Ecotech clean energy
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CLEAN COAL COMBUSTION. ecoTECH Clean Energy. Sonic Standing Wave (pulse jet) combustion unit; laboratory demonstration. Mission – Creating sustainable, ecologically sound, clean power generation facilities. Our Business. CLEAN COAL & BIO-MASS TO ELECTRICITY. How?.

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ecoTECH Clean Energy

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Ecotech clean energy


ecoTECHClean Energy

Sonic Standing Wave

(pulse jet) combustion unit; laboratory demonstration

Mission – Creating sustainable, ecologically sound, clean power generation facilities.

Our business

Our Business


Ecotech clean energy


  • By cleaning the fuel BEFORE it is burned!

    • Proprietary Technologies combine for this.

  • By using new and proven combustion systems

    • Phase conversion reactor technology

  • By using heat recovery boiler systems

    • Highly advanced heat recovery steam generation

  • By using the world’s most efficient emission control equipment.

Our history

Our History

42 Mbtu ecoPHASER sublimation reactor with vortex combustion (installed 1986)

20 years of R&D,

now commercialized and available for projects.

The Company has licensed several innovative technologies.

The advanced systems create economies of operation and lead to enhanced profitability of ecoTECHprojects.

Technology targets

Technology Targets

Advanced Emissions Mitigation System:

The World’s most efficient gas and particulate scrubber

Advanced Coolant and Steam Recycling Circuit and System:

Catonic filtration of system water . Looped water recovery circuit.

Advanced Steam to Electricity Generation System:

Co-generation utilizes latest design heat recovery steam generators

Advanced Boiler Tube Structure and Maintenance:

Biofilm (corrosion) blocking agents destroy microbial colony build-up

Tubes embedded in radiant firewall fed by radiant firebox

Advanced Power Station Structure and Architecture:

Aesthetically and Ecologically superior design.

Composite wall & roof structures with maximum heat, noise and seismic insulation.

3CR12 and 316 Stainless Steel Sub-structures.

Advanced Control Systems:

Ergonomic work stations and control room.

All systems centrally and/or remote controlled by advanced software.

Clean coal power

Clean Coal Power

A description of micronized clean coal (cws)

fuel cleansing & SSW near zero Nox combustion



Micronized Coal Fines

Coal Fuel Decontamination

Coal Water Mix (CWM) Atomizing

440 Hz Sonic Standing Wave Combustion

Combined Cycle Power Generation

Flue Gas Capture – CO2 Sequestration

Example power project

Example power project

Information on an actual project under discussion follows to illustrate typical target results and methodology

Summary of proposed power project

Summary of proposed power project

No road transportation of fuel

Slurry water recycled to fines pond, low cost, non-polluting flocculent

Fuel cleansing for efficient burn, longer equipment life

Nitrogen removal (partial) gives high oxidation burn (GGSSI)

Pulse-burn for most efficient high radiant heat to boiler firebox

Benson type once-through boiler

Microbial boiler tube corrosion inhibited

Used, refurbished & guaranteed turbines available to reduce costs

Bubble scrubber for emissions safeguard, no particulate, no bag-house

Point-to-point client power sale possible for 10 mW

Carbon Dioxide capture initiative available (GGSSI)

Source of fuel example

Source of Fuel (example)

800,000 tonnes; coal fines in settling pond,

4 kilometres from proposed generating station site,

at an altitude circa 40 metres lower than the site.

Advantages of example fuel source

Advantages of (example)Fuel Source

No road transportation; can be piped to site,

No washing or major pre-grinding required,

Tested and known component ingredients,

Friability index known,

High Calorific Value;

High Volatile Bituminous

11-12,000 BTU (6-6,500 kcal/kg);**

** = dry basis –main coal body

Fuel problems to overcome this example

Fuel Problems to Overcome(this example)

Some pockets high sulphur;

(By today's & future environmental standards)

40 metre pump head plus 1km piping.

Fuel treatment plan target synthetic clean orimulsion type cws

Fuel Treatment Plan:target = synthetic CLEAN “Orimulsion” type CWS

Crush coal to 200 mesh (74 microns) or 0.0029” in water

10 kW/hr per tonne

Micronize to 10-20 microns (fine slurry)

(Sonic cavitational deagglomeration)

(system energy use) = 5 kW/hr per tonne

Float off carbon & hydrocarbons

(Cascade Flocculation)

(system energy use) = 1 kW/hr per tonne

Precipitate contaminants & tramp fractions

(Cascade Flocculation)

Fuel treatment details crushing

Fuel Treatment Details: Crushing

Standard Crushers are used with slurried media.

Fuel treatment details micronizing the sonic reactor unit

Fuel Treatment Details: Micronizing: The Sonic Reactor Unit

Low frequency sonic technology

Low Frequency Sonic Technology

Sonication is the intense electromagnetic

vibration of a massive steel bar.

Reaction Chambers are at each end of

the bar, into which the material to be

processed is fed on a continuous basis.

For high volume industrial

applications such as rock grinding,

environmental remediation and

chemical processing.

The sonic system how it works

The Sonic System:how it works

A massive oscillating beam

A Massive Oscillating Beam

Beam Mounted Prior to Unit Assembly

Electro magnetic drive system

Electro-magneticDrive System

(3 magnet -75 kW, 104 Hz unit shown)

The 150 kW (60 Hz) unit uses 5 magnets with

non-sequential firing system.

Clean coal


Sonic micronization of crushed coal slurry is achieved via use of a proprietary high energy sonic oscillator-reactor, which tears the components of the coal apart due to its compression/cavitation de-agglomeration force cycle.

Coal media is torn apart exposing ash and contaminants for separation

Force Curve

Cavitation Bubbles

Micronized coal

Micronized Coal

A 50 micron particle

Cationic surface adsorbs methane or oil film

Clean coal1


Removal of contaminants prior to combustion drastically reduces air emission pollution potential!

Clean coal system operating costs

Clean Coal System operating costs

  • Power use; 500 kW

  • Flocculent; 60 cents per tonne, or

  • $0.003 or 0.3 cents per generated kW/hr.

  • Reject tramp fractions to cement works or dump.

Metso Cascade Flocculation System

Injection of fuel

Injection of Fuel

The resulting fuel is a 70:30 coal/water emulsified slurry finer in particulate sizes than natural Orimulsion.

It is to be injected via a high pressure Olen-Johnson nozzle into an ecoPHASER(oscillating) standing sonic wave @ 440 Hz thermal oxidation unit.

The ecoPHASERoxidizer produces very low Nox.

The level of super-stoichiometry allows for the minimum stack gas flow for given heat releases with minimum CO2 recombination.

Fuel cleanse advantages

Abrasions to boiler minimized

Longer boiler tube life

No energy losses through heating tramp components that do not contribute to energy

Less mass through thermal system for given energy = less volume in gas emissions

Major pollutants removed before firing

No heavy metals or sulphur*to volatilize and combine for emission compliance degradation.

Fuel cleanse advantages

Only combustibles to firing system

Cleaner burn

Full particulate gasification

Scrubbing costs minimized

* pyritic




Waste Management Systems (1991) Inc.

Unit 101 – 26633 Gloucester Way,

Langley, British Columbia,

Canada, V4W 3S8

tel: +1 604 755 9363 &


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