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Information Knowledge Management Evolution of Bioethics Dr. Richard Van West-Charles

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Information Knowledge Management Evolution of Bioethics Dr. Richard Van West-Charles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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. . Information Knowledge Management Evolution of Bioethics Dr. Richard Van West-Charles. Evolution of Bioethics. (i) Paradigm of Traditional Medical Ethics (ii) Biomedical Ethics (iii)Public Health Ethics. Domain of Bioethics. Health is Central to Development. Definition of Health

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Information Knowledge Management

Evolution of Bioethics

Dr. Richard Van West-Charles

evolution of bioethics
Evolution of Bioethics

(i) Paradigm of Traditional Medical Ethics

(ii) Biomedical Ethics

(iii)Public Health Ethics

health is central to development
Health is Central to Development

Definition of Health

(i) WHO:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, deals with the absence of illness and disease.

(ii) IOM

Public Health is what we as a society do collectively to assure the conditions for people to be healthy.

Who’s Definition Places the Focus at the
  • Individual
  • Population level.

IOM – Focuses on the Collective

Bioethics is relevant to both definitions but the difficulty

is in the details which makes Bioethics critical as to how

we operationalise.

declaration of human rights art 25
Declaration of Human Rights (Art.:25)
  • Acknowledges right to health as a component of a standard for humans, adequate for health and well being.
  • Likewise the International Convenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights adapts health as a human right.
application of these definitions and statement highlights the importance of bioethics
Application of these Definitions and statement highlights the importance of Bioethics
  • Additionally – Road to democracy demands
  • Access to information for informed decision making.
  • Agency relationship diminishing
  • Consumer empowerment is an important Bioethical Issue
  • Rights and responsabilities – bear Ethical implications.
access to information and knowledge
Access to Information and Knowledge
  • Critical for the operational aspects of the Definitions:
  • Institutional – Individual level
  • Community – Population level
essential public health function
Essential Public Health Function
  • Monitor health status to identify Community Health Problems.
  • Diagnosing and investigating health problems and risks in community.
  • Providing information and education on health topics and empowering people.
  • Modifying the Community Associations to identify and solve health problems.
  • Divulging policies and plans to support individual and collective health.
Compliance with laws and regulations that Prptect health and assure safety.
  • Linking people with health services and guaranteeing health service delivery.
  • Guaranteeing competent human resources for public health and individual health care.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness, access to, and quality of personal and public health services.
  • Research on news approaches and innovation solutions for health problem.

Core Function – Not yet achieved or understood as a

core function

  • Process and approach needs review
  • Ethical Review Boards – Role & Responsabilities not well defined
  • Intelectual properties / Informed consent
regional programme
Regional Programme
  • Needs to heighten awareness of Bioethics as cross

cutting discipline for health and development.

  • Understanding of the relevance of Bioethics for efficient and effective health systems.
  • Build capacity among the member states.
  • Promote organizational and institutional processes for application of Bioethics.
Sensitize member states to bioethical implications of research at the global level.
  • Be a forum to access information and knowledge – VHL, etc. – Consider various means of communications.
Human Genetics / Genomics
  • Health Care Ethics
  • Research Ethics
  • Biotechnology
public health ethics
Public Health Ethics
  • Health Sector Reform
  • Resource Allocation
  • Inequities
  • Health Awareness within the Organization