Stress and Travel

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Managing Holiday Travel Stress. Give yourself plenty of time. Check ... Travel at off peaks times. Red- eye flights. not as crowded, but more uncomfortable ...

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Stress and Travel

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:Stress and Travel

Alex Erman, Elizabeth Kurpiel, Jill Bogdan, Kristina DiMaggio, Liz Nail, Rawson Glover, Ryan Nicosa, Stephana Campbell, Vanessa Gregor

Slide 2:Examples

Vacations Business Trips Commuting to work or school Research Study Abroad Visiting friends and family

Slide 3:Pre- Travel Planning

Slide 4:Expenses

Rental cars Plane/ Train tickets Gas Hotels/ reservations Eating out Tolls Cab Fare Currency Exchange

Slide 5:How to pack

Plan wardrobe Accessories- less is more do not wear flashy jewelry that attracts attention Follow the weather of your destination Can pack less if you consider using laundry services if available in your hotel Make list Electrical adapters, toiletries, medicine

Slide 6:Know what to bring

Souvenirs Bring collapsible bag for purchases made while traveling Valuables Try not to bring valuables Checked luggage Don’t bring nice clothes/luggage with you Carry- on luggage Pack light, bring essentials only, change of clothes

Slide 7:Stressors you will encounter Traveling by car

Breaking down Flat tire Running out of gas Accidents Car sickness Construction Traffic

Slide 8:Stressors you will encounter Traveling by plane

Security/ customs Overbooking Changing of flights Connections/ layovers Forgetting ID, passport, ticket Luggage Lost luggage Checking in (give yourself time)

Slide 9:Stress on Plane

Noisy children Close/ uncomfortable quarters Weather delays Ears popping Boredom Turbulence Take off/ landing Terrorism Muscle cramps (neck, legs, back)

Slide 10:Stressors you will encounter Bus and Train Travel

Strikes and delays Losing tickets Safety and security of possessions Motion sickness Getting lost in station Missing stop

Slide 11:Managing Holiday Travel Stress

Give yourself plenty of time. Check weather, traffic, etc. before leaving Treat yourself to something relaxing while traveling New book, magazine, CD, etc. Accept the stress There will be traffic, bad weather, delays and unexpected problems. Plan accordingly.

Slide 12:Before you travel abroad

Make sure that your passport is current Check that you are up to date on immunizations US Center for Disease Control 877-394-8747

Slide 13:Oh No!!! I lost my passport!

Over 30,000 US passports are lost or stolen overseas every year If stolen Contact local police immediately to report loss Contact US Embassy Make two photocopies of signature and picture Keep one at home and one on you

Slide 14:Traveling Abroad

Language Culture Money Safety Appropriate clothing Lodging Getting around Tickets Maps

Slide 15:Tips

Slide 16:Ways to relieve stress while traveling

Bring headphones, magazine, or book Play road games Sleep Progressive Muscle Relaxation Bring a snack/ drink Travel pillow/ neck support Dress comfortably

Slide 17:Travel at off peaks times

Red- eye flights not as crowded, but more uncomfortable Mid- morning travel Less crowd/ traffic Weekday travel Tuesday through Thursday Airfares are cheaper!

Slide 18:Request seats ahead of time

Traveling with children Ask to be sat in non- crowded section Tall travelers Ask for seat in exit row Traveling in pairs Ask for aisle and window

Slide 19:Make special arrangements in advance

Hotel rooms Special activities Excursions, spa treatment, dinner reservations Special meals Make requests in advance

Slide 20:Know when to pay more for comfort

Limousine transfers Especially late at night, for a slightly greater cost can be met at gate, and door to door service Airport transfers Arrange in advance, especially in foreign countries Premium classes of service Be willing to pay more for increased comfort and better service

Slide 21:Pack your own stress relief

Travel pillow Eye mask Slippers/ sockettes Aromatherapy Certain scents can help you to relax when stressed Herbal tea Bring chamomile or others that you enjoy Healthier, helps with dehydration, soothing for nervous fliers

Slide 22:Stay healthy

Avoid illness Immunizations Bring medications as needed Food safety Don’t consume questionable water or food Jet lag Eat nutritiously, take vitamins, drink water, rest before long trips

Slide 23:Travel services

AAA Private traveling agencies STA Travel Located in Reitz Union Have good deals for vacations and spring break

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