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What women want ? (Brands want it also !). The 25th of November 2008 Moscow. 30th of July 2008. 1. 1. What women want ? . Table of contents. Introduction Analysis of Women Internet resources market ? Western and Russian trends Future of Women Runet. 3. Introduction.

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What women want brands want it also l.jpg

What women want ? (Brands want it also !)

The 25th of November 2008


30th of July 2008



Table of contents l.jpg
Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Analysis of Women Internet resources market ?

  • Western and Russian trends

  • Future of Women Runet


Introduction l.jpg

  • Why is it important for all of us to speak the right way to women?

    • Because if you are rude with them, your mother will beat you!

    • Because studies all over the world show that women buy or influence 80% of all consumer goods

    • Because women make 80% of the home buying decisions in the $180 to $500K

    • Because if you find the right words to speak to them, they are more likely to share their experiences with other via word-of-mouth or word-of-mouse.

Analysis of women internet resources l.jpg
Analysis of Women Internet resources

  • A community which creates powerful and efficient websites worldwide :

    • Ivillage.com : 20 Millions UV – Revenues > $100 Millions

    • Glam.com : 20 Millions UV – Revenues > $100 Millions (Forecast 2008)

    • Aufeminin.com : 20 Millions UV – Project Valuation > EUR 280 Millions

  • An attractive segment which permanently gives idea for new projects :

    • USA : Ivillage, Sugar Inc., Glam.com, Martha’s Circle, …

    • France : Aufeminin.com, Doctissimo, Hellocoton, Vioo, Terrafemina

Analysis of women internet resources6 l.jpg
Analysis of Women Internet resources

  • A female section inside a global portal or network :

    • MSN, Ladymail.ru, Yahoo, Tata.ru

  • A companion website :

    • Elle, Cosmo, Vogue, …

  • A destination website :

    • Ivillage, Glam.com, Aufeminin, WomanJournal.ru …

  • The 3 models are working fine altogether for advertisers who want to reach 100% of the female’s online audience. Efficiency may change, depending on the audience’s quality.

Western and russian trends l.jpg
Western and Russian trends

  • In the US : One of the most dynamic growth among the online communities.

  • Leading sites :

    • USA : Ivillage.com, Glam.com (network)

    • France/Europe : Aufeminin.com, Doctissimo.com, …

Western and russian trends8 l.jpg
Western and Russian trends

  • An attractive and active market :

    • NBC bought Ivillage for $600 Mio

    • Axel Springer bought Aufeminin.com for $284 Mio

    • Lagardere bought Doctissimo for $138 Mio

    • “Meredith Corp.” Invest in “Real Girls Media network” (Nov. 2008)

  • The leader wins all !

  • USA/Europe :

    • Mature market with good volume of sales (>$100Mio of sales per site in the US, >$10Mio in France per site).

    • A lot of marketing innovation and special formats for sales and packages

  • Russia : A growing market which needs to turn from quantity to quality.

Womanjournal ru focus l.jpg
WomanJournal.ru focus

  • Some key points about Womanjournal.ru :

    • Site launched in January 2006

    • October 2009 : 3.4 Mio Unique Visitors (Source Google Analytics).

    • Almost 32 Mio pageviews (source Google Analytics).

    • A constant increase of the traffic and sales.

    • Partnership with IMHO VI

Future of women runet l.jpg
Future of women Runet

  • Internet may become the “crisis-proof” media.

  • Some competitive advantages for the crisis :

    • Targeting and affinity

    • Measurement and return on investment

    • Costs

Future of women runet11 l.jpg
Future of women Runet

  • Targeting:

    • Selection of one section in the site

    • Repetition on the target

    • Reach

    • Association of the brand with the media

      The higher the quality is, the higher your efficiency is.

Future of women runet12 l.jpg
Future of women Runet

  • Tracking and measures:

    • Follow-up of the post clicks/post impressions.

    • Exact measurement of the contacts

Future of women runet13 l.jpg
Future of women Runet

  • Costs :

    • Competitive compare to TV and other media

    • A cost per contact very competitive

      The more we know our audience, the higer the CPM will be.

What women want14 l.jpg
What women want ? …

  • Even if you’ve seen the movie “What women want?” and read the books of “Venus” and “Mars”, it’s almost impossible to guess what women want at 100%. Still we have some clues :

    • They want lifestyle relevance:

      • a product must be nice AND useful. It must bring benefits.

    • They want to have the choice and be able to decide:

      • Give more white spaces on the web, and time to choose what they want.

    • They want to be seduced:

      • Make sure you take time to go through the phases of love :

        • Attraction

        • Intimacy

        • Romance

        • Passion

        • Commitment

Brands want it also l.jpg
… Brands want it also!

  • Brands are close to women in the fact that their expectations meet the women’s ones. They look for a long term relationship, with trust, commitment …

    • Loyalty : Brands want women to be loyal to them, and women want to trust the brands promise.

    • Efficiency : Brands want that their products pleased the women, and women want these products to be nice and useful.

    • Long term relationship : the Brands want to be near the women for a long time and women want to keep the same good products for a long time.

The female consumer is your wife mother sister daughter and friend l.jpg
The female consumer is your wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend

  • Womanjournal.ru offers 9 sections and 9 services covering all the needs of women :

    • Love, fashion, psychology, cooking, familly and kids, …

  • Womanjournal.ru offers on-demand special projects to answer your special needs.

  • Womanjournal.ru has 2 additional sites to cover the largest women’s audience :

    • leLuxe.ru : Fashion, Lifestyle, Wellness, Catwalks.

    • Stardoll.com Russia : to reach the youngest audience. Exclusive packages with banners and product placements.

Thanks for your attention l.jpg

Thanks for your attention ! and friend

Pierric Duthoit