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Sports nutrition
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SPORTS NUTRITION. Eating to Stay Healthy for the Long Run. Food=Energy But what about the prevention and treatment of so called diseases What do you think about the above statement? Why do you eat? Performance athletes?. Thinkers. How is poor nutrition and inactivity linked to obesity?

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Sports nutrition


Eating to stay healthy for the long run

Eating to Stay Healthy for the Long Run

  • Food=Energy

  • But what about the prevention and treatment of so called diseases

  • What do you think about the above statement?

  • Why do you eat? Performance athletes?



  • How is poor nutrition and inactivity linked to obesity?

  • What role does activity and nutrition play?

How to fuel muscle

How to Fuel Muscle

  • Without question carbs are the best choice

  • Fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods

  • Protein yes..but if you consume more protein then you need you will simply burn more protein as a fuel source

Why a pre exercise meal fuel before exercises

Why a Pre Exercise Meal ? Fuel Before Exercises

  • 1. Prevents hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and its symptoms of fatigue, blurred vision and light headedness – all which can interfere with performance

Sports nutrition

  • 2. Settles stomach, absorbs gastric juices and wards off hunger

Sports nutrition

  • 3. Fuels muscles as stored glycogen which enters the bloodstream

  • 4. A Fuelled body is prepared… therefore injury prevention and if injury results quicker recovery

Fuel after exercise

Fuel After Exercise

  • About a 45 minute post exercises window of opportunity to optimally nourish, repair and build muscle

  • Refuelling is beneficial in 2 ways

Fuel after exercise continued

Fuel after exercise continued

  • 1. Carbohydrate stimulates the release of insulin, a hormone that helps build muscles as well as transports carbohydrates into the muscle to replenish depleted glycogen stores

  • 2. Carbohydrates combined with some protein (approx 10-20 grams) creates better muscle refuelling and building response and it reduces cortisol, a hormone that breaks down muscle

Carbohydrate for glycogen

Carbohydrate for Glycogen

  • Carbs fuel your muscle

  • A 150 pound male has about 1800 calories of carbs stored in the liver, muscles and blood in approximately the following distributions

  • (Females less)

  • Muscle glycogen -1400 calories

  • Liver glycogen- 320 calories

  • Blood glucose- 80 calories

Sports nutrition

  • The carbohydrate in the muscles is used during exercise

  • The Carbohydrate in the liver gets released into the bloodstream to maintain normal blood glucose level and feed the brain (as well as the muscles)

  • These limited carbohydrate stores influence how long you can enjoy exercising

  • When glycogen stores are too low you hit the wall and want to stop

  • Your stores are fully depleted at 120 minutes

Sports nutrition

  • During low level activity such as walking the muscles primarily burn fat for energy

  • During light to moderate aerobic exercise such as jogging, stored fat provides 50-60% of the fuel

  • Hard exercise you rely primarily on glycogen stores

Nutrient timing

Nutrient Timing

  • Muscle tissue does break down during a hard workout

  • You can stop the breakdown by eating as soon as possible after you exercise

  • Take advantage of the 45 minute window

  • You want to manage your blood level sugars

  • Eat a balance of fat, carbs and protein

  • Combination foods are key

  • Yogurt, fruit(low GI fruits…watermelon has a higher index then blue berries), and almonds

Performance and diet food for thought

Performance and Diet: Food for Thought

  • Carbohydrate is a friendly food the enemy is excess calories from fat and not combining your foods (fat, carbs and protein)

  • Choose fibre rich foods they make you feel full longer

Sports nutrition

  • Eat enough protein so that you are not peeing it out-.6 to .7 grams of protein per pound of body weight

  • Protein shakes/bars are ok but what is the sugar content? Not all are created equal!!!

What to do now

What to do now?

  • Nutrition questions and all key terms

  • Good for unit test 3

Sports nutrition

  • Maintain your blood sugar…you want a balance and never get to the point that you feel hungry

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