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Welcome to C J Koh Law Library. Library@The Gardens 469D Bukit Timah Road Singapore 259773. A Tutorial for Exchange Students. Presented by: Zaleha Othman 13 August 2010. Outline Introduction to C J Koh Law Library - History, Collection, Services & Facilities

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Welcome to C J Koh Law Library

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Welcome to C J Koh Law Library

Library@The Gardens

469D Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 259773

A Tutorial for Exchange Students

Presented by: Zaleha Othman13 August 2010

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  • Outline

  • Introduction to C J Koh Law Library

  • - History, Collection, Services & Facilities

  • NUS Libraries Portal

  • e.g. e-forms; e-resources

  • LINC+ & myLINC

  • C J Koh Law Library Homepage

  • Legal Abbreviations & Citations

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The NUS Libraries

Chinese Library

C J Koh Law Library

Central Library

Hon Sui Sen

Memorial Library

Medical Library/Science Library

Music Library

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The NUS Libraries

  • Rich knowledge hub

  • Gateway to electronic resources

  • Place for study and research

As a student of NUS, you have access to all NUS Libraries

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C J Koh Law Library


This library was originally established in September 1957, catering primarily to the Faculty of Law at the Bukit Timah Campus.

In April 1980, the Law Library moved to new premises at Kent Ridge, occupying two floors of the Faculty of Law building.

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C J Koh Law Library


On 1st January 2001, the Law Library was renamed the C J Koh Law Library, in appreciation of Mr Koh Choon Joo’s generous donations to the library. After extensive renovations which began in July 2000, the library celebrated its official opening by the Honourable Chief Justice Yong Pung How on 27 February 2002.

Following the Government's announcement to reallocate Bukit Timah Campus to NUS on 28 May 2005, the Law Library made its historic return to its first home in August 2006.

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The C J Koh Law Library has a rich collection of local, foreign and international legal resources.

The library’s traditional strength is in the common law. Apart from a comprehensive collection of Singapore legal materials, the library also has extensive collections of legal resources from Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The library has developed collections on comparative and international law, international trade law as well as the laws of the European Community.

The library’s print collection is bolstered by subscriptions to online legal resources which are available via the NUS Libraries Portal (http://lib.nus.edu.sg/). Major databases include LexisNexis and HeinOnline.

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Legislation/Law Reports


Current Journals,Reference


Legislation/Law Reports


1st storey

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Bound Journals

Bound Journals

2nd storey

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Books, ASEAN, Chinese


3rd storey

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Services & Facilities

Self-service fines payment

Self-service check-out


PhotocopyingNetwork printing

Information &


PC cluster

PC cluster

1st storey

Note: Photocopy facilities available on all levels.

Beware © !

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Services & Facilities


Undergraduates : 20 items

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Services & Facilities


  • Note:

  • For network printing, use either Cashcard or Ezlink for payment.

  • For photocopying, although both cards can be used, for Ezlink payment,

  • please use the dedicated copiers in the Photocopy Room.

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NUS Libraries Portal

Access from NUS homepage http://www.nus.edu.sg.Select LIBRARYin the top right-hand column:

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NUS Libraries Portal


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Member Login

Member Login

To access:

  • to view your

  • Library record

  • for services

  • for online resources

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To access your loan record

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Enter your student number and Smartcard PIN

You can then access your library record

Slide20 l.jpg

If you’re not sure about your Smartcard pin, go to the NUS Website and click

on the Student Intranet:

Slide21 l.jpg

Choose the option: Retrieval of Smartcard PIN

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NUS Libraries Portal


  • View your loans

  • Renew items (2 times maximum)

  • Check if requested items are ready for pick-up

  • Check fines, if any

  • View reading history

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NUS Libraries Portal


  • Send in your requests for:

  • Change Mailing/Email Address

  • Report of a lost book

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NUS Libraries Portal


  • Access to:

  • Library catalogue

  • (LINC+ / LINC)

  • E-resources

  • Exam papers

  • ScholarBank

  • (NUS Theses

  • : from Sept 2003- )

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Library Catalogue


LINC+ is the new interface of the library catalogue and can be access via the

NUS Libraries Portal:


LINC is the old interface and can be accessed either from the Portal or directly



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LINC (Library Integrated Catalogue)

  • able to search

  • specific fields

  • can narrow your search by library (through

  • <All locations>)

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Searching LINC+ : the enhanced Library INtegrated Catalogue

  • Enter search terms (can include part of the title, author’s name or topic)

  • View search results which are sorted by relevance

  • Place holds (reservation) for books (on loan, on order or in closed stacks)

Book search

Enter the

search terms here

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Searching LINC+

  • Show … available

  • copies option

  • will display copies which are not on loan including the RBR copies

  • Show … all copies

  • will include those

  • that have been

  • borrowed

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Searching LINC+

Placing a hold

If you to reserve

the copies which

are out on loan,

click the <Request it>


You will be prompted for your membership number and library pin

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Searching LINC+

The system will respond as to whether your request is successful.

Once the book is available for you, you will be notified via email.

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Searching LINC+

Search by topic

You can do a search by topic

for e.g. law and corporate finance

Select the relevant title and view all the volumes

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Searching Books

Searching LINC+

Intra-Library Loan:

requesting a book from another NUS library

  • Take note of the

    • Location

    • Call No.

    • Status

  • This book has

  • another copy

  • that is available

  • in CL (Central Library)

  • You can request the CL’s copy to be brought over to Law Library.

  • copy and paste the record,

  • email us at cjkohlib@nus.edu.sg

  • include your full name and student ID

  • Once the book is available for you, you will be notified via email.

  • Note: Books that are in RBR, Reference and special collections cannot

  • be requested via intra-library loan

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Searching LINC+

Searching for

Journal or

Law report

The journal has both online and print copies.

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Searching for Books


Slide36 l.jpg

Searching for Books


  • You can click

  • Law

    to see

    the list of


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Searching for Books


Law Databases

Other databases which are available only through the Faculty of Law website are : LawNet, Westlaw and CaseTrack.

You can access them through the > Resources option

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Exam Database

You can search the full-text

of previous years’ exam papers

Enter the module code

Or click here to search other options

for e.g. by Faculty, module name, year, etc.

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ScholarBank @ NUS

NUS Theses and Dissertations

Contains full-text of Master’s (by research) and Ph.D theses from

September 2003.

Slide40 l.jpg

ScholarBank @ NUS

Search for the thesis

Browse the collection

for e.g. by

Department or

issue date

Login to view theses

Restricted to the

NUS community

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C J Koh Law Library Homepage

  • You can access

  • to the C J Koh

  • Law Library’s

  • homepage

  • through the

  • NUS Libraries’

  • Portal. Go to :

  • About us

  • Our Libraries

  • C J Koh Law Library

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Law Library Homepage


Access to

  • information about the Library

  • the library’s onlineresources

  • legal researchguides and tutorials

  • legal resources on the Web

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Abbreviations & Citations

Examples of Citations


  • Book:

  • Robert C. Beckman, Brady S. Coleman & Joel Lee, Case Analysis and Statutory Interpretation: Cases and Materials, 2nd ed. (Singapore: Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, 2001).

  • 2. Book chapter:

  • Veronica L. Taylor, “Contract and Contract Enforcement in Indonesia: an Institutional Assessment” in Tim Lindsey, ed., Indonesia Law and Society (Singapore: ISEAS Pub., 2008) 568 at 575.

Book title

Book Chapter

Book title

Slide44 l.jpg

Abbreviations & Citations

  • 3. Journal Articles & Cases

  • David Feldman, “The Nature of Legal Scholarship” (1989) 52 Mod.L.Rev. 498.

  • Siang Hoa Goldsmith Pte Ltd v The Wing On Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd [1998] 2 SLR 777

  • Find out what journal the abbreviation stands for

  • Search for journal title in LINC

Slide45 l.jpg

Abbreviations & Citations

What do Abbreviations Mean?

1. Print Index:

Donald Raistrick, Index to Legal Citations and Abbreviations, 3rd ed. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2008).

Call no. : KB280 Rai 2008

(Location: LW RBR; LW Reference Office; LW Reference1)

2. Online: Law Reference Desk <http://lib.nus.edu.sg/llb/internet/reference.html>

Librarian’s pick: Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations <http://www.legalabbrevs.cardiff.ac.uk/>

Slide46 l.jpg

Abbreviations & Citations

How to Cite References

Preferred manual for Faculty of Law:

Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 6th ed. (Toronto: Thomson Carswell, 2006).

Location: KB280.2 Can 2006 (LW Holdshelf, LW RBR,LW Reference Office, LW Reference 1)

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Thank You!

Contact us

Address: 469D Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259773

Tel: 6516 2043

Email: cjkohlib@nus.edu.sg

URL: http://lib.nus.edu.sg/llb/index.html

Original slides by: Lee Su-LinUpdated and modified by: Zaleha Othman

4 August 2010

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