divide & come from oldcells. (Virchow)


Comparing cells


  • The size & shape of a cell relates to its function. (job it does)

What do all cells have in common

What do all cells have in common?

Common cell traits


  • A cell is the smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions.

Cell membrane


  • Outer covering, protective layer around ALL cells

  • For cells with cell walls,the cell membrane is inside the cell wall

  • Allows food, oxygen, & water into the cell & waste products out of the cell.



  • gelatin-like inside cell membrane

  • constantly flows

  • aka protoplasm



  • Many different types!

The cell theory


  • All cells have DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)

  • It’s the cells genetic material.

    • In other words it is what makes up the cell, and gives it the ability to reproduce.

2 types of cells

2 Types of Cells

Prokaryotic cells proh kayr ee yah tihk

Prokaryotic Cells(proh KAYR ee yah tihk)

  • No Nucleus

  • cells without membrane-bound structures

  • EX: bacteria

    pond scum

Eukaryotic cells yew kayr ee yah tihk

Eukaryotic Cells(yew KAYR ee yah tihk)

  • Has a Nucleus

  • cells with membrane-bound structures

  • EX: animals, plants, fungi and protists

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