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Herbal skin refreshing face pack to treat skin rashes and black spots
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This Power Point Presentation describes about Herbal Skin Refreshing Face Pack To Treat Skin Rashes And Black Spots.

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Herbal skin refreshing face pack

Herbal Skin Refreshing Face Pack

Rashes are not particular diagnosis and they denote discoloration and inflammation in skin that changes the appearance. There are different types of rashes and the common of them are heat rash, hives, poison ivy and eczema. Infections that lead to rashes can be caused due to virus, parasites, bacteria or fungus.

Herbal skin refreshing face pack1

Herbal Skin Refreshing Face Pack

Not just rashes, black spots are also something that worries people to a great extent. These spots might be cause due to age or because of the existence of pimples or acne in the spots earlier. The relieving news to those worried about these spots affecting their beauty is that it is highly possible to treat skin rashes and black spots.

Chandra prabha ubtan

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

In addition, the treatment can be natural as well. Here comes Chandra PrabhaUbtan, which is a natural face pack that can give a refreshing feel to the skin and with regular application in addition to removing spots in the skin, it will also improve the natural glow as well.

Causes of dark spots

Causes of Dark Spots

Major causes of dark spots in face:

  • Diabetes

  • Dermatitis

  • Cancer

  • Lack of vitamin content in the body like vitamin C and B12

  • Aging

  • Excessive Sun exposure.

Causes of dark spots1

Causes of Dark Spots

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Weakness or liver problems

  • Improper care of skin

  • Stress And Smoking

  • Pregnancy or menopause

  • Hormonal shifts or genetic disorders

Chandra prabha ubtan1

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to treat skin rashes and black spots in a natural manner with the help of ayurvedic face pack that is Chandra PrabhaUbtan.

An introduction to Chandra PrabhaUbtan:

Chandra prabha ubtan2

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

This is an herbal skin refreshing face pack that can bring many positive benefits like removal of wrinkles, skin patches, acne, pimples and scars created by them.

  • It will help the users in achieving an ever-glowing, silky and soft skin.

Chandra prabha ubtan3

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

  • This remedy is also known for its anti-aging properties and so it can bring a sparkling glow and pulsating energy to the body.

  • Men and women can pamper themselves with this herbal skin refreshing face pack on a daily basis and they can re-energize their aging skin.

Chandra prabha ubtan4

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

  • So, getting beautiful is no more a tough task with this wonderful remedy available to treat skin rashes and black spots and any other skin issues. How to use this remedy?

    This herbal skin refreshing face pack should be used in different ways for treating different skin conditions.

Chandra prabha ubtan5

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

Here are some of them to know: For acne, scars, pimples and related issues:

The users will have to take just 3 to 5 grams of this face pack and should mix the same with curd or milk. It should be mixed to get the consistency of a paste.

Chandra prabha ubtan6

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

Then, this paste should be rubbed on the affected areas with fingertips in a circular motion. The same action should be repeated after few minutes. Then, the mixture should be scrubbed after 10 to 15 minutes and should then be washed with fresh water.

Chandra prabha ubtan7

Chandra PrabhaUbtan

When the above-mentioned method can be followed to treat skin rashes and black spots, for wrinkles, anti-aging, for fairness and for silky touch, it is recommended to use this herbal skin refreshing face pack with rose water.

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