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Project Description. Introduction. Objective  Understand how SME’s use Internet and social media for their international marketing strategies

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Project description
Project Description


  • Objective Understand how SME’s use Internet and social media for their international marketing strategies

  • We see that more and more small companies are using Internet and social media to reach international markets, for distribution, promotion, customer service, etc.

    • But is it true? Which companies? Why? How? Through which means?

  • Content analysis of websites

Project description1
Project Description

Content Analysis Process

  • Each student will be assigned to analyze 8 websites and you will be provided an Excel coding sheet to fill. You will be notified by e-mail on 9th of October.

  • In two weeks, on October 23, e-mail [email protected] all your excel sheets coded as a group (32 to 40 excel sheets)

    • Title of excel documents: Groupnumber_StudentName_Websitename

      • EX: GR1_Meier_Amazon

  • Mael will integrate these separate excel sheets into one for your group and e-mail you back on October 26.

  • As a group, you will have a gathered data (total 32-40 websites) and you conduct analyses.

    • In this process, free your mind, be creative, and curious! Ask certain questions and try to find answers to these questions in your data!

Project description2
Project Description


  • At the end, write a short report (5 pages) as a group, which includes:

    • Basic descriptives of group’s websites (frequencies, percentages)

    • Analyses, observations, and findings

    • Use your course slides, look at international marketing theories mentioned in class and make a connection to the course in explaining things

    • You are free to create your own outline. But don’t forget to have a good structure and flow in your report

    • Use Times New Roman, 12, 1.5 paragraph space

  • On December 18:

  • Email electronic version of your report to instructors and the assistant

    • Title: GR1_Report

  • Bring paper version of your reports to class

Project description3
Project Description

  • When you have questions while coding websites, before e-mailinig us:

    • Check document uploaded on the website, which provides information about content analysis questions

    • Check Q&A section on course website

  • Don’t worry, we will not use your individual responses and we will anonymize results

  • If you don’t have facebook account, you can use this account below for the project